Marriage is a scam and more than 50% ends in 10 years---Serwaa Amihere

Marriage is a scam and more than 50% ends in 10 years—Serwaa Amihere

Marriage is a scam and more than 50% ends in 10 years—Serwaa Amihere

Marriage is a scam and more than 50per cent of it ends tragically within 10 years, renowned television broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere has asserted.

According to her, a married friend made that bizarre statement and wanted  people to share their views on it.

In her latest tweet, Serwaa Amihere indicated that her female friend who is married said marriage was a scam and ends so fast.

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Thus, become unnecessary for people to enter into it due to its deceptive nature.

Recounting what her supposed friend gist her about marriage, the act of union and companionship was gradually derailing from its purpose and turning out to be what she termed as a “scam.”

She noted that her friend was certain that within 10 years to come over 50per cent of married couples would divorce and go their separate ways.

“My Childhood friend who is married says marriage is a scam and thinks in 10 years, more than 50% of marriages will end. Do you think the same?” she queried.

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Meanwhile, in the country marriage remains sacred and a union that is mandatory for any responsible man and woman to be in.

Her post garnered massive conversation on Twitter as majority of her followers were in total disagreement with her supposed friend’s statement.

They indicated that marriage is beautiful and a glory to any woman or man who finds him or herself in one and urged her to find the right suitor.

That they said would enable her to know the true nature of marriage whether it is a scam or a true companionship.


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