Iza Calzado tears down over her failure to understand late mother’s mental condition

Iza Calzado tears down over her failure to understand late mother’s mental condition

Iconic Star Iza Calzado has expressed regrets for her inability to engage in a friendship relationship with her late mother who suffered from mental disorder.

According to her, she was too young to understand the plights of her mother.

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Iza disclosed this in a social media post to commemorate the birth anniversary of her late mother which fell on Thursday June 13.

Along with the letter were photos of Iza and her daughter Deia holding a portrait of Ussher.

“Mama, I wish I was a better friend to you. I was too young to understand,” she said.

Iza indicated that now that she was also a mother she would establish a strong relationship with her daughter to keep the good memories of her mother alive.

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“Now that I have my own child, I will do my best to be a good mother and friend to Deia and keep your memory alive through the stories of Lola Tisay that I will share with her. I miss you and, yes, I love you. Happy Birthday, Mama!” she added.

Calzado was then comforted by her fans and fellow celebrities including Isabelle Daza, Ryan Agoncillo and Phoemela Baranda who extended their love via the comments section.

Ussher passed away in 2001 when Calzado was 19 years old. It was only in 2019 that Calzado openly confirmed that Ussher died of suicide after years of struggling with mental health.

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“I realized that this can happen to anybody,” the actress said at the time. We are not glorifying it—I want to stress that. I’m alarmed by the large number of teen suicides. It’s something that I want to understand and help with.”

“Hopefully, we can find real solutions to this in the same way that we’re so gung at finding a cure for cancer or HIV/AIDS. There’s a lot that we still don’t understand, but we’re learning. There’s still hope,” she said.


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