Irreplaceable Episode 11

Irreplaceable Episode 11 Anton’s staged kidnapping of Celine to prove himself as hero backfires, Sam is officially assigned to Robbie’s and the organ trafficking case

Caloy told Emman and Sam that he was going to get some food. When he left, Emman asked Sam the number of times she has saved him. He said they were square now but Sam said they were only there for each other. Emman advised Sam to go back to Manila to talk to her superiors to regain her job.

Sam refused to go. Elsewhere, Anton escorted Amelia and he told her he has helped her to get Robbie so he would take care of Celine. Amelia told him not to act like she was indebted to him. After all, Lester was his nephew and he has a responsibility towards him.

Emman, Caloy and Sam were waiting for the arrival of Celine. Caloy used that opportunity to get Sam jealous to make her think of the obvious that Emman would get back to Celine. When Celine reached the location, suddenly, some armed men from no where came to abduct her, much the the surprise of Emman’s camp.

Emman tried to fight them but they got away with Celine. There was someone at the location using a drone so the borrowed it in order to trace the armed men. Sam called for backup, the goons were fortunate to have spotted the police from the checkpoint and they changed their plans to send Celine to the old hospital to tie up.

They called Anton and it turned out that Anton was the one who had that devious plan with the goons so that he would appear to be the one to rescue Celine. That, Anton believed would rather make Celine fall for him to stop her from falling for Emman again.

Celine overheard that the place belonged to a certain doctor. The goons made her believe she was abducted for a ransom and her filthy rich boyfriend had accepted to pay the money for her freedom. Emman arrived and Anton equally got there through the backdoor. Celine tried to escape when she had the chance. She got scissors and she cut the ropes which was used to tie her up.

She got a wooden object and hit it on one of the goons who came her way. However, she got cornered and was sent back to where they tied her up. Anton soon arrived and as the goons were ordered as part of the plans, they fought Anton and he saved Celine. However, the plans backfired when team Emman arrived at the scene to beat the goons mercilessly and had them taken by the police.

The police tried interrogating Celine on who the armed men were. She said she did not know but they claimed to have kidnapped her for money. Anton added that they called him and he did not hesitate to come there to save Celine. The police saw that the issue was not adding up since Anton did not appear there with money. They kept asking Celine questions which got on the nerves of Emman.

He said what was happening was obvious. They first kidnapped his son and now Celine, the mother of the child. That, to him was no coincident and the same people were behind it, it was not kidnapping for ransom so they should interrogate the goons to know their boss not Celine. Emman threatened to interrogate the goons by himself if the officers were failing to do it.

Marcelo went to see Francisco to talk to him about firing him. He said Sam was his immediate superior and since the Agent was already investigating the matter, he found no wrong in helping Sam to help them. Francisco said he would not do anything about it because he was his and Sam’s boss and they kept him in the dark while doing their investigation.

Gabo arrived at the scene to assign Marquez to organ syndicate traffic much to the surprise of Francisco since he had already fired Marquez. Emman and his team now began to search the abandoned facility to find medical objects, items and medicines which had expired. They realised that the place was used for surgery.

Celine did not understand why a surgical place would be in that form and they concluded that the place was illegally used to sell human organs. Anton looked pale since Emman and Celine were getting to know their operation.

Emman said the syndicate were not only into human trafficking but organ trafficking. Gabo also established that fact to Marquez and Francisco and told them they had to find out if it was linked to Robbie’s kidnapping.

Francisco reminded Gabo that he has already fired Agoncillo and Marquez for not listening to him. Gabo said they were not the one to decide so Marquez should call Agoncillo to be at the office the next day for them to talk about the organ trafficking syndicate since they needed all hands on deck to get to the bottom.

Gabo had a video chat with Leo to inform him that there was a facility which was discovered outside Rosales which suggested they were organ trafficking syndicate. Leo charged Gabo to find the owner of that facility. Linda kept crying due to Celine’s abduction and Araceli took advantage of it.

Since Anton saved her, she said she feared her son, Anton might end up deàd due to what was happening to Celine. She told Linda to advise Celine to return home. Elsewhere, Sam said all their suspicions about the kidnappers were true. She also broke the the news that Marcelo called her that the NIA revoked their termination so she has to report to Manila the next day.

Amelia spoke to Lester and told him that he would get better soon. She went to talk to Arnold to keep it up for not given Araceli problem. Arnold saw the news on Robbie and showed it to Amelia.

Celine and Anton got to their hotel room and she told him that she could not take it if something happened to him. She also decried that she could not take it should something happened to him and made Anton know that she could not afford to lose Robbie that was why she kept running into the arms of Emman.

She added that she did not like the problem they were having due to his jealousy. Amelia and Araceli watched the video of the NIA agents and their interview with the media. They said they did not know the owner of the abandoned surgical facility. Amelia blamed Anton but Araceli jumped to Anton’s defense.

She said both of them were to be blamed due to their negligence. However, the main person to be blamed was Amelia and the latter was upset that Araceli kept faulting all her actions while she had helped the family over the years. She did not understand why Araceli kept shielding the flaws of Anton.

One thing that she believed in was that once Araceli set eyes on her, she get reminded of the biggest mistake she did in the past.
Emman and Celine went to the precinct to get an update of the arrested goons. The police were able to identify their names and they had criminal history.

The Police said the two goons had refused to talk on who they were working for. Emman requested to talk to them and Celine also said she would go with him. Anton also said Robbie was just like his son so he would join.

They talked with the two suspects but they failed to answer. Celine in a calm tone showed Robbie’s picture to them and tried to appeal to their emotions but they failed to talk. Emman added violence yet they kept their mouth shut. When they came out from the interrogation room, they stumbled on Agoncillo who was now officially in charge of the case. She said she would know what to do to squeeze out the truth from them.

Anton who was panicking was quick to ask her how she would be able to do that and she said she would negotiate with them to help reduce their sentence if they help her out. Emman offered to join her and Celine said she would be part. Sam denied both the chance and she told Emman that he would intimidate the suspects.

Anton secretly went to call Francisco to vent his anger on him for his inability to fire Sam. Francisco explained that the case was out of his hands. However, he could do something to foil Sam’s investigation and Anton asked about the man Sam was interrogating.

Sam called out the suspects by their names, Alfred Leverio and Raymundo and told them she would give them a treat, free food and they asked what she wanted from them. Paragas hit them and told them not to be rude. Sam told Paragas to calm down. She showed pictures of each and their family members.

One’s child was seriously sick and the other’s wife was expecting a baby. They got scared that Agoncillo would frag their families into the issue. She said she wouldn’t, but she was thinking of means which she could reduce their sentence for them to be reunited with their families.

She offered to talk to a lawyer to reduce their sentence if they give her names of their boss. Gabo told Chavez that he had assigned Agoncillo to the case and she would get to the bottom of the issue.

Gabo said Agoncillo has offered them protection and to reduce their sentence. Chavez had belief in Gabo and his team. He admitted the case was shaking them all and since Leo had already lost a child, Gabo knew that he could relate to the issue better. Chavez said his child would have turned 10 today but he was no more.

Sam kept changing the minds of the suspects to cooperate and assured them of protection and that of their families. The NLEA agents could attest to it that Sam had done some before so she would do it if they cooperate. Celine, on the other hand, wondered why Sam had kept too long.

Emman told her to believe in Sam, she was good in that. Sam appeared and told them that she told them she would get them to cooperate. Anton was frightened once he heard that while Celine and Emman were relieved.


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