COVID-19: God is the ultimate medicine not scientists—-Joel Osteen

America’s televangelist, Joel Scott Osteen has reiterated the need for people to reside in God’s hand as an ultimate medicine against the new novel Coronavirus.

According to him, God safeguard things in his hand, thus would not allow anything to snatch people out of his hand.

In a twitter post, the man of God indicated that God never runs out of options and he has the ultimate cure for any ailment, therefore people should trust him and reside in his palm.

“Medical science may run out of options, but God never runs out of options,” he said.

Joel Osteen indicated that God could do what medicine could not do, adding that “He breathed His life into you, hence he has the final say.”

When COVID-19 hit Wuhan and meandered into other parts of the world, various scientists across the globe teamed up to find a cure that could save victims lives the hand of the virus.

Men of God had been advocating for fervent prayers to enable God provide scientists with wisdom to invent an ultimate medicine that  could cure the pandemic.

At a moment, many believed that all religious institutions were relying on doctors and scientists for the ultimate cure but Joel Osteen has proven otherwise, that God is the ultimate answer to this quest not scientists.

Read his full post below;


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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