Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 611

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 611 Arturo k!lls Teddy’s friend over an exposé, Teddy, Diana and Virgie fall into Arturo’s trap 

Arturo called his henchmen to find some journalists, he mentioned their names. It turned out that one happened to be part of the names his henchmen had identified was a friend to Lito. They embarked on a mission to find the man.

Ellen advised her husband to pay the journalists and Arturo stated that he had a better plan that would even help them to unleash the hideout of Teddy. Arturo showed the article to Lily and advised her not to hold the press conference.

Alyana went to beg Bubbles for her decision which had affected her. Bubbles didn’t understand why Alyana was giving up all her dreams and what Lito had planned for her just because of that mistake. Alyana said she did not want to see Lito again and wanted nothing to cause her relationship with Cardo.

Turo and his group came to the former task force to inform them that Lito lost huge sums and wanted them to search the belongings of everyone. Ramil couldn’t believe that he was implying that they were thieves but Turo said it was not it.

They searched through the belongings and saw nothing. Berto who was scared that he would be fingered in the entire thing told Turo that Macoy did that. One had seen Macoy packing and believed he might be running away. They went to find him and bumped into him on the way.

Macoy quickly ran and they divided themselves into two to run after him. They caught him and sent him to Lito. They beat Macoy and blood was oozing from his face. Macoy knelt before Lito and admitted that he stole the money. He begged Lito that he did that because he needed money to pay his tuition to enroll himself in school.

He did not do that because he wanted to but did that because he wanted to have a brighter future and to help his family. Lito !ñsültëd his insolence and reminded him of how he had helped. He told Macoy that he did not forgive so easily.

Elsewhere, Boom, the reporter who was Teddy’s friend left the office in order to get more information on Lily. Unbeknowst, there was danger lurking around. Arturo’s henchmen who were in a van captured him and sent him.

Lily told Augustus to follow Arturo to the place where he would meet the henchmen as she wanted immediate information on the development. Elizabeth sent the bouquet and all the things that Mariano gave her money to buy. Mariano was happy that Elizabeth got him the flowers and gave her a token to keep for herself.

Elizabeth didn’t want to take the money but he insisted and also told her not to tell Lily that he sent her to buy him a bouquet. Elizabeth thought it  was a surprise for his wife and telling her would spoil the surprise.

Lito took a gün to shōõt Macoy but Ramil and his guys who heard the commotion rushed there. The moment Lito spotted them he gave the gün to Turo and pretended that he understood Macoy. Ramil wanted to go to Macoy’s defense but Mr Ramon and the rest told him not to because Boss Lito was there and he could handle everything.

Macoy continued to beg and Lito said he had forgiven him. He advised him not to steal again even if he wanted it for his education, it was not right for him to steal. He took the money and told him not to set foot in his ranch again. The former Task Force went for Macoy and sent him away for Roxanne to treat his facial wounds.

Macoy explained to them that he only wanted to further his education. Roxanne stated that his intentions were good but the manner he went about it, was bad. Ramil stated that he should be grateful that boss Lito was such a nice person.

Roxanne treated his wound and Billy told him that what he did was wrong and he needed to act in accordance with  the law and to break the laws, if he wanted to be a police officer.

While on the road with her husband driving, Virgie could not withhold her exciting looks and smiles to be reunited with her daughter once again. At Lito’s ranch, the former officers asked Macoy for his next plan and he said he would search for a job. They advised him to go and beg Lito perhaps he might change his mind.

As Macoy was going, Turo and his group chanced upon him and attacked him. They took off the plaster on his face and hit him till he fell unconscious and they carried him away. Mariano stumbled on Ellen and he pulled her to his room and gave him the bouquet and the sweet.

Lily was really upset with the news and could not wait for Arturo’s henchmen to get hold of the reporter. Learning of the cancellation of the press conference and Arturo’s sudden outing, Salonga and James got to the kitchen to find Elizabeth and Ambo talking about the news against Lily and Arturo.

Salonga believed the article had put Lily and Arturo at the edge and believed the writer was in trouble. The journalist was sent to an enclosed space and was beaten. They threatened to k?// him so the reporter revealed to Turo and his henchmen that Teddy was on the road travelling.

Getting the necessary information, Turo finished the reporter off as he was of no use to him. He called Lily to inform her that he had gotten what he wanted and knew how to locate Cardo and his team.

Arturo made his men erect checkpoints on the various roads to capture Teddy. Hipolito read the article and told Jacob that some reporters were on the tail of Lily. He then received a call from Lily who told him that Arturo has found ways to capture Cardo.

In Batangas, Maring received a call from Loita that Dalia, the grandmother of Alyana was stricken by stroke and she had to leave. Alyana wanted to go with her but she said she would go alone. Cardo offered to drive her there but she said she would take a cab.

Salonga together with James called Diana to ask if Teddy knew about  the article and he said yes. Salonga said their plan has worked and now Lily and Padua were feeling uncomfortable. After the call, Diana tried to get in touch with the reporter but couldn’t reach him. This sent shockwaves in Virgie and she began to smell danger.

True to her feelings, the henchmen of Arturo were at the checkpoints, inspecting all the cars and those sitting in to see if Teddy and Diana were in. Arturo called them and there was no good news. He got so frustrated and Lily called him but he refused to pick it up and told Augustus that he wanted to have good news for Lily.

Teddy came across the checkpoint  and Diana suspected it was erected for them and suggested they turn back but Virgie refused.


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