Rhodora X Episode 24

Rhodora X Episode 24 Rhodora accepts Joaquin’s marriage proposal, Angela becomes sad realising her parents abandoned her

Rhodora said she was furious with Roxanne for tearing her apart from her family. She said she made her do things she did not like. In another therapy session, Dr Ferds made her recall her past. She found herself in the shack and Roxanne was smoking while she was locked up inside with Rowena on the other side.

Dr Ferds urged her to find the gate and open, she should not fear. Rhodora begged Roxanne to let her out but Roxanne said Rhodora would be hurt when she comes out. She told Rhodora that her sister was responsible for her situation and she has always been weakling.

She told her that she would defend her from Angela and give her everything that she deserved which Angela in her selfish act made her lose. Rhodora told Roxanne that she did not need any of that and wanted Roxanne to allow her to make her own decisions in life. She took a bold step and opened herself from the cage.

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Since then Rhodora recovered from her situation. Dr Ferds informed the Ferrers that he has already helped to integrate all of her alters so now they were one. He said he used the tactics which Dr Bautista lid it down to cure Rhodora and told the Ferrers to be grateful to Dr Bautista.

Soon, the court granted Rhodora’s released from the mental home and was sent home. While in the house, she said she has done Angela injustice. In the Vasquez’ mansion, Joaquin told Santi that he has fallen in lõve with Rhodora. He said initially, he felt it was just a responsibility but now his feelings has become intense.

Santi asked whether he has gotten over his lōve for Angela and he said the memories of Angela would still be in his heart. Joaquin then promised that he would ensure Rhodora and him have a happy ending with Jenna and would leave no stone unturned till he accomplished that.

Pia walked out with Jenna and Joaquin thanked Rhodora for allowing him to come to the office with Jenna. He said Cita was happy to have Jenna at the office. She even showed her to her friends. Rhodora gave him a painting she made based on Dr Ferds guidance when she was at the mental home. She said Dr Ferds told her to draw a person who made her happy looking at her face so he made that drawing for him.

Joaquin was happy to have it and was grateful for such portrait. He told Rhodora that she was special to him and deserved to be lõved. Joaquin k!ssed her. Fast forward, the two parent their daughter and cared for her. They played with her and sent her out constantly for outdoor games.

One day, Joaquin blindfolded Rhodora and sent her to a place where he proposed to her to be his wife. Rhodora said she wanted to say yes but she was afraid of herself and asked Joaquin whether he would be okay to marry a woman who was crãzy.

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Joaquin said he knew what he was putting himself into and vowed to protect her, be by her side through it all. Rhodora told Joaquin to think about his decision carefully. Joaquin assured that he meant his words and fo the meantime, he gave her the ring to keep it till she was ready. When he went home, Joaquin told Santi about Rhodora’s response to his proposal.

Santi agreed with Rhodora, saying she was right, one needed not to be in haste. He said they needed time to think through because marriage was not an easy thing. In the house, Rhodora said she couldn’t accept Joaquin’s proposal right away since she felt that it was not right especially for the fact that Joaquin was supposed to marry Angela.

She said she lõved Joaquin and her heart felt like exploding when he popped the question and asked her hand in marriage. Her parents said they knew Angela would be happy for her wherever she was so she should not hesitate if she lõved Joaquin.

Elsewhere, Angela woke up and was crying but Nico rushed to assure her that she was safe. Rhodora and Joaquin met to be with Jenna. During that encounter, Joaquin said though he did not mean to force her but they would be able to raise Jenna better if they were married. Rhodora gave him the ring to put it on her finger since she was now ready to accept him to be his wife.

The two were happy and told Jenna that mummy and daddy would be married for them to be a whole family. The two later told Cita about their marriage decision. Cita had her own wedding plans so Rhodora told Joaquin that they should follow the plan of Cita for their marriage.

Joaquin surprised Rhodora with a new house which they would live in once married but Rhodora did not want to be away from her parents. She said she had been away from her parents since childhood and did not want to leave a vacuum in the heart of her parents so Joaquin had a proper plan to make them live as a family.

Joaquin and Rhodora went home and the former told the Ferrer couple that Rhodora did not want to live away from them so he proposed they lived with them in their new house. The Ferrers refused and told Rhodora that she was about to be married and had to be by her husband as couple. Joaquin said Rhodora would refuse to marry him if they would not be together as family.

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He said he was a man who wanted his future wife to be happy so they should accept. The Ferrers have no option than to accept. As Rhodora was deepening her relationship with Joaquin, Angela was gradually recovering and learning to speak again. The kid brother of Nico later showed the newspaper indicating Rhodora and Joaquin’s upcoming wedding.

Nico refused to let Angela know so he ordered the maid to throw the papers away. Angela was fine and wondered why her parents have not visited. Nico said she should forget about them since they assumed her to be deàd. Angela, later wanted to get out of the wheel to go back to her family. She felt that Nico was hiding something and did not want her family to know about her existence.

Nico told her that he was not hiding anything, if her parents cared about her, they would not concentrate only on Rhodora. He revealed to Angela that once she was in coma, Rhodora confessed the crime but her parents made it seemed like she was iñsåne for her to go Scot free while they failed to show same support for Angela

While the Ferrers packed out, Rhodora stumbled on an old picture with Angela and she cried that they were vacating the house, leaving her memories there. She prayed Angela could forgive her for all the terrible things she has done to her, adding that they all lõved her so much and she would forever remain in their heart.

Angela told Nico that she believed her parents were worried about her because when they believed Rhodora d!ed, there was no day they forgot about her so if Nico was not hiding anything he should allow her to see her parents. Nico got upset and he even sent Angela to the Ferrers’ residence and saw the place empty.

As Angela was happy and thinking they might be inside, Nico insisted that her family did not care about her and did not even wait for her return, they had left her. Angela became anxious and was driven by sadness and pain.


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