Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 385

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 385 Hidalgo declares war with Lucas and vows to reclaim his position, Terante files a complaints against General Borja for him to lose his position

Grandma Flora speaking with General Borja told him that they were doing fine. The kids told Flora that she should have told Delfin the previous mob incident but she said Delfin had his own personal problems and she needed not to worry him with trivial things.

At the mayor’s office, some of the neighbours of Flora went to see Adonis to inform him to evict Flora from the neighbourhood.Though, he made it clear that Flora and her family have done no wrong for him to stand on it legally to evict them. However, he would try his best to talk to her for her to leave.

This led Margie to have a misunderstanding with him since the neighbours themselves started fighting Flora. She was disappointed that Adonis was given in to their demands. Adonis said he was only doing his job as a mayor.

Elsewhere, ex-President Hidalgo excused himself from the Vendetta when the group was eating to have a fresh air. He wept and wondered where he went wrong for all that to happen to him. He prayed to God to protect his daughter.

As Terante told his minions about his promotion as the PNP Director General which would happen the next day, Homer and his lackeys were celebrating Terante’s failure to take down Vendetta. However, Hipolito said even if Terante had failed, President Cabrera has given him another chance to make things right.

Homer believed things would work out in his favour to take down Vendetta and urged Hipolito to trust him. The group advised Cardo to go and talk to Hidalgo to give him support due to what he was going through. Cardo went to see Oscar to ask him what he was thinking. Hidalgo said he was scared for his daughter’s life.

He said he did not know Lucas would do such a thing to him. He was his trusted friend and swore to take back the position he stole from him. He asked Cardo for his help in saving his daughter since now that Lucas knew he was alive, he would do everything to k!ll him. Teddy, on the other hand, was hellbent on installing peace in the country even if the country was in the hands of Cabrera.

Virgie protested since they were up against a powerful man. She told her husband that he should not think of using his articles to discredit Cabrera because their daughter’s life was in danger. The President had an encounter with the media to announce that he his government has granted a presidential pardon to his son who suffered from the mere schemes of the Vendetta.

Outlining all the evils that the Vendetta has done to the nation, President Cabrera said Cardo k!lled his son and did not hesitate to also k!ll the president and his family. He said it was not only Aubrey and the country that he would help, he would also save Brandon for him to break the clutches of the Vendetta.

Meanwhile, the Vendetta also said they would open the president’s eyes to the truth for him to see the state of the nation. Marie was glad that Vendetta always meet their target. They promised to get the President and they did it. Brandon was pardoned and released. Lucas spoke with the media once again to boast about setting his son free by virtue of absolute and unconditional pardon granted by yours truly in his capacity as a president.

He said his son went to prison when Vendetta set him up and of course, he relied on the tragic incident that has befallen on the Hidalgos to prove to the media the brutalities which the Vendetta was engaged in. They did not spare the Hidalgos and in bloody shōotout, they k!lled the Preside. Brandon told the media that now he was free, he would help his father’s administration to set the records right.

Cardo told his comrades that the president had something to say to them. Brandon said they had wanted that to happen and now the country was all for them. Lucas said Oscar was still alive and now was under the protection of the Vendetta. Brandon promised to help his father to destroy the Vendetta because he would not allow anyone to take away everything that they had worked so hard for.

Oscar addressed the Vendetta and he apologised for not believing in them. He thanked the group for saving his life. He declared absolute trust in them and beseeched them to secure the life of his only remaining daughter Aubrey. When Lucas and Brandon got home, he disclosed to his son that he was in talks with an international crime syndicate for protection and they would pay big money into their businesses.

Efren asked Hidalgo whether he knew that there were people plotting against him and he said he had no idea. Lucas asked Terante about the preparation of the funeral and the burial service of the Hidalgos and the man said he had even rolled out their hidden plan B to prevent the Vendetta from coming there.

As Lucas and Terante were plotting to k!ll Oscar once and for all for him not to show his face again in their lives, Oscar sadly told the the Vendetta how he trusted Lucas and never knew he could go to such an extent of involving his family just for power.

Cardo told him that the group had been wanting to talk to him all those while to let him know the suffering of the people. Greco put it to him that he said in his manifesto to give children quality education yet children have resolved to stealing to help themselves and their families. George also stated that he promised good livelihood, shelter and good housing yet there were homeless people and could barely eat.

Bubbles cried that due to poverty bedridden the country with no employment as he promised, she had no choice than to sell her body for money. Anton said he promised them better health care yet that did not become his priority and people were dy!ng on the streets since they could not make down payment. Ramil admitted of being criminal who robbed even banks but he changed along the way.

He realised there were power hunters who were abusing them in the jail so he broke out while Jerome said as an officer, he tried to enforce the law. He tried his best to be honourable police officer so that the public would respect the entire police force but no matter what he did, as long as they were surrounded by corrupt officials who were protecting those syndicate.

They kept retrogressing in their fight to bring down illegal drug and other syndicate. The group pleaded with him to help the country. Melba believed by staying with them in her house, the would get to witness whatever they had told him.

Counselor Gina celebrated with her lapdogs and was glad to see Brandon granted absolute pardon to his son. As Margie saw that Cabrera was abusing his power, Shirline had a contrary opinion.

Hidalgo admitted not living up to task but he did his best to ensure he fulfilled his promise. He also made it clear that he could not see all the branches of his government. Romulo said he and his group had been through lots of battles and they triumph in helping their country rise up in such a noble cause.

“In that case, starting this day forward, I will join you in your fight for the betterment and improvement of our dear nation,” Hidalgo promised.

“Long live the president!”

“Long live!”

“Long live Vendetta!”

“Long live.”

JP showed the news of Brandon being set free to his father. This inspired Teddy not to give up in his quest to find a publisher for his articles. Since Virgie feared for their safety, Teddy decided to use a different barline for his articles to save JP and Virgie. He chose Don Miguel which he said it was a name used that meant war.

Alyana had a quiet time with Cardo and she thanked him for listening to her. Cardo said sorry to her for not always being there. He said they would return to Santo Niño and he would fulfill all his promises. Alyana indicated that even if they have children and he was not there for them, she knew he was fighting for a better life for the people.

At Camp Crame, General Borja in a conversation with his subordinates said it would be no news for him if Lucas appoint Terante as the PNP Director General. Guzman wondered what was about Terante that he had to gain that position. General Borja stated that Terante was known for his fearless. However, there were beliefs that he was protecting some syndicate  which no one had filed a complaint about him.

Least did he know that Terante had filed a complaint against him in order for Borja not to come in his way of doing his illegal businesses. The Vendetta was so impressed about how Cardo’s plans worked. General Olegario told Jerome to talk to General Borja to know what was happening in the palace.

Jerome called General Borja to inform him about the difficulty they faced before getting the President by their side to secure them. He said the president went to the palace and was able to discover that Lucas, Hipolito and Terante were behind his attack.

Jerome said Borja was the only person who could protect them but Borja broke the sad news that he would not be able to protect them again since President Cabrera has filed a charge for obstruction of justice for protecting his grandnephew against him.

The PSG officer called Lucas to inform him that Aubrey’s condition was improving, according to the doctor. Lucas told him to keep an eye on her since she was the only one left. Hidalgo went to stand somewhere at Melba’s to think.

“I never thought I will find myself in this situation that I will be working with the Vendetta.”

“And that they will help me open my eyes to the harsh reality around me.”

“At this point they are the only ones I could count on them so I must learn to trust them.”

“I only hope they could help to save Aubrey.”


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