Ghanaians should stop redefining the word “Celebrity”-A Plus jabs critics

Kwame Asare Obeng known by his stage name A-Plus has cautioned Ghanaians against the manner they disrespect celebrities of the country.

According to him, the standard meaning of ‘celebrity’ is a famous person who is known by particular group of people.

He noted that many Ghanaians were trying to redefine the meaning of ‘celebrity’ to suit their own interest and cautioned them to desist from it.

A-Plus stated that all the famous personalities including Akuapim Poloo, Shatta Bundle, Moesha, Efia Odoh are all celebrities that the nation should boast of.

“Per the standard definition all those people meet the category to be named among celebrities, this is English and no one can coin it to suit his or her own terms,” he said.


A-Plus stated that the citizenry were full of negativity and were looking for people who have bigger mansions and have accrued wealth for themselves before calling them celebrities.

“Ghanaians always do not like people our industry produce but see all foreigners as celebrities, can’t we also appreciate our own?” He quizzed.

The hip life artiste who seems to take great interest in rapping about politics and social issues, A Plus said this on United Showbiz.

He urged the citizenry to support all the key people who have fought hard to get their names known in the industry.


However Prince Bright, also known as Bling Sparkles of Buk Bak fame on his part explained that the meaning of the word “celebrity” could be deduced from the word itself, which is someone who could be celebrated.

He mentioned that great industrial players like Amakye Dede could be celebrated based on the impact he has made in the lives of others in the society.


Salinco insisted that celebrity was a remarkable individual who has achieved greatness in life and worth to be celebrated.

He said Ghanaians were right if they see certain caliber of individuals in the industry as people who have not met “celebrity” standard.

Salinco further stated that it was an easy task for one to be called celebrity, “it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and must be known for something good” thus not all the industry people deserved to be called “celebrity.”


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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