Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 413

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 413 Romulo serenades Diana, Brandon gets Margie abducted

Gascon was worried that the labourers who were forcefully recruited by Baldo and Javier might bring them problems. He feared the families of such individuals would desperately be searching for them. Señor Gustavo felt that Gascon was chickening out and asked if he had been drinking too much coffee.

Tyson said even if the affected individuals’ family involved the government, the case would reach no where since the government was on their side. Señor Gustavo said that was the basis of his agreement with Lucas and Hipolito.

Brandon apologised to his father for screwing up. He, however, told Lucas not to worry, he would be the one to teach Mayor Adonis a lesson. He would send his goons to silence Dimagubi without any trace. Lucas told his son to be careful because they could only depend on each other.

Brandon said they still had allies like VP Hernandez, Hipolito among others but his father said those people could get k!lled or betray them at the end so they should be careful and know they were family. Hipolito lauded the venom for covering their tracks really well to make the president well convinced that the Vendetta k!lled Terante.

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He said they have to now concentrate on the mining and charged Homer to get more men than Gustavo to have more advantage. Tyson went to distribute money to Baldo, Gapon and the group. Teddy kept working on the story and JP brought him coffee. JP saw the article Teddy was writing on his missing wife, Virgie who he said Lucas abducted. JP also wanted to help by going with his youth protest but his father was against that idea.

He wanted them to fight the Cabreras within the shadows at the confines of those walls around them. He said it was even advisable for them to change their phone numbers so that they could not find them. He was sure when they were found, Lucas wouldn’t hesitate to get them k!lled. JP wondered if his mom was still alive.

Teddy was quite sure she was and wanted them to remain alive till Virgie was found. In the detention facility, the youth activist attempted to end her suffering but Virgie stopped her from k!lling herself, assuring that it would be over soon. In Camp Crame, the upright officers could not find the possible facility which Virgie was detained.

The police made it a point to find Virgie as means of helping Teddy in his efforts in fighting and exposing the government. They also vowed to find all those officers who were unlawfully taken away by Terante. Elsewhere, some goons of the Cabreras transferred Guzman and his two colleagues to another secret detention facility without following the laid down procedures.

Mrs Terz went to the town hall to report her lazy husband who did nothing but steal from her and get wasted without caring for her and their children. Cardo and the team followed her to the house to find the drunkard asleep and they taught him a lesson for him to beg his wife for his action. He promised to find a job to assist her and the family. Cardo told Mrs Terz to visit the town’s hall if her husband failed to fulfill her promise.

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Teddy prayed that his wife get strong at where she was as help would soon find her. He also thought about JP and felt sad that he could not do much to help them in their current situation. JP, on the other hand, has an ace up under his sleeves. He was planning to flee from the hideout to also protest in order to help his father in locating Virgie. Diana was thinking about Romulo since the guys had not returned from patrolling to have their dinner.

Bubbles saw that she was thinking about Romulo and asked her to tell them what actually was going on. Diana finally spoke out that there was something actually going between her and Romulo. Romulo has proposed but she hasn’t said anything yet since she did not want him to feel like she was easy to get. At the town’s hall, Romulo was planning to serenade Diana that night so Caloy was taken care of that surprise.

Madonna flirted with Gascon and told him that she was çràzy for him. She could not wait for the mining work to take effect for them to escape to Europe with it. In their new detention facility, Billy and his friends heard the goons guarding the facility saying Terante was deàd and warned the three not to think Vendetta would rescue after not sparing Terante. They threatened that the three detained cops would be long gone.

That news built their hopes up but Guzman thought k!lling Terante would rather make the people torture them since the president believed they were much aware of the location of Cardo. Mark said they had to plan their escape. Though the place was heavily guarded and the walls were high but he preferred dyïng while trying than nothing.

Marquez called Hipolito to meet him up and rat out the successor of Terante, Escalante. He said the man was suspecting Hipolito and he just wanted to warn him. He made Hipolito aware that he was grateful for what he did for him since he recommended him to gain his promotion. When he was leaving, Hipolito called him back and told him that they had to end it.

Homer and the rest showed up to shōõt him from behind. They asked Hipolito why he made them k!ll his ally and Hipolito said Marquez was becoming a liability and did not need his service anymore. Homer and his goons traced to find Escalante and ambushed him and his team. They k!lled him and his team as well.

Bumbo was sent to the towns hall by Caloy as the person who would be singing. They went home and surprisingly, Romulo wanted to back out but Cardo said if he was not scared of bullets then he shouldn’t fear to court a woman. Bumbo played his magic guitar and they serenaded Diana.

Romulo gave Diana a flower and they k!ssed.  Bubbles got jealous and the guys were on the tail of Jerome to make him follow Romulo’s example. Jerome said he had his own ways to do it. Elsewhere, Wally and Elmo were keeping tabs on the two corrupt officials in order to find the gambling den of Gina.

However, they shockingly heard the officers planning to scare someone who retracted his statement in a press conference against Brandon and they reasoned it was Adonis. Flora, on the other hand, was shown an article which Teddy wrote concerning Virgie being abducted by the Cabreras. She felt sorry for the Arevalos.

“Instead of being scared, Arevalo has grown much bolder,” Lucas objected after seeing Teddy’s article.

“He even identified himself.”

“This is what I was afraid of that things might go wrong,” Damien said.

“We tried to scare Teddy but now he is going much harder.”

The De Leons tried reaching Teddy but the line did not go through. They believed Teddy and JP were in hiding and advised Shirline and Denise to listen to Margie’s advice of going into hiding. Shirline said they could not do that besides they have bodyguards.

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Wally and Elmo gatecrashed Adonis’ office to inform him about the plot of the two officers but Adonis felt that he was secured, least did he know that Margie was cornered at the basement when she was running an errands in the company of her bodyguards. Gapuz and Panting k!lled all her guards to abduct and sent her away.


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