Brothers Episode 10 Written Update

Brothers Episode 10 Written Update Carmen cries over Ador’s constant rejection

Onyok was in a Veronica bucket and Cardo covered him. Junior knocked and said he wanted to use the washroom after urinating he said he wanted to wash his hands.

Cardo told him that he should go out and use the sink as he wanted to ease himself. As he left Onyok asked Cardo why he did not tell him that he had a child and he said he did not have a child.

Carmen told Lola Flora that Ador was avoiding her, Lola asked why he would do that. Carmen said it could be her fault. She explained that she failed to understand that Ador was working to save humanity and she had to support his work although it was dangerous.

Cardo advised Onyok to go back to Potoland as he had a mission but he said he would not since the syndicate were still kidnapping children.

Cardo said his parents would take care of him so he had to go. Cardo placed Onyok into a box and Onyok asked why he was hiding him.

As Cardo was convincing Onyok Bennet came to meet them and asked who the kid was. Benny send Ador to his washing bay and Ador leave Onyok in his care.

The foster parents of Onyok decided to go to Manila for Onyok but Arabas, the father received a call from Cardo.

Glen sister asked her why Cardo has not proposed to her yet but Glen said they were just friends so there was no need for him to propose.

Cardo convinced Onyok that due to his new mission he had to pose off as a new person to arrest the syndicates.
Onyok asked whether that was the reason he was called Ador and he said yes. He silenced him that no matter what happens he should not reveal his real identity and called Onyok as his partner.

Glen’s father asked her whether she wanted to go to Manila with him and she said yes. He asked whether it was because of Cardo or the family and she said she was doing that for the family not for Cardo so he should disregard what her sister said.

Billy was welcomed to the team for the new mission. Cardo brought food and dress for Onyok. He also brought him a chick and asked him to rear it.

Benny told Ador that he has been asking Onyok questions but he failed to answer. He then asked Ador to tell him about the mother of Onyok.

Onyok asked about his foster parents and Cardo told him that he had already told them that he was with him so they would not search for him again.

Benny kept pressing to reveal the identity of Onyok’s mother and how he met her. He was surprised that Ador has another son who would be at the age of five meaning he gave birth to him when Junior was three years.

Ador asked him not to tell anyone about it especially Flora and Delfin. As Cardo was leaving Onyok said he should spend the night with him.

In the house, Junior was waiting for Ador to arrive but he did not come. Carmen put him to sleep.

Onyok woke Cardo up and Cardo was unhappy that Benny did not wake him to go home. He ran home.

In Potoland, the foster father of Onyok told Glen that Onyok was in Cardo’s care in Manila. Glen asked how Onyok met him but he said he did not know since Cardo was in a hurry and did not give detail of how he met him.

Carmen revealed to Flora that she sometimes do not understand Ador as she sensed there was something really bothering him.

Flora advised her not to think that Ador was cheating. She explained that she knew Ador well and he would do no such thing. She advised her to support her husband and not break her home.

An event was held to recognise and honour Thomas for his love and special care for kids.

Glen and her family made preparation to leave Potoland. She went under a certain tree and recalled all the good moments she shared with Cardo. Her father came to call her that it was time for them to leave. They joined the bus and left.

Junior asked Ador whether he was going out and he said yes. Junior said it was late but Ador stated that duty calls and had to leave.

Ador met neighbours who were fighting because the woman suspected that her husband was showing interest in another woman.

Flora spoke with Ador and told him that Carmen was suspecting that he was cheating on her and advised him to change his attitude. He promised to change and said sorry for making them think about him.

Carmen looked through the mirror to find out why Ador did not see her attractiveness. She cried and was confused whether she was no longer attractive.

The bus reached Manila and Glen’s father was a bit confused about the road. Glen said she would alight and ask for the location. She spoke with someone and he showed her where they could pass. She then bought something from the nearest person. Cardo who was on his motorcycle also reached there but they did not see eachother.


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