Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 489

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 489 Jacob makes an attempt on Jane’s life, Cardo advises Jane to live with him for protection

The officers who were chasing Skull saw the motorcycle and the Car which knocked him down. They searched for him but couldn’t find him. Skull had escaped and was celebrating his survival. Teddy at the office saw the images of victims who the serial killer has taken their lives.

His colleague who showed him the pictures said the police have remained maim about it. Teddy was sure the police were behaving that way since they had no intel on the serial k!ller. He received a call from his police contact who said they had spotted Skull. Teddy left the office.

Coun Gee was sad to hear from the health officer on the phone that Flora’s Garden would not be closed down. Alyana rushed home to deliver the message and Bubbles was happy to hear that. Gina blamed her lackeys for what had happened.

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Wally rushed home to inform the family that Francine, Gido and Niks were set free so did the guy who added sedatives to the food. He said the guy has fled. Yolly believed Captain Bart paid Elton off to flee. Alyana said in either way, their plans to get Flora’s Garden shutdown also did not work. They were opening Flora’s Garden tomorrow.

Major Romero arrived at work and asked Cardo whether he reached home early. Cardo narrated the event that happened the previous night to her. Amir and his men who have the mandate to solve the serial k!ller incident got upset that Cardo had already settled it. Major Basco was not happy that they were talking that way.

He wished Robert Smith was that serial k!ller they have been looking for. Jane came to Camp Crame and Cardo made her narrate the incident again. She said she was coming from work and a car suddenly pulled over and the man forced her in as she resisted, the man covered her mouth till she passed out. She woke up in a room and the man was half ñakëd, trying to take advantage of her.

However, she managed to escape and when she went out screaming out for help, she realised the place was a hotel and she eventually got saved by Cardo. After her statement, she left the precinct and when in the car, she blamed Maureen and her brother. She recalled the incident and it was Maureen who went to the prostitutes’ joint and Robert Smith went for her.

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As they went to the hotel, Robert wanted to tie her up for them to get intimate. She did not want that and it led to a struggle. Her identity switched when Robert shoved her for her to hit her face on the wall and she got wounded. He strangled  her so she drew a knife and stãbbëd him. Robert kicked her and he took the knife.

Her identity switched back to Jane and she fled. She sought help from the cleaners but none could stop Robert so she ran out when she saw Cardo and Cardo shõt Robert. Jacob sacked his girlfriend when she was trying to console him. Jane went to the community market to buy food stuffs and Jacob’s goons spotted her and called Jacob.

Jacob told his men to be on her tail and he hit the road to the place. Cedric came to ask Lazaro whether Michael Chan was on the list of Hipolito because the man was found deàd in his house. Lazaro was certain that Hipolito had struck and advised Cedric that they have to remain alert.

Jane stumbled on the doll shop and her identity switched. She was so fascinated and asked for the price of the doll.

However, she could not afford it. She said she had to ask for permission before. She spotted the goons watching her and she fled. Unfortunately, she bumped into Jacob who was holding a gün. He and his goons ambushed her and he ordered his men to grab her. Someone witnessed the incident and Jane asked for his help.

Jacob threatened to k!ll the man. Jane kicked him for his gün to fall and she had a fist fight with his goons. The witness assisted her in the fight and Jacob shõt the man. Jane escaped. Lazaro believed Cedric was stealing his money but Cedric assured that his loyalty was for him but not Lily so he should rather be worried about Lily.

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Jacob got home anxious as he could not k!ll Maureen. Niks told him to calm down and his girlfriend was also trying to calm him but none could. Uncle Red appeared to tell him that he would help him. He cried on his shoulder. Jane rushed to the precinct to inform Cardo about the group of men who were after her.

Cardo sent Guzman and his team to the community market but the team could not get a clear picture of the armed men since the market people could not give a perfect description. There was no CCTV camera there either. Lily tried to woo Diana into believing that her intentions were clear. General Borja witnessed and he asked Diana the reason Lily was explaining herself.

Diana sent him to her office and told General Borja that they were just having some misunderstanding lately. She asked General Borja if he had not seen that Lily was being so comfortable with the President. General Borja admitted but said Lily was helping the president and the country so it was normal for the President to involve her.

He then said unless Diana knew something he did not know. Diana said she knew nothing. Lily reached home to question Lazaro about Renato. Lazaro said Renato has made a move on a drug lord Michael Chan. Lily knew him and told Lazaro that his men were all incompetent.

Guzman arrived at Cap Crame to confirm that the information Jane gave was true but there was no CCTV footage and since the market people also got panicked, they could not give a perfect description of the armed men. The police then said Jane’s life was in danger so Domengsu proposed she stay with them for her safety.

Ramil said there was an available unit at their side so she could live there. Jane did not want to accept due to her job and Cardo reminded her that her safety was paramount. He believed Robert Smith’s allies were the ones who wanted to get even and advised her to stay within his neighbourhood for him to protect her.

Jane said she would seek permission from her boss first.


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