Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 439-443

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 439-443 Cardo and the Vendetta k!ll Gapuz and Panting after settling in Manila, Lily reports the Vendetta to the authorities to continue her shoddy business

Taking advantage of the tragedy in Santo Niño, Lucas decides to set his plans in motion. Unknown to him, Vendetta is preparing to set off to Manila.

Renato and Homer come up with a plan to lure Vendetta into their trap. Their captives, however, plot to counter their evil scheme. Elsewhere, the de Leons send Margie to her final resting place.

Cardo bids farewell to Domeng’s family and to his friends from Sto Niño before leaving for Manila with Vendetta. While the vigilantes gear up for their next journey, Diana comes up with her own to help them. Elsewhere, Billy, Chikoy and Mark continue to keep a close watch on Flora and her family.

Unknown to them, SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig are just lying in wait to enact their evil plan against the de Leons. Cardo and Vendetta make their way to Manila to rescue Bubbles and Diana from Homer. Lucas informs his cohorts about what happened to Gustavo’s mining site.

Because of this, Renato learns of Diana’s deceit. Hoping to rectify the damage caused by the mining fiasco, Renato seeks held from a new ally. Elsewhere, Teddy, Billy, Mark and Chikoy hold SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig captive.

Teddy, Billy, Mark and Chikoy hand SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig over to the police. Later, Flora and her family head to Camp Crame to file an administrative case against the two officers.

After finding out about SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig scandalous arrest, Lucas worries about the repercussions it will cause him.

Diana and Bubbles are relieved to know that Vendetta is safe. Elsewhere, Cardo and Vendetta return to Manila. Upon returning to Manila, Cardo brings the Vendetta to his former colleague, Lando to seek refuge.

Unbeknownst to them, the government is once again pointing a finger at them, this time as culprits behind the massacre in Sto Niño. As this news reach Cardo and Alyana’s families, they cannot help but worry about their lōved ones.

The Cabrera administration, on the other hand, rejoice as the accusations against the Vendetta divert the public’s attention away from their controversy. Later, a mysterious woman is on her way to meet Lucas.

Cardo and Alyana find themselves longing for their family. Meanwhile, an ambush suddenly takes place while SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig are being transferred to another detention center. Fearing for their lives, the detained police officers try to escape. Upon learning of the attack, Cardo’s friends cannot help but worry over the de Leons’ safety.

Elsewhere, Lily finally arrived at the palace. Lucas finds out that Lily and the syndicates under their protection are starting to lose trust in him. Because of this, he orders Damien to reaffirm Lily’s loyalty. To rectify the situation, Lily tries to appease the President.

Vendetta is having a hard time trusting Itoy, a serial killer’s former accomplice. Elsewhere, Flora worries about Charlene and Denise’s safety. While on their way to Homer’s hideout, Alyana suggests that she and Cardo visit the cemetery. Together with Vendetta, they offer flowers to Ador and Ricky boy’s graves.

Diana tried to convince Renato to testify against Lucas. Later, Bubbles overhears Homer telling Renato to k!ll Diana. Elsewhere, SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig follow Lily to the church and the cemetery.

The two corrupt cops and their goons ambush Lily  to k!ll her. Fortunately or unfortunately, Cardo and the Vendetta see them and go to Lily’s rescue. Both the crook party and the hero’s party exchange fires. Cardo shõōts to k!ll Pantig and Gapuz. Recognising the faces of the cops, Alyana confirms that they are bad and she has been their victim before.

The news of SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig’s deàth get Lucas to get physical with his son, Brandon for yet another failed mission. While Lily takes refuge in the Vendetta’s hideout, treacherous woman rat outs the Vendetta to Renato in a bid to secure her old position and to be cancelled from the list of Lucas’ enemies.

Elsewhere, Bubbles wakes up to a painful discovery that she is expecting a child for Homer. After learning of Vendetta’s whereabouts, Renato immediately relays the information to Lucas. Lucas then orders to have the vigilante group arrested. Meanwhile, the Vendetta members get the shock of their lives with the sudden arrival of the authorities.


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