Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 494-498

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 494-498 Jane d!es, Oscar, Lily start a relationship, Renato recruits Skull to Jacob’s group

While in pursuit of Jane, the Task Force Force Agila members uncover that a separate group of men is also after their target. The authorities then find themselves in a clash with Jacob’s army.

Caught in the crossfire, Jane seizes this opportunity to get away from both groups, not knowing that Cardo is following her moves.  Flora’s family is still in shock that Jane turned out to be the serial k!ller.

Elsewhere, an ugly dispute between Renato and Chloe fuels the desire of Jacob’s friends to drive Renato out of their team. Knowing that Jane is a genuinely kind person despite her crimes, Cardo and the Task Force Agila members mourn over her deàth. After solving Jane’s case, the cops set their sights on knowing the identities of her pursuers.

Unknown to them, Jacob is itching to capture Jane at their expense. Meanwhile, Oscar is slowly falling under Lily’s spell. Unknown to the latter, one of Oscar’s supporters gets wind of Lily’s plot against Diana. Cardo feels a twinge of disappointment over his failure to help Jane.

This, however does not stop him from slowing down in his pursuit of the men who were after Jane. Jacob, on the other hand, remains unfazed despite Cardo’s threat. Unknown to Jacob, his own allies are planning something against him. Diana makes a troubling discovery about Lily.

Lily’s wicked plan is slowly coming to fruition as Oscar is beginning to fall head over heels in love with her. Growing suspicious of Lily’s deceptive ways, Diana keeps an eye on the presidential adviser. She also shares with Delfin her thoughts about Lily.

Alyana starts to notice Cardo’s closeness with Alex. Elsewhere, Chloe and Lance receive a stern warning from Renato. Although dealing with grief, Cardo and Task Force Agila members remain adamant in uncovering the identities of Jane’s pursuers. The cops’ efforts prove to be fruitful as they manage to unearth information about the armed men.

Soon, the Task Force Agila meets the newest members of their squad. Meanwhile, Lily continues to use her brilliance to manipulate Oscar. Unknown to her, Diana and Delfin are planning to unmask her. Worried about Alyana’s safety, Virgie exhorts her daughter to leave Cardo.

As she tries to lift up the spirit of her family, Flora comes up with a plan to combat the derogatory meme against their eatery. However, Gina and Bart gear up to hurl another challenge in their way. Amir and his group try to gain the favour of the new Task Force Agila members by badmouthing Cardo.

Determined to blow the enemy’s cover, Diana guards Lily’s moves. Elsewhere, Renato singlehandedly sets his scheme against another drug lord in motion. Alyana feels a twinge of jealousy upon discovering that Cardo has been receiving special treatment from Alex.

This prompts her to ask Domengsu about Cardo’s closeness with his superior. Bent on bolstering his forces, Renato and his allies proceed to Kalawang’s hideout. There, Renato finds one of Cardo’s fiercest rivals. Renato then invites him to join his squad.

Renato takes Skull to Jacob’s lair and introduces him as the newest member of their group. This, however, does not sit well with Jacob’s allies, who are fully aware that Skull can do more damage than good.

Meanwhile, Lily and Lazaro find themselves at each other’s throats after Diana caught sight of them. True to their fears, Diana is pulling all the stops to unearth their dirty secret. Elsewhere, Cardo receives crucial information about Jane’s pursuers.

Cardo acquires a lead on Jane’s pursuers and immediately informs his comrades about it. Jacob questions Renato’s decision to include Skull in their group. Diana shared with Delfin her discovery about Lily. Her suspicion intensifies when she notices that Oscar is growing fond of his adviser.

Unknown to Diana, Lazaro is cooking up a wicked plan against her. Tension arises between Jacob and Skull due to their contrasting attitudes. Hoping to pacify the animosity between the two, Renato reminds them of their goal to eliminate Cardo.

Meanwhile, Diana confirms that Oscar is in a relationship with Lily. This does not stop her from investigating Lily’s connection with Rodolfo. Lily, on the other hand, resolved to find out what Diana knows about her.


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