Two Wives Episode 32

Two Wives Episode 32 Daria introduces her boyfriend to her family, Victor plans to buy Yvonne a car during the new year

Yvonne went to the room to talk to Marcus. Marcus apologised for how he reacted and asked his mother the reason she acted like she was a close friend of Janine. He did not like that Yvonne and Janine were telling his father lies.

While in a restaurant, Marlon found Mimi beautiful and interesting. Janine reminisced about the past with Victor when Audrey stormed in, in tears, she claimed she was being chased by a monster since  her father was not there to save them.

Mimi was so happy that Marlon complemented. Celebrating the new year without her husband, Carmen felt sorry and had painful memories of him. Victor stumbled on Yvonne’s phone when it was ringing. He checked and it was Albert. He hang-up. Janine, on the other hand, met with her friend to talk about business and her friend still could not wait to meet her husband who she claimed was in Singapore.

Yvonne came for her phone and saw Albert’s missed call and called him. They decided to meet and when she was going to the bathroom, she bumped into Victor and told him she would be going out but Victor wanted to be tagged along. Yvonne refused to go with him.

After being left alone by Shakira the previous night in a restaurant, she proposed to Shakira that they should spend the new year with Yvonne. Shakira knew she was seeking means to spend time with Marlon. Mimi confessed to Shakira that she was already in lōve with Marlon. Shakira warned her that Marlon was a womaniser and she has also had her share of bad relationships.

Mimi felt that her story with Marlon would be different. They visited the house of Yvonne to meet her absence. Victor, on the other hand, went sight seeing with Marcus and could not afford a toy which Marcus wanted. Marcus was okay since he had other toys in the house.

Yvonne met with Albert and he presented the gifts that he bought for her. He also gave her a new necklace and told her that he wanted to deliver it to her house but due to the presence of Victor, he couldn’t. He later alighted her at her house and Yvonne thanked him for the gifts and promised to buy him expensive gifts once she made money.

Victor watched them in silence and witnessed Albert giving Yvonne a peg on her cheeks. When Albert left, Yvonne bumped into Victor and explained that Albert dropped her off because she could not get a cab.

Daria brought her boyfriend home and introduced him as Peter to her family. Gary thought he was a fling not knowing his mother would send that relationship to the next level. Janine asked Carla if she would spend the new year with her family in San Paolo but Carla hasn’t made up her mind yet due to financial restraint.

Janine was willing to help her since occasions like that one had to spend it with a family. Janine saw her as lucky to still have a family. She lamented that her mother disappeared and no one knew where she went while she did not know her father. While on the dining table with his mother’s lōver, he gave the guy money to quit his relationship with his mother.

Peter Hueiwei got offended and returned his money to him. He made it clear that he did lõve his mother and money could not buy that lōve. The guy walked out and Daria got upset with Gary. Gary said he did not want a second father who was younger than him. Daria admitted she was 50 years old but she deserved to be happy.

Dale had good news on his search for Janine. His private investigator told him that Janine used to own a flowery farm but was taken away from her. She was also married. Dale wanted to know his current location but the investigator had no clue yet. As he was escorting him out, he bumped into Sandy and his mother hoped the man was not one of the parasites.

Dale led her on. Audrey held Victor’s portrait and cried. Daria voiced out how she was affected by how Gary treated her lōver, she explained that she wanted to be happy in life and Gary gave her the go ahead to be happy with her lōver since she claimed he was not a golddigger.

The new year dawn was heard so Doris and Sonia rushed there to blow the vuvuzela and they lit firecrackers to celebrate and wished each a happy new year. Yvonne and her family together with Mimi also had equal celebration. Mimi slept on a couch with Marlon and Shakira called her in the morning to find out what she did with Marlon.

She said she was not cheap so nothing happened between them. Shakira hissed that she was not cheap but very cheap. Marlon woke up so Mimi hung up the phone. Marlon was worried thinking he got intimate with her but she said nothing happened. Victor told Sonia that the new year looked different from all the new years he had celebrated.

He felt that something was not right. Yvonne cried in the shop of Victor when she recalled the good times she had with Victor. Knowing her feelings were rushing back, she asked herself “why now.”

Victor met with Louie to ask for advice as he was planning to do a business to raise money in order to buy Yvonne a second hand car.

He said Yvonne always comes home late and feared for the safety of his wife. Louie told him that they were working on a business together before his accident occured and since he was not fit, he did not want to bother him with it.

Gary was leaving and Victor saw him off. He gave Victor money to use it to buy gifts for his family, knowing Victor needed the money badly. Victor wanted to play gentle but after a few talks, he accepted. Gary then recalled how Yvonne cast aside her pains to sell her school bus to support the operation of Victor.

He wished Yvonne and Victor could find happiness again. Victor arrived home to find Albert playing his magical tricks with Marcus and the kid was happy with Uncle Albert. Yvonne appeared in the scene to serve Albert when she spotted the presence of Victor.

The direction of her eyes signalled Albert about the danger fast approaching so he also rose from his chair to stare. Both him and Victor watched each other quietly.


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