Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 605-609

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 605-609 Alyana and Lito have an affair, Alyana quits her job at Valmoria construction 

Falling madly in love with Ellen, Mariano enters the realm of irrationality and tries to end Oscar’s life. While bearing their plans against Lily, Teddy and Diana grow concerned when Virgie  shows signs of erratic behavior.

After learning about the stable master’s real intentions, Macoy steals Turo’s gun. Together with Bubbles and the other Valmoria Industries staff, Alyana and Lito celebrate the success of their business deal. Worried about everyone’s safety, Ramil begins to express his dissent over Cardo’s  recent decisions. Lily asks Renato for some updates about their ongoing drug cartel operations.

Bent on getting back at Turo’s underlings for making his life at the ranch a living hell, Macoy  considers taking matters into his own hands. Tension flares up between Cardo and Ramil during a drinking session with their allies after a long day of hard work.

As the night continues to unfold, Lito  resolves to inch closer to Alyana to a point of no return. As soon as they return home from the presidential palace, Ellen impatiently asks Arturo about his plans to pursue the presidency. Cardo opens up to Delfin about his recent struggles concerning his misunderstandings with Alyana and Ramil.

Meanwhile, James, Edwin and Elizabeth carry out a dangerous mission to finally confirm their suspicions about the president. Bearing intense guilt on her shoulders, Alyana returns home with a heavy heart after sharing a night with Lito.

Following his tense encounter with Manager the other night, Cardo resolves to make it up to his wife by preparing breakfast before she returns. Meanwhile, Arturo and Ellen’s marriage begins to fall apart when she expresses her discontent about his lack of focus on their ultimate goal.

Arriving home, Alyana gets eaten up with guilt as she tries to keep from Cardo the grave mistake she committed. Renato, meanwhile, makes preparations for Lily’s visit to their drug laboratory. Elsewhere, Diana comes up with a way to help ease Virgie’s worries.

Bent on sealing his business partnership with Renato, Lito agrees to meet with him for them to get to know each other. After having a heartfelt conversation about their marriage, Alyana decides to make it up to Cardo. Back at the presidential palace, Mariano impresses Lily by seamlessly impersonating the president in front of the household staff.

Meanwhile, Diana comes up with an idea to remind Virgie of the true spirit of Christmas. Lito  comes to visit Lolo Delfin with an underlying purpose. Wanting to clear the air between him and Alyana after sharing a night together, Lito asks his childhood sweetheart if he still has a chance.

Posing as President Oscar, Mariano explains to the presidential household staff why he withdrew himself from everyone including his closest allies. However, P/Cpt. Salonga remains wary about trusting the president. Macoy’s unusual visit to the mansion arouses suspicion from Roxanne, Billy, and Rigor.

With Alyana seemingly slipping through his fingers, jealousy begins to seep through Cardo’s mind. Renato threatens a business partner in an attempt to unmask Lito’s true intentions. Back at the presidential palace, Lily decides to reward Mariano’s efforts to imitate the president.

As they prepare to leave for Batangas with Virgie to finally reunite with Cardo and Alyana, Teddy and Diana receive an urgent report from James and Edwin straight from the presidential palace. While Arturo and Lily discuss their plans, Ellen runs off to see Mariano.

Meanwhile, Renato and Jacob resolve to put their best foot forward ahead of their meeting with Lito. Believing that the end justifies the means, Lily feels pity for Art as she uses Ellen to have better control over Mariano.

Not wanting to lose his clients, Lito moves his meeting with Renato to an earlier date. Ramil, meanwhile, burns with rage as he remembers the night Cardo turned on him. Lily and Arturo inspect the drug laboratory that Renato and Jacob established for their business.

Meanwhile, Lito seethes with rage after noticing something amiss inside his bedroom. Cardo and Alyana take their time as they unload each other’s emotional baggage.


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