Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 599

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 599 Cardo and his team mercilessly beat Turo and his goons, Alyana settles Lito’s construction problem with her looks, Elizabeth, Mariano get wasted

Delfin’s cough became so intense and screamed out Maring’s name with his choked voice. Maring got there and was ready to call Cardo but Delfin stopped her from doing so. All he needed was water so Maring went for it.

Cardo arrived at work and he and his comrades saw Berto harassing Macoy. Berto saw Macoy coming out of Lito’s place and thought he went for money but the boy said he did not get any money. In their car, they witnessed how Berto slapped Macoy.

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Ramil said the guys wanted them to introduce themselves to them. Cardo and his team came out of the car but Ramon tried stopping them not to fight. Cardo did not heed and went to ask Macoy why he was hit by Berto. Macoy simply said he did not do what they wanted.

Cardo approached Berto to ask why he hit the kid. Berto gave Cardo a cheeky answer and a fight broke. Cardo hit him so hard and he fell while one of Cardo’s comrades also hit the other person. Berto swore to get back at him. Ramon was scared that it would lead to an altercation with Turo but Cardo couldn’t care or less.

Maring prepared a ginger tea for Delfin when she and Dante sent him to his room. Flora called the line and fortunately Dalfin picked it up. Flora was happy that her brother picked but realised the ñãsty cough of Delfin and demanded that he goes to see a doctor. Delfin said it was a slight cough.

However, Flora did not believe him and told him that he was not growing younger so he had to get his health checked. She also asked if Cardo was aware and Delfin quickly said yes. He claimed he only needed to rest. After the call, Yolly got to the room to find out from Flora that she spoke with her brother.

Elizabeth served the president with his food and Mariano poured a glass of alcohol for Elizabeth to drink to tell him about what she wanted to discuss. He found the food Elizabeth cooked simply delicious and Elizabeth realised he was having a big appetite since he also wanted rice to boss it up.

He kept pouring more alcohol for Elizabeth to bottom up. As Cardo and his comrades arrived at their work post, his friends had a talk with them not to fight due to how Mr Ramon was complaining that he did not want them to pick a bigger fight with Turo for beating Berto.

Roxanne said any wrong move with Turo and his goons could make them be the ones to  blow their cover to the police and advised the group not to pick a fight with anyone because they were in bigger trouble. Later, Macoy thanked Cardo for defending him and told him that he was his hero as he was glad that he was there to back him up.

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Lito led Alyana to the project side where the Engineers were constructing the roads heading to the seventh ground of his real estate project. He knew the investors would be happy that their investment would be in the hands of Alyana who would be handling that project.

He introduced Alyana to the Engineers and they discovered that there was a problem since they could not get all the material supplies from Mr Gonzalez. Lito called Mr Gonzales to find out why he had not delivered the materials needed for the construction. Mr Gonzales explained that he was a businessman and had a better offer from somewhere.

Lito tried to intimidate him but Gonzales said he was the sole owner of his business, therefore he could call a shot. Grego had a talk with Mr Ramon and wondered why just a dress could lead to misunderstanding between couples. Ramon explained that both Cardo and Alyana had a point from their perspectives. Tadpole rather sided with Cardo.

Ramil showed no remorse for the fight, stressing that Berto did wrong for laying his hands on Macoy. Already Cardo was upset and deemed his act as right because he was also upset that Turo and his men were acting so pompous there. Jerome told Ramil that he was not helping because they needed to guide themselves.

Berto informed Turo about what Cardo did to him and Turo marched his goons to Cardo’s place since he did not want anyone to take his strong force at the ranch for granted. Roxanne ensured Billy and Rigor delivered on his mandate. Billy and Rigor were happy that Cardo put Berto at his place when he stood up for Macoy.

Roxanne feared that Turo would fight back. Turo’s men found Cardo sweeping the stables. Turo attacked Cardo and hit him for him to tell off into the grass and asked him how it felt to swim without water. Cardo got upset and kicked him. He hit him. The rest of his goons took Ramil and his friends on.

Macoy rushed to inform Roxanne, Billy and Rigor that there was a fight between Turo’s goons and Cardo. Roxanne knew that would happen and rushed there with her friends. Some of the men rushed to inform Ramon about the fight and Ramon, Dante and Tadpole rushed to the stables.

Cardo had beaten Turo and Ramon tried to stop him from being beaten yet the more but Turo punched the stomach of Ramon multiple times till   Dante and Tadpole intervened. Cardo had to keep beating Turo. Roxanne tried stopping Major Basco from fighting back but he kept fighting and even defended Roxanne.

Billy and Rigor pair also took down other goons. Cardo flew and hit on a bunch of the goons, winning an applause from Macoy. Macoy urged him on as he kicked, punched, slapped and beat his attackers. The Taskforce subdued the threats of Turo and his men. It took Roxanne to keep the fight at bay.

Being kicked for the last by Cardo for Turo to hit the grass, Ramon asked him teasingly “now how did it feel to swim without water.” Turo was pretty upset and swore that it was not over. His men who were equally beaten went to hold him up. In shame, he still tried to boss them around.

Lily left Renato’s house and told him that their next meeting would be at the laboratory. When Lily went, Hipolito told Jacob about how his life started from a poor young boy who joined the Bloody Sun group and with his ambitions l, he was able to climb to the top.

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Roxanne dragged Cardo and Basco to a room to confront them for fighting back. However, their comrades who followed, Jerome said they only defended themselves from their attackers. Otherwise, they might still suppress them. Ramil and Cardo agreed and saw it as a good move to fight back.

Roxanne disagreed with them since they failed to factor in Lito, their generous helper who opened his ranch widely to employ them. Basco said they would be the ones to explain the issue to Lito. Alyana decided to talk to Mr Gonzales to enable Lito meet some investors.

Together with Bubbles, they went to see Mr Gonzales at his office to talk about the supplying contract his company had with the Valmoria Construction.

Mr Gonzales looking at Alyana’s sultry looks was charmed and opened his doors for her without a planned appointment his secretary earlier demanded Alyana to have before seeing him.

Elizabeth complained about the President getting her drunk while the President was even more wasted than her. That deterred Elizabeth from even asking questions. The president demanded her to bottom up again before asking questions. They poured more alcohol to drink.

Alyana during the meeting with Mr Gonzales told him that the proposal from her outfit was a great deal because the company was putting in lots of work and they would be constructing more in the future. Which meant that they would patronize more of his materials for the construction.

Mr Gonzales thought Alyana was there to give him what he wanted and gave her two conditions the Valmoria Construction should meet before, which is to increase his price and to always deal with Alyana when it comes to the supply. Alyana agreed to it.

Cardo’s friends knew Roxanne was right but we’re scared that Turo and his goons would take them by surprise. Cardo asked if they had their weapons and they said they did.

Cardo stated that they would use the weapons to defend themselves should they attack. Ramon was surprised since he thought they were going to settle the issue but it seemed the worst was coming.

Elsewhere, Turo whose swollen face was being treated by his goons claimed Cardo was lucky. Some of his goons disagreed that they were lucky. He said Cardo and his team were cops and were skillful that was why they were strong and beat them up.

Turo claimed they were able to deal with trained horses that was why he believed Cardo was lucky. He believed the horses were skillful than the police.

Mariano asked Elizabeth about her question and she asked if indeed he was the president or imposter. Mariano was already sleeping. Meanwhile, Lily and Arturo were in a car, on their way to the palace.


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