Rhodora X complete story summary and plot

Rhodora X complete story summary and plot

Rhodora X tells a story of two sisters, Angela Ferrer and kid sister, Rhodora Ferrer who through a shared of bad fate fight eachother as revenge in a respective omen both suffered during childhood and adulthood.

Rhodora suffers extreme emotional abuse, torture, pains and wallows in misery to an extent of growing a disorder that helps her to adopt a coping mechanism in dealing with her emotional trauma.

Rhodora gets abducted by a member of an organ trafficking syndicate when she was seven years at an amusement park. Her kidnaper isolated her and kept her in a wooden cage.

There, her life crosses paths with another girl, Roxanne who is a bit older than her. Roxanne was brave, strong, smart and courageous who was willing to help Rhodora obtains her freedom and fight back her sister who she believes to be responsible for Rhodora’s abduction. Unlike her, Rhodora was fragile and weak. Roxanne plans an escape and she meets her untimely deàth in the hands of her kidnapper.

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Terrified by events and her days in the dark, Rhodora develops another personality within her after Roxanne’s untimely deàth. The efforts of the Ferrers in locating their daughter begins to pay off when Derick discovers Mando as Rhodora’s kidnapper.

In a race to escape his arrest, Mando d!es during a bloody encounter with the police at sea and Rhodora miraculously survives and swims an ocean while in reality she never knew how to swim and was even scared of pool. Fortunately, she appears in a far away land and grows in an orphanage home.

She suffers brutalities and with time Lourdes patches her relationship with Angela after she blamed her harshly for Rhodora’s abduction and eventually her supposed deàth. Time passes and the two sisters grows apart from eachother since Rhodora suffers amnesia and can’t remember her past as well as her name.

Rhodora after escaping wound up in an orphanage and due to the trauma of her past unconsciously erases from her mind some bitter past of hers. She was taken care of Vivian, a college student and temporary worker in the orphanage who has named Rhodora “Baby” since she has forgotten her name.

13 years later, Rhodora is finally grown up and successfully graduated High School but not college. A janitor in the orphanage attempts to rape her but she escapes and when the janitor caught her, he slices an “X” symbol on her chest, leading her to be hospitalised.

Angela, on the other hand, crosses path once again with Joaquin, a boy who she met during her childhood days at the amusement park when she followed a stray dog, leaving Rhodora behind. Her omen springs up after her marriage interview makes Rhodora recalls part of her past to reunites with her lost family.

Rhodora’s forgetfulness, headaches, dizziness now begin to take a new twist after her grandmother, Panchang doubts her real identity, believing she is a gold-digger and calls her a scam. Panchang frequent indignation had an emotional toll on her health.

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The emotional trauma starts to manifest symptoms of a sickness which Psychiatrist defines it as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). As split personality, Rhodora as Roxanne is a smart woman but also scheming and manipulative. She hates Rhodora’s sister Angela so much to the point that she does everything to get what Angela has: their parents’ affection and the lõve of Angela’s fiance, Joaquin.

Her hatred for Angela stems from her own past with her sister who she believes hated her and made her suffer so hearing Rhodora’s reason of being kidnapped she quickly concludes that Angela left Rhodora on purpose and is hellbent on seeking revenge to give Rhodora justice.

Although Angela has been living with the guilt of her kid sister’s sudden deàth, her life becomes complete again the moment Rhodora returned to the family. As her marriage is finally about to push through after various set backs initiated by Cita and her accomplice, Tricia, Roxanne gives its a master punch when she kidnaps Angela on a night to her wedding.

The Vasquez family together with their guests and the Ferrers wait in vain for the arrival of the bride. Angela wakes up late in the afternoon only to find herself on the bed of her boss, Nico in a yacht. She quickly gets in touch with her family and Joaquin who is tipped off by Roxanne about the location of Angela rushes to the yacht to find Angla in a compromising situation with her boss and calls it a quit.

Roxanne realises her efforts to gain Joaquin has not been entirely successful. She gives it a k!ller blow to get Tricia who is also sēducing Joaquin out of the way and frames Angela for it. This paves the way for her to have full control over Joaquin. Roxanne, again rolls out an ace under her sleeves to get Joaquin to break her virginity which results in a pregnancy.

However, her plans hit the rocks the moment Joaquin leaves the country to the United States. Realising her strange self, Rhodora shares her agony with Dr Vivian Bautista who promises to help her after telling her that she has split personality. As Rhodora is given her full cooperation for her treatment, Roxanne, on the other hand, pulls a fast one on the doctor to carry out her vicious plans against Angela.

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Angela is given a life sentence after the court finds her guilty of Tricia’s deàth. Fortunately, she gains an opportunity to escape her unfair imprisonment when the police car transfering her to the prison gets an accident. She ends up in the same park Rhodora was kidnapped and calls home to seek for help in order to fully escape from her abductors.

Rhodora who has given birth to a girl, Jenna currently in possession of Roxanne meets up with Angela in a pretence to help her, only for her to hit Angela in the head and ties her to a tree she then reveals the truth about her identity to Angela and how she frames her up in her bid to win over Joaquin. She then slices an “X” symbol on Angela’s forehead similar to the mark on her chest.

The Ferrers show up and soon after the police surrounded the place leading Angela who is now fully aware of the truth to escape. The police races after her. Reaching a deàd end, Angela jumps off a cliff and her body is never found by the cops. The police declared her dead but least did they know that Angela is rescued by a familiar person.

Nico who has a crush on Angela rescues and brings Angela to safety in a mansion belonging to a close pal who is a doctor. She is in a coma and Nico decides not to tell anybody about Angela’s existence since she is still a wanted criminal.

Battling herself, hearing the deàth of her beloved sister, Rhodora becomes suicidal and confesses her evil deeds during a wake held for Angela. Due to such emotional stress, another persona other than Roxanne and Rhodora manifested and declares herself to be Rowena.

Rowena in comparison to Roxanne is childish. She is a persona that is experiencing the childhood Rhodora never had. The case of Tricia is reopened following Rhodora’s confession. Angela is now free and Rhodora is not found guilty due to her special condition. She is sent to a mental institution for treatment.

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Dr Ferds, a close friend of the late Vivian who Roxanne murdered in cold blood in her attempt to rat her out helps Rhodora and integrates the other two alters, Roxanne and Rowena into one, for her to recover. She is soon discharged from the mental home with the permission of the court.

Joaquin not wanting for their child to experience a broken home proposes to Rhodora. Angela regains consciousness and hears about the famous marriage of her sister to her beloved, Joaquin. Nico comforts Angela and helps her recover fully. Angela falls in lõve with him in the process.

Angela grows more furious, discovering she is abandoned by her family and Rhodora taken her position in Joaquin’s heart schemes up with Nico who already has a grudge with the Vasquez for a bitter past of his father and the the grandmother of Joaquin.

Not believing that Roxanne is real Angela initiates her revenge plots against Rhodora provoking Roxanne to return to settle that old score with Angela. How will Rhodora takes complete control over her body? Will Rhodora overcome her illness or will Roxanne, her alter ego, takes complete over her body again? Will she and Angela be able to forgive each other?
Will Roxanne’s story be known? How will Joaquin be able to handle the new personality his wife has developed?


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