Forever My Love Episode 11

Forever My Love Episode 11 Gabriel makes a futile attempt to propose to Bianca, Jay-Jay meets Steph

As Rigor was drinking, Gabriel showed up to ask and the former made Gabriel join him to get wasted. However, Gabriel did not drink the alcohol, he poured it into a different glass cup. Rigor began to talk about Gabriel’s mother and he confessed how much he truly lõved her but she replaced him with a rich bãstård.

Gabriel was interested in knowing his actual mother so he asked Rigor so many times but he failed to tell him. In the next morning, when Rigor woke up, Gabriel brought back the topic again but Rigor claimed not to remember he talked about his mother.

Lydia observed silently as Rigor was acting up to Gabriel. She later had a talk with him to be happy to see his son after many years of being separated from him. Rigor said it was a good a thing he left Gabriel in her hands to raise and failed to talk about the past.

Elsewhere, Gabriel went to see Bianca to lament. He had always wished to see his dad and when he finally met him, thinking all his questions would be answered, his father refused to tell him his mother’s name.

Bianca told him that he was a whole when his father came and his life was the same so he should not be sad. She said he still have those who lõved him, like Lydia, Putot and Popoy. Rigor snubbed his mother for insisting on knowing the mother of Gabriel.

Lydia followed him out to compel him to talk. Rigor said the mother of Gabriel d!ed. Lydia did not believe it and Rigor tried to convince her that after she left him, he recently heard she passed away. To Rigor’s dismay, Maila got there with her father, Ben.

After looking at Maila and how she was limping, he looked so surprise to see her in her neighbourhood but got to know that Maila came to see Lydia. She introduced Rigor to Ben. Rigor was surprised to know that Maila and Lydia knew themselves from Zambales and Gabriel was friends with Bianca, Maila’s daughter.

Maila told him that it was a small world as her daughter was working for Victoria’s son company. Rigor, once again was surprised to know that his mother knew about Victoria. He looked cheerful when Lydia said, she even talked to her to know where he was when he disappeared, which Victoria said she did not know his whereabouts.

He then told Maila that he was framed up and was imprisoned but now everything was okay. He excused the. Isabel and Derek went to the airport to welcome her mother and her half sister, Steph. When she sent them home, her mother told her that Steph wanted to know her more and was there to stay two to three months.

Isabel gave her attitude for not seeking her opinion before bringing her half sister. She had a call from Carlos and told her mother of her leave. Her asked her whether she would come for dinner and she told her mother to cut off her good mother attitude as she was too late to show that motherly lōve and told her to show it to Steph since she had survived on her own and did not need her.

Gabriel wanted to resume his education so he went to an institution with Olsen to get to know the amount he would pay. The amount was p8,000 and he found it quite expensive. Olsen wanted to ask for discount but Gabriel stopped. He realised that he could pay half the amount and he decided to go for it.

Isabella went to work to find Carlos in a foul mood. Carlos was upset that the team had not yet attached the logo to an upcoming project and threatened to fire them including Isabel. Ramon observed from afar and later found Carlos sleeping since he devoted all his time to the work at the office.

He reminded him to sleep to get his mind freshen up. Gabriel on the other hand bought dresses for Lydia and Rigor for Bianca’s birthday. Lydia asked if he would use the occasion to court Bianca and he said yes. When Rigor learnt about Gabriel’s interest in Bianca, he advised him to find someone better but he said Bianca was a famous athlete.

However, that was not his interest, she was kind and that was what mattered to him. Meanwhile, Jay-Jay had a low score in his examination, getting 7 over 100 so Bianca after scolding him together with Maila decided to extend the two hours of the learning to three hours.

The Agbayanis wore the sports wears which Carlos made Simeon sent to them. Maila was invited to the grand sporting event to deliver a speech on her experience as an athlete. During the grand event, Gabriel graced it with Lydia and Rigor but they realised from the from the front desk that their names were not included in the list.

Isabel spotted them and intervened to get them in. Bianca was styled and Isabel went to help her to craft a message that she knew would get Carlos upset. Elsewhere, Jay-Jay saw Steph and was trying to woo her but Steph snubbed him.

Ben laughed at him for losing but Jay-Jay promised to win her over. Victoria sat closer to Maila after she spotted Rigor at the place and was not feeling at ease.

Maila engaged her and told her it was a funny story that they have to deliver speeches to motivate the young athletes at the place. She found her story not inspiring due to her accident but Vicky said training Bianca was inspirational enough and told her not to think about it.

Maila thanked her and told her that she saw Rigor. Vicky stopped her from mentioning Rigor’s name since her husband was around. Bianca went to the room which Gabriel and Lydia were in. Gabriel gave the gift they prepared for Bianca to her and wished her happy birthday.

He was about to propose when Lydia interrupted to ask about the whereabouts of Rigor. He told her he would search for him. He made an attempt to voice his feelings out again but another interruption came, Bianca was called to be on stage. When Bianca left, Gabriel told his grandma that he was about to propose when she interrupted.

Vick delivered an inspirational message and Carlos thanked her. She told him that she was leaving and went to tell Roman that she was going to the washroom first after they go home but when she went, she stumbled on Rigor.


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