Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 493

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 493 Jane k!lls another victim, Task Force Agila races after Jane

A woman went to knock at June’s door and went in since no one was talking. She found June asleep and began to call him. She shoved him and realised he was ståbbëd. The woman cried and ran out.

At Camp Crame, the comrades of Amir were complaining that Major Basco favoured Cardo and   it was because he was friends with the President. Amir then said they would do everything to prove themselves to Major Basco and they would not only solve the serial k!ller issue but Skull’s own as well.

Bart counted the sales from the eatery and it has dwindled so he suggested to Gina that they should tell the public the truth that there was no Skull in the area since their lies had scared the public away from buying their food. Gina was compelled to between Money and Skull and she chose money.

However, one of her lapdogs rushed in to inform them that June was already deàd. Elsewhere, Jane told Flora that she would like to live there permanently to help them since she had no family and friends. She wanted to help at the eatery, Flora told her she could, just, that she would not be able to pay her.

Ema appeared to inform them that June the drunkard was found ståbbëd multiple times. Elmo said June had no enemies and wondered who committed the atrocious crime. At Camp Crame, Cardo and his team confirmed that a woman was behind the act.

Their only chance was to talk to the woman who was a witness in Ronald’s deàth to identify Maureen so that they could know the serial killer. Cardo, wrapped his hands around what was happening. He recalled that when he saw Robert Smith chasing after Jane, he had a knife and believed Jane could be the serial killer and Robert Smith was her target but feigned to be the victim.

Billy believed that it could be true as the autopsy revealed that Robert Smith was also ståbbëd. Basco suggested they go back to the hotel to review the footage. As the family were talking to Ema about June’s deàth, Jane became uncomfortable and requested to be in her room.

Flora felt sorry for her since she was new in the area and the crime might have scared her. The police went to convey June’s body from his room. Captain Bart came there to demand first hand information since he was the local captain. Jane was stepping out but was stopped by the officers guarding the house.

She then went to her room but a man stumbled on her and began to make advances on her. She tried resisting but the man forced her to tell him her name when her identity switched and she introduced herself as Maureen. Task Force Agila went to the hotel to conduct their investigation.

One of the witnesses explained that the foreigner, Robert Smith did not force Jane into the hotel. However, the woman ran out later crying for help while Robert was holding a knife and he was at the same time wounded. According to the foreigner, the woman first ståbbëd him.

Cardo made him describe Jane for them to sketch. Virgie got upset that Cardo had let a third party stay in their house while he knew his family’s lives were in danger. After the sketch and the janitor confirmed that it was indeed Jane, Cardo told his team that he trusted the wrong person because Jane was just posing off as a victim, she was the serial k!ller.

Jane ståbbëd and k!lled her next victim. After realising her crime, she decided to leave the place so that her deeds would not be seen. She was hurt by the works of Senior Bro and Maureen. She was frightened that her deeds would be exposed.

After receiving information about the deàth of a neighbour of Alyana, Teddy called Alyana to confirm it. Virgie was upset that Cardo was always not at home during moments like that. Ramil told Cardo that if Jane indeed was the serial k!ller, then Alyana and Flora were in danger.

The faction of the task force, Billy and his team went to Bulacan to show a picture of Jane to the caretakers and it was confirmed that Jane was Maureen. Cardo in a phone conversation with Billy confirmed that Jane was a k!ller and drove to go after Jane.

Meanwhile, Delfin arrived home due to the deàth counting within his neighbourhood. Delfin suspected that Jane might be involved in June’s deàth since the incident happened when she was around and June made advances on her. He suggested they speak with Jane to get into the button of the issue.

Oscar thanked Lily for bringing him to the place to relax. Edwin came to give a phone call to Oscar since Diana was on the line. Soon after, Lazaro also called Lily and they talked about their plots against Oscar. Cardo arrived home to inform his family that Jane was the serial killer they had been searching for.

He warned his family not to go anywhere. Unknown to him, Jacob had also armed his private army to go after Jane at his place. However, Chloe was not in support of Jacob’s action to go after Jane who was being protected by Cardo. Hipolito also cautioned Jacob and advised him not to go.

Jacob wanted justice, hence did not heed the advice. This excited Uncle Red, and he kept fuelling it. Task Force Agila secured the place and did not find Jane in the room.

They discovered the body of the man in her room with the weapon. Cardo realised she had escaped and went after her. Jane was on the streets, searching for a car. Chloe went to confront Hipolito for his inability to stop William and slapped him.

Hipolito got upset and strangled her, telling her that her boyfriend was stubborn and he cod not be blamed for his decision. Migz and Lance got in there to savage the situation. Hipolito threw Chloe out, emphasising that he was helping Jacob, hence needed privacy.

Gina and Bart conspired against Cardo and secure means to throw them out of their neighbourhood for good after another deàth happened. As Cardo was in a car searching desperately for Jane, she was also fleeing for her life.


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