The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 24

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 24 David attempts to get intimate with Jill, Lexy threatens to get Jill arrested, Grace finds Gio and Mikah in a compromise situation 

Jill searched for her son in the house and couldn’t find him. She went to the available rooms and found the envelope she gave to him to be delivered to Lexy.

She kept searching and found herself in the bedroom of Lexy and David. She sat on the bed as she took a perfume. David got there and wondered what she was doing there.

Jill claimed she was searching for Gio but David believed she was there to find him and wanted to get intimate with her. Jill urged him on and asked him if he wanted her. He admitted and Jill pushed him away.

“Over my dead body,” Jill hissed and left.

She bumped into Lexy. Lexy questioned her why she was coming from her bedroom. Jill explained that she was searching for Gio. Still Lexy was not pleased so Jill said she was rather looking for and gave her the envelope and left.

Shortly after, David also came out of the room. Lexy began to suspect something so David claimed he went to find Jill in their bedroom so he threw her out. Lexy found it as a tale and threw the envelope into a trashcan.

Jill found Gio drinking and was very drunk. His friend apologised to Jill for her inability to stop him from drinking. Since he was wasted, Jill held him and sent him out. He found Sir Gabby outside. He was also about to drive off since he thought Jill and Gio had left. He then drove them home.

At school, Sir Gabby urged the basketball team to take in vitamins and they were done. He talked with Gio and apologised. He told him that he never knew Jill was his mother. Max told Gio that he heard his mother was dating Sir Gabby. Gio did not want to talk about it as he explained that they only went out once.

Sandy brought snacks to apologise to Jill for attending the party of David. She said David was persistent so she had to go. Jill knew she and David were friends and nothing could change that. As she left, Jill threw the snacks into a trashcan.

After addressing his workers on his new contract, David explained to his friend how he was able to get back on his feet two years after he applied for bankruptcy and closed down his company. He said he joined every design contest he knew. It was probably luck that he was chosen and it was the time Liberty Builders from New York chose him and through them he got the Manila Metro City development project.

Through the successful renovation, Liberty Builders became a partner and he earned their trust. After that he got lots of investors including Luceros builders. David said he did not believe in karma. He fought hard and he got everything. Now, he was a successful architect and they were drinking with a successful architect in Baguio.

Bani brought a bouquet for Jill as it was delivered by someone. Jill was happy thinking it was from Gabby. She called him but before Gabby could pick, she saw the note “B!tçh” and she told Gabby that she called him by mistake. Jill called David and he was not picking, after seeing her patient, she called the number which persistently called her.

David was leaving for work but Lexy appeared with his drink as he left it. She saw that he had been getting calls and asked who the person was. David claimed it was Grace. They k!$$3d and Lexy wanted him to take a day off but he said he had lots of work. Jill called him persistently but he did not pick it.

Jill was leaving the hospital when Bani told her that Dr Claire Fuentebella wanted to know her schedule. The doctor showed up and wanted her to meet her for their session but Jill said she would let her secretary communicate her free time to her as she was currently on her way to somewhere.

Lexy told Justin about finding Jill in her room and her friend did not see that as a perfect time for him to travel to the US. He asked if something was missing in her room and he said nothing of that sort. She heard her door bell and she made Justin feed Kylie for her to check the person.

She went to find Jill who said her husband delivered that flower and gave her the note. Lexy asked if she had no other enemies since it was not identified that her husband sent it. Jill insisted that David send it based on what her husband told her (Jill) when she was in her (Lexy’s) room the previous night.

Lexy was itchy, anxious to know what David said and Jill said her husband was acting so intimately as he wanted her but he walked out on him and she threw the bouquet on the chest of Lexy for it to fall. Lexy was perplexed since Jill was even not invited to their party yet she found her way there. She said they needed peace so Jill should not exceed her boundaries.

Jill made it clear that she equally wanted peace that was why she was there to warn her husband to stay away from her. Lexy said she was trying to keep her composure but she was way out of line. She threatened to call a corp on her next time.

After they closed from school, Mikah begged Gio to help her with her homework so Gio followed her home. Unfortunately, Grace came home to find Gio on top of Mica and called Dr Jill to tell her about an emergency.

Jill talked to Gio and asked him if what Grace told her was true. Gio admitted but explained that Mikah needed help to write her essay so after school, they went to her house and was writing the essay in her room but needed a pen since the pen she gave her was not working.

She told him to find the extra pen from her drawer and she saw some letters she had written. He asked her who it was for and Mikah didn’t want him to read. They were fighting over the letter and he fell on her in her bed. That was when Aunty Grace came to find them and brought meaning to everything.

Jill asked if he explained it to Grace and he said the affirmative, just that Grace didn’t want to believe in his story. Jill told him that Grace did not want him to meet Mikah again at the moment so he had to stay away from her for now and if he wanted to see her, either she or Grace had to be around and they should not meet in their rooms.

Gio wondered about the reason since they played games in their room. Jill explained that they were no longer kids and were turning 17 years soon. Around that age, Jill said teens felt the urge to experiment but she believed in him.


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