COVID-19: Unvaccinated persons are the actual danger— GMA 

COVID-19: Unvaccinated persons are the actual danger— GMA 

After president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo eased the restrictions brought by the deadly pandemic on Sunday, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has however said that unvaccinated persons still posed a risk.

It, therefore, urged that efforts should be intensified to get such persons vaccinated to protect themselves, the public and sustain gains made in the COVID-19 fight as the economy bounces back to normalcy.

The General Secretary of the Association, Dr Titus Beyuo in an interview with the media in Accra noted that unvaccinated persons were risk to the community and underscored the need for them to use the current opportunity to get their jabs.

“Unvaccinated persons are the actual danger and not the disease. They are risk to the community and even more to themselves because they are the ones likely to get into the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and likely to die from the disease, more than a vaccinated person and must use this opportunity to go for their jabs,” he said.

Dr Beyuo, in backing data alluded to by government to reach the decision said, aside decline in active COVID-19 cases globally and in-country, there were adequate vaccines in the system to help slow down infections as well as in-country capacity to better manage future occurrences.

“The vaccine is a game changer and we have enough now, our capacity in terms of knowledge on the disease and how to manage it has improved significantly and we also need to bring our economy back.

“So, although it may be possible to get another wave, we are better positioned and prepared to handle a new wave than before and we knew that at some point these decisions would have to be made and we will have to learn to live with the virus,” he said.

The General Secretary admonished that although restrictions were eased, people ought to take responsibility for their health and life.

For instance, he said, although the wearing of face masks was no longer mandatory, it was still recommended especially among people suffering respiratory tract infections and co-morbidity conditions.

“The Science tell us that the virus spreads in closed environment and will be helpful to put it on in environments where droplets are being discharged especially if you are coughing, have a co-morbidity condition, among others.”

Dr Beyuo while commending Ghanaians for complying with response measures put in place so far to contain COVID-19 said; “this is the last lap and we plead with all to go and take their jabs to protect yourself, the nation and health systems as we live with the virus.”

“Variants will keep coming but if you are vaccinated you are better protected,” he urged challenging government as well to ensure that local industrial capacity built to address the pandemic are maintained.

“COVID-19 has taught us self-reliance and we must maintain that to cut cheap imports into the country. We saw local capacity to produce personal, protective equipment (PPE), institutions that helped in research among others and they should be helped to stay competitive and resilient so that in the event of a next pandemic we can fall on them to help,” he said.

Public Health Specialist and Researcher at the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Dr Kwame Sarpong Asiedu urged that the country strengthened its information technology (IT) and monitoring systems to authenticate PCR tests for unvaccinated persons coming through the Airport.

He asked that efforts are intensified to achieve the target of vaccinating 20 million Ghanaians by end of June this year so as not to derail gains made in the COVID-19 fight.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo last Sunday opened the country’s land and sea borders, two years after COVID-19 travel restrictions were imposed.

President Akufo-Addo however stressed the need for regular hand washing and hand sanitising and urged facility managers to make provision for the public to observe hygiene practices.


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