Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 608

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 608 Macoy is almost caught, Cardo begins to suspect Lito and Alyana, Mariano beds Ellen for the third time

Lily asked Augustus if Mariano was in his room. Augustus wondered what he had been giving to Mariano for him to act so perfectly. Mariano was happy over his change of behaviour. He said practice makes a man perfect and is now getting used to his new job as the President.

Mariano said he would keep up the work till Ellen falls for him. Lily told Augustus to ensure that Mariano and Ellen’s relationship got going but should ensure Padua did not become aware of his wife’s illicit affair with Mariano.

Lily said Ellen was now her weapon to keep Mariano in check to deliver on his mandate. Macoy sneaked into Lito’s room to steal for the last to get back to school. While he was in the bedroom, Roxanne and Vicky, a servant went to the room and he quickly ran into the  washroom. Once they left, he came out.

Unfortunately, when he was leaving, Billy and Rigor chanced upon him and queried him on what he was doing there. Macoy stated that Boss Lito sent him but Billy knew he was telling lies and alerted Roxanne to check Lito’s room if Macoy did not steal anything.

Roxanne went with the servant and they saw nothing odd in Lito’s room. They came and Roxanne said nothing was missing. Macoy heaved a sigh of relief and told them that he was not a thief. Billy apologised since they were only being conscious. Roxanne told Macoy that he was not off the hook because Lito had made it clear that no one should come into the mansion.

Lily went to Mariano’s room to reward him for delivering his promise. She gave him keys to a brand new sport car. She praised Mariano for the good act and promised to give him more if he continued to surprise and exceed his expectations.

Mariano rushed to go and gave the car a test drive and Lily told Augustus to follow Mariano to the garage. Hipolito called Mr Galvara to talk about their business. He met him at his lab and threatened him to tell him more about Valmoria.

Hipolito did not trust Lito and was scared that he was a traitor who would betray him. Though they were traveling to Batangas, Virgie was not completely happy since JP would also not be around. She wanted to be with her complete family and blamed Cardo for all the misfortunes.

Teddy called Flora to wish her a happy New Year and to inform her that he was traveling to Batangas to be with Alyana and Cardo. Diana told Flora how she missed her cooking. After talking to Flora to find out that she and the children were safe, Virgie accused Cardo of being selfish to an extent that his family were in exile.

Teddy defended Cardo and his wife’s actions got him shivering that she would lash out at Cardo when they go to Batangas. Virgie said there was no call for alarm if Cardo would do the right thing.

In Batangas, Jerome noticed that Cardo did not seem happy even when Alyana and Bubbles had quit their jobs. Cardo said he could sense something weird ongoing with Lito and Alyana. However, he could not wrap his hands around what was going on. Jerome believed he was just getting jealous and maintained that he was a good person.

Lito called Hipolito and told him that he learnt how he treated Mr Galvara. Lito said he was having a second thought for investing into his business but his move on Galvara had made him believe that he also did not engage with traitors. That, he said had proven that he was the right person he would have to invest into his business.

Hipolito made it clear that his words would still not make him trust him. However, they decided to meet. James called Diana and they decided to meet for important information before Teddy and Diana would leave for Batangas.

Virgie insisted on going with them so Teddy had no option than to accept his wife’s plea to follow them. Virgie claimed they might change their mind of leaving for Batangas and she might be attacked while in the house, that was the reason she wanted to be tagged along.

Lily created a room for Mariano and Ellen to continue their affair. She intentionally went with Arturo to their meeting with Hipolito. Jacob saw that Uncle Ren was giving Lily too much prominent in their business. Hipolito explained that Lily was sitting on the big throne and they needed to make her an ally.

While she was left alone in the palace, Ellen was walking when she bumped into Mariano who was being escorted into his room by Augustus. Once he saw Ellen, Mariano ordered Augustus to leave him since he could go to his room.

He gently gave Ellen a look and walked past her to the other side. Ellen followed him. Unbeknowst, Augustus spied at them and alerted other guards to leave their posts to enable Mariano to get Ellen to bed. They made løve and Ellen wanted somewhere that they would not be caught.

Mariano suggested they go to his room and they went. However, Ellen made him touch her under a condition that he would always listen to her. He would also do whatever she wanted and would stay away from alcohol since his breath was bad. Mariano accepted her conditions and ran to rinse his mouth and returned for them to have their affair which they vowed to keep it secret.

Lily in soliloquy said Arturo has the least idea of what his wife was doing with Mariano. She felt sorry for Art but she liked what was going on since that would propel Mariano to live his scripted life in the palace well. Lily promised Arturo that he would always be her right hand man and would give him a better position once she became the President.

Hipolito called Lily to ask her where she was and she said she was still at the palace. Renato claimed he wanted to prepare her back since she was the future President. Lily was so happy to hear him say that. After the call, she told Arturo that he would be her Campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Salvador asked Lito why he wanted to save Delfin. He said it was the only way to win over Cardo’s trust to snatch Alyana. He said fate seemed to be on his side for Delfin to fall sick for him to be the only savior Cardo would need to make his grandfather survive.

Salvador lauded him for his intelligence. Lito said if not for how he thinks, he wouldn’t have reached where he was.


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