Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 598

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 598 Alyana embarks on a business trip with Lito, Elizabeth drugged the security at the palace, Hipolito pulls a fast one on Lily

Lito asked Salvador about Alyana and whether they had reserved the place for her and Bubbles. Salvador said Reuben had gone for her and they have reserved rooms for her and Bubbles. Reuben got to Maring’s place for Alyana and Cardo told her to take good care of herself since he wouldn’t be there to take care of her.

Alyana told him not to worry, she would be able to take care of herself. Mariano got drunk and wondered why Ellen chose Padua over him since they had already gotten intimate before. Lily called Renato and told him about how Mariano almost ruined everything by making advances on Ellen.

She said she was lucky to have found out, otherwise Ellen might have told Padua for all her plans to get ruined. She was however, happy that she was able to entice him to pull off at the press conference.

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Cardo wanted to talk to Lito to tell him that Alyana and Bubbles would quit the job so that he and his comrades would do all the work there. He was doing that so that Alyana could care for Delfin due to his condition. Delfin protested and said he still had strength and making Alyana stay in the house would make her feel boredom.

He said when his condition gets worse then they send him to the hospital. Ramil agreed because they could jeopardise their safety, should they send Delfin to the hospital. Cardo decided to be the one to serve Clarice’s breakfast. He felt sorry for her when Clarice pleaded to get her out of the washroom.

She cried that being tied up in there was  difficult for her and was ready to do anything to win back his trust. Cardo feared that any wrong move could risk the life of himself and that of his comrades and told Clarice to remain tied up in the room for security reasons.

After wearing the diamond chain that Lito got for her, Alyana made Bubbles think that she regretted marrying Cardo since her life was put in danger after marrying Cardo. She felt that life would have been much easier if she had been with Lito. She felt sad that Lito kept his promise and was still in lōve with her while she did not fulfill her part of the promise.

They arrived at the place for the meeting and Bubbles had her room. Alyana wanted to be with Bubbles in her room but Lito told her that he had reserved a place specially for her and sent her there. Bubbles followed since she was curious to find the room of Alyana.

Meanwhile, James brought a potion for Elizabeth to drug the bread she baked in order to feed the guards to enable them to investigate the president. They fed Antonio and he was having a reaction. Lily and Padua were also busy so they deemed it as an opportune time to engage Mariano.

As Antonio went to feed the rest of his colleagues with the baked-drugged bread, Elizabeth proceeded to find the president. Captain Salonga wondered what Elizabeth and Ambo did for Antonio to have a reaction. The way Cardo was in a bad mood, he wished Turo would not provoke him.

Alyana was impressed with her fancy room and believed the room was too much. Lito said the place was specifically made for her so that she could focus and be in the right frame of mind for the meeting. He left and told her that they would meet at the coffee shop.

Lily went to meet Hipolito and was impressed by their drug laboratory. She was overwhelmed when Hipolito said she would get billions to fuel her presidential campaign and assured the country would be flooded with drug money. They told her that they would get more investors for their expansion project and now they have made 800 million already.

Bubbles threw herself on Alyana’s bed. She was jealous of Alyana and told her to tease her. Bubbles wondered why she did not tell Maring that they would spend two nights there. Alyana said she did that because of Cardo since he did not agree that she spent two days there. He said they would spend only a night there.

Bubbles asked her how she would tell Lito. They went to have breakfast and they discovered that the meeting was scheduled for the next day so on that day, they would use it to prepare for the meeting. This got Alyana worried since she did not know how she would tell Lito that she had to spend only one night there.

Elizabeth was faking to go and clean the President’s room in her bid to talk to him. Fortunately, she bumped into Mariano and he requested expensive alcohol, lots of street spicy food among others. Elizabeth rushed to the kitchen and Ambo, Salonga and James were wondering why she had returned so quickly.

She said she already spoke with the president and requested for street food and expensive alcohol. This got Salonga and James surprised and asked Elizabeth if indeed the president requested that and she said yes. She urged Ambo to help her cook the food so fast.

Patrick saw Maring sending clothes to Clarice. He took it and told Maring that he was ready to face Clarice and promised not to allow her to manipulate him again. Maring extended her regay to Clarice. Patrick sent the clothes and untied her to get and have her bath.

Clarice used the opportunity to apologise for her action and explained that she only used him because she wanted to be reunited with her family. Patrick said what she did to him was so bad because she was the first woman he ever fell for but she used and manipulated him.

She vowed not to allow her to deceive him again and left with a strong warning that she should not make an attempt to escape because he was around, strictly guarding the place. Meanwhile, Lily was still with Aturo in the house of Renato having their drug business meeting.


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