Brothers Episode 9 Written update

Brothers Episode 9 Written update Onyok reunites with Cardo 

Carmen found Junior playing football outside. She asked Junior why did he leave the house to play outside. He said he was just playing football but Carmen insisted that he should not play football outside the house but play it inside since they were scared that he got lost.

She went to inform Flora and the other people that Junior had been found. Benny tried to escape with some food but he was stopped. Junior came to ask Carmen when Ador would come home. Carmen told him to go to sleep as Ador might keep long.

The neighbour asked what if Ador did not return. His wife said that was a bad joke and asked Junior not to mind him. Junior said she should not worry because he already knew it was a joke because Ador has promised never to go missing again so he would return.

Carmen said that was it so he should go and sleep as he would go to school the next day.
Onyok told the kids that they should not allow the people to do whatever they like to them. He began acting like his stomach was paining him. One kid said but he had already acted that way before so the syndicates would not believe him this time around.

He then appointed one child to do it but he said he was not a good actor. He promised to teach him how to act and he thought him.

One of the kids interjected that since they were kids the syndicates could do whatever they like to them. Onyok said being a kid did not mean they should act vulnerable. He said Cardo has always advised him not to look vulnerable if he wanted to win in any obstacle that might come his way.

Ador and Joaquin went on the mission to get the person who was ready to confess to tell him their leader.

They reached the place and Joaquin asked Ador if it was a trap the syndicate had laid for them but Ador said he was ready for that. Joaquin decided to take the lead but Ador’s direction led him to the man.

He revealed his identity to them and promised the security’s protection for him and his family. Ador decided to put down his gun as means to win his trust and go to the station with them but Joaquin shot the man since he was scared he would expose him.

He then told Ador that the guy tried to kill him that was why he shot him. Ador wondered why the guy would do that since he said he wanted to talk and reveal their leader. He however thanked Joaquin for securing his life.

They informed Delfin what happened. Fortunately for Cardo he later apprehended one syndicate after scaring him he revealed where they had kept the kids but said he never knew their leader.

Cardo informed Delfin where they had kept the kids so Delfin sent the price to rescue them.

They raided the building and saved the kids. Onyok saw Ador and called him Cardo and also asked about his birth mark but he said he was not Cardo.

The police set the kids free and Onyok told the rest of his friends that he had seen Cardo and now that he has seen him he would follow him.

Delfin questioned Cardo about Onyok and he admitted that he was the one Onyok was Searching for but assured that he did not reveal to Onyok that he was Cardo.

Delfin advised him to cut ties with the kids otherwise he might ruin the mission.
Cardo called the foster parents of Onyok to go for Onyok in Manila.

Cardo later met Delfin to talk to him about Onyok, he said he wanted to see the kid for the last time and silence him for revealing who he was.

Onyok saw him and heard that Cardo had a wife and kids he climbed inside the car and hid himself. He followed Cardo to the house.

When Ador went to the washroom Onyok hid himself inside Veronica bucket and told him that he was Cardo and not Ador. Ador then admitted to be Cardo and asked him to remain a quiet.

A knock came on the door and it was Junior who wanted to urinate so he covered the Veronica bucket again and asked Onyok to keep quiet in there.


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