Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 487

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 487 Tricia and Miranda resign from the police force, Cardo rescues a woman from a thug

Alyana went to Flora’s house to inform her that Cardo has already reported on duty. Flora said they should open the eatery. Since Cardo reported to work, Elmo also told Yolly that it was time for them to resume their mission to get evidence against Captain Bart and Gina.

Later, Gina and Bart came to the eatery with a health officer and presented a temporary closure notice to Alyana to enable their investigation. Bart believed after the investigation, Flora’s Garden would permanently close down.

Elmo and Wally bump into an ally of Bart and Gina, Elton, the man who poisoned Flora’s food. Elmo and Wally harassed him and compelled him in an attempt for Elton to admit that he was the one who spiked the food. He did not want to accept, Wally slapped on his face that he witnessed him being with Bart and Gina. When the lackeys of Gina saw them, they rushed to prevent Elton from talking.

They accused Wally and Elmo of harassing Elton. Elmo and Wally turned tables, leading to a fight between Gina’s lackeys and Elton. Police arrived there and Elton was arrested. Wally and Elmo rushed home at the moment that Alyana and Bubbles presented the temporary closure notice to her. Wally told Flora the good news and Flora was glad that Gina and Bart would soon sink.

In the palace, Lily claimed that she was nervous when she was talking at the cabinet meeting. Oscar maintained that she did not look as such and was able to convey her message effectively. Lily felt that it might be an awkward moment for some of his cabinet members when he announced her as his special advisor.

She believed that not everyone liked that idea. Oscar said he appointed her as his Advisor and she did not ask for it so no one would argue or have a problem with his decision. Hearing that Lily was now the Advisor, Doray seemed happy but Elizabeth was not.

While in the car coming home, Jacob called Hipolito to inform him that his brother was found deàd. Hipolito believed that it was the handwork of his enemies. Jacob said Michael Chan was already deàd and Hipolito was the one who k!lled him and doubted that his enemies were behind the sudden demise of his brother.

Hipolito reminded him that Chan had allies and they might have been the one to take revenge on his brother. Jacob yelled that he did not care about whoever was behind the act, all he cared for was for the culprit to be brought to book. Tricia and Miranda went to see General Dela Cruz to request for an indefinite leave.

They wanted to leave a more peaceful life. Dela Cruz understood them but assured that the PNP’s doors were always open for them if they decided to return. He promised that Skull would be dealt with for all the pains he caused them.

Elsewhere, Dante went to meet his friends to ask for new information. His friends told him that he was still a wanted man and now there was a bounty on his head. Dante smirked that it was only two million. His friends warned him that their place was not safe for him. Dante told them to relax because he was Storm and did not remain in one place for long. He only visited.

Tricia and Miranda went to see Cardo and the rest of the taskforce. Cardo was happy thinking the girls had reported to work not knowing that they had resigned. Tricia told Cardo about it, stressing that they would find a new job and live peacefully. Cardo understood their plight. Major Romero asked if they really wanted to quit and Tricia said they really thought well before deciding.

Major Romero wished them luck and the girls bid emotional goodbye to Task force Agila. They were glad to be part of the team. The friends of Dante schemed against him to reveal his hideout to the police to get the bounty. Unfortunately, Dante overheard their plot against him and k!lled them instantly.

The faction of task force reasoned among themselves on who the serial k!ller was. They believed the person had a bad childhood and now has vented his anger on everyone and hoped they could fish him out soon. As Lazaro and Cedric were discussing business, Lily arrived to term them as slow for not being able to get any news on Hipolito.

She urged them to emulate her steps because they were now talking to the new presidential advisor. Lazaro was surprised to hear that. Lily promised to protect them now that she has been elevated, her dream of becoming the first lady lingering near. Diana wondered why Oscar appointed Lily. She believed Oscar was placing too much trust in Lily.

However, Delfin saw no problem in that since Lily has been helping Oscar ever since he was reinstated as president. Lily told Lazaro that Diana was taken aback when she heard the news. Of course to her, Diana was a minor problem who she could get rid of when she wanted to do so. Lazaro warned her against Diana.

Soriano was sad that they were losing many of their men and now the girls. Cardo said they could not do anything and as people who the president relied on, they have to do everything to find Skull and the serial k!ller.

Diana believed that Lily was up to no good and vowed to find evidence against her before it was too late. Lily, on the other hand, told Lazaro to take down Hipolito soon because he could become a hindrance to her plans.

Dante went to the cemetery to continue his promises to his deàd brother, David. He would k!ll Dalisay but he first needed some underlings to work with. Major Romero was waiting for a hailing ride since her driver had other important things to do, Cardo decided to drive her home in order to secure her should she encounter Skull.

The boys smelt trouble and Ramil believed Alyana would be very jealous should she hear of that. Dante said the name Task Force Agila did not suit Cardo but task force pussycat did. Irrespective of the nine lives Cardo had, he would still k!ll him. Virgie was in the house of Cardo, arguing with Alyana to return home.

Alyana refused and made her understand that she knew the nature of her husband’s job and she married him. She said she lõved Cardo unconditionally and would keep standing by his side. Virgie said she would not feel at ease knowing her husband was rather prioritising his job instead of her and wanted her to stay in her house.

Flora arrived in the scene and Virgie told her she should not think that she had taken her daughter from her hands and that of Cardo but she was only scared of her safety. Flora understood her apprehensions but knew Cardo as a cop would take good care of his wife.

After sending Major Romero home, she requested that he stay for dinner because she already informed her parents when he told her that he would drive her home. Her mother and father came down and were glad to meet the famous Ricardo Dalisay. While eating, Rosario, the mother of Alex urged Cardo to eat more.

She also told him about her grievances for losing some of his men. She said she knew Catherine, Tricia, Isabelle and Miranda and what happened to them was sad that she did not want that to repeat because that heightened her fears about the possible omen she might encounter as part of her duties. Cardo gets to learn that Romero was a retired officer that was the reason Alex who was their only daughter also became part of the force.

Cardo assured that he would capture Skull to bring an end to his brutalities. Gina was so worried about her lackeys who were locked up alongside Elton and seeking means to set them free. She was running out of ideas since Bart had no ally in the police force after Oscar was reinstated and he did a clean up in the police force.

Elton was asked by the officer to answer who ordered his actions and he pointed at Coun Gee’s cook. Virgie got home and told Teddy that she visited Flora and she would not stop for Cardo to return her daughter to them. Teddy disagreed with her because even if they tied Alyana’s hands, she would still choose to be with her husband.

Virgie insisted that they would be able to take care of Alyana if she was with them because Cardo was always at work. Teddy said Cardo has proven himself that he was capable of taking care of their daughter. Alyana, on the other hand apologised to Flora for overhearing her conversation with Virgie.

She did not know why her mother was even convincing Flora to allow her to take her (Alyana) home. However, Flora understood Virgie.

The Romeros were happy that Cardo saved their daughter and were indebted to him. Rosario wished Alex would also resign like Tricia and Miranda but she was stubborn like her father. The father was proud of Alex and felt at ease that her daughter was in the company of Cardo because he knew Cardo would take care of her. He even wished Alex could get a husband like Cardo.

All too soon Cardo had to leave. He was happy to meet the parents of Alex and described them as humourous and kind. Coun Gee was able to get her lackeys out of jail. Flora and her family were having dinner when Elmo proposed they inform Cardo to deal with Elton but Flora did not want to add up to Cardo’s problems.

While Cardo was on his way home, he stumbled on a man harassing a woman on the streets in the midnight and was compelled to shōõt him. The lady was grateful to Cardo for rescuing her and said the man wanted to k!ll her.


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