Ghana to honour the inventor of 'banku ta'

Ghana to honour the inventor of ‘banku ta’

Ghana to honour the inventor of ‘banku ta’

The inventor of local products including Wooden Spatula known as “Banku ta” and Ceiling brush, Paul Kingsley Asamoah will be honoured by people of his community for his contribution in nation development.

The 90-year-old man who invented banku ta in 1944 and the ceiling brush in 1986 at Kona in the Ashanti Region will be honoured for his inventions which have created jobs and reduce unemployment in the country.

The community event which would be organised by Sylvester Owusu Adjei in an interview with the media said it was prudent for Ghanaians to honour individuals and organisations whose invention has championed civilisation.

He noted that Mr Asamoah was a celebrated citizen, adding that his invention has minimised social vices like arm robbery, prostitution among others in the Kona community.

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Mr Adjei regretted that most honourary awards in the country were organised to celebrate musicians, movie actors and other people in the creative art industry while inventors were left to their fate.

He said foreign countries were developing simply because they honour inventors whose work unearth talent and develop skills of people.

Honouring such individuals, Mr Adjei indicated would  enhance creativity and competition in the country.

In order to foster change and development, he urged event organisers to award and honour inventors in the country while they are alive not when they are dead.

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“We have to celebrate the living not the dead so they can enjoy their labour,’’ Mr Adjei said.

He observed that the decision of the youth and elders of Kona to celebrate Mr Asamoah was a step in the right direction, adding that the invention of the wooden spatula and ceiling brush has helped the youth in the town and Ghana as a whole.

Mr Adjei explained that the event would take place on Sunday, September 6 2020, at 2:00 pm at the Kona social centre in the Ashanti region.

“The Member of Parliament for the Area, the chief and elders of the community will be present to grace the occasion,” he added.

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Mr Adjei urged the youth and the people of Kona to come together to celebrate and honour the inventor.

“Banku ta” is a wooden object used by many Ghanaians and different ethnic groups including Ewes and Akans to stir banku to give it a fine texture to make it edible.

There are different types of “banku ta” used in many ways for different purposes.


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