Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 596

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 596 Lito is proven to be involved in drug syndicate business, Mariano delivers in a meeting over the pandemic after getting a mansion in Tagaytay 

Delfin advised Cardo’s comrades to stay out of trouble, noting that Lily and Padua were after their tail. Ramil underscored that they were not after trouble but it seemed troubles followed them wherever they went.

The ex-copses decided to put their profession into great use without attracting troubles anymore to keep themselves from being caught. Delfin advised them to keep an eye on Cardo since he was short tempered.

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In the kitchen, Maring revealed the truth about Delfin’s ill health to him and told him not to tell anyone that she told him that Delfin fainted. Cardo went to talk to Delfin about what he heard and his grandpa believed that Maring told him while he warned her not to tell him.

Delfin lied that he lost his balance that was the reason he fainted and not from his cough. He assured Cardo that he knew his body and the cough was not serious. Clarice thought about his father and cried. Elsewhere, Ellen talked to Padua.

Cardo was worried about Alyana since she has kept for a long time. Maring stated that she overheard that she would go to a meeting so perhaps she kept long. Alyana forgot about the late meeting and she went to change into a long black tight dress with a silver diamond necklace.

They went to the meeting and she tagged along Bubbles. Bubbles told her how beautiful she looked. They finished the meeting and she ordered Bubbles that they should go home. Lito’s chauffeur drove her home.

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On their way, she made the driver alight and she changed the dress into the one she wore from the house and made Bubbles keep the dress so that Cardo did not get upset with her. Cardo was happy that she had returned. She and Bubbles joined the table to eat the food Cardo cooked but Alyana had a bitter comment about the food and hardly ate it.

Meanwhile, Bubbles found the food yummy. Maring smelt trouble and wondered why Alyana barely ate the food that her husband cooked and also passed a bad comment. Clarice said there was nothing wrong with the food. Maring believed it was because of Cardo’s comments about her dress in the morning.

Cardo in a private talk with his wife apologised to her and told her that he was scared someone might harass her in his absence and she claimed that if someone did, Lito would be there to defend her. Cardo out of jealousy claimed he had to protect and defend her not Lito but Alyana gave him a break.

Cardo kept thinking about Alyana’s quick reply to him. Jacob proposed to Uncle Ren that they should keep the profit to themselves. However, Hipolito said they should not do that yet. He talked  to Lily concerning the investor he had gained for expansion. He was ready to inject 600 million for the operation.

Lily saw that as early but Hipolito asked her to trust him and leave everything in his care. Mr Garavara spoke with Salvador in an attempt to speak with Lito to propose the business of Renato to him in order for him to invest in. Padua told his wife to stay home as the only way to support him but Ellen still followed him.

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Lily went to see Mariano to give him the documents to the house of Tagaytay to inspire him to deliver on his mandate without making any mistakes. Impressively, Mariano was able to recall Captain Salonga’s name and during breakfast, she was able to clear Elizabeth’s doubts concerning his inability to take in shrimps any longer.

He explained that the medicines he had been taking had made him allergic to shrimps and now had a weak liver. Lily liked it and gave him a thumbs up. Roxanne went to help Clarice to wash down and the girl was protesting. Roxanne made it clear that she did not want to do it but she had to take care of her in order for her group not to be seen as bad people as her father deemed them.

Clarice told her that they should allow her to go but Roxanne said she was just like her father and untrustworthy. Padua wondered what Cardo could be doing to his daughter on his way to the palace. He cürsed Cardo beneath his breath. He reached the palace and Lily was with Mariano and Salonga.

Cardo went to join his wife in bed to apologise to her. Alyana explained that she only wore that dress to look good for the presentation. Cardo said she could equally dress decently and deliver. She could not sell herself as a means to do presentations. Alyana realised they were running in circles.

Mariano had his meeting with Secretary Rofino concerning the new virus spreading in the country. He was able to talk with command and authority to impress Padua and Lily. Diana received the message from the palace that the President was doing the meeting and according to Salonga, the president was perfectly fine. Teddy wondered how it happened.

Mariano ordered Padua to release press statements and call for a conference so that he could address the nation on the new pandemic. He told him to get the key departments involved and his manner of delivery really had Padua on.


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