Irreplaceable Episode 26

Irreplaceable Episode 26 Franco gets the Hernandez out of the hook, Araceli recalls how she got Dr Josephine Gomez múrdéred

At the Chavez mansion, Leo approached his wife to ask her to join her for dinner. Clarissa apologised to him for last night and asked if he was màd at her. Leo said not at all but she should not doubt his loyalty. At the Hernandez mansion, Amelia talked to Linda to stay there that night to take care of Lester.

Amelia then had a hearty chat with Linda to ask her of her opinion whether she also suspected her family just like Celine. Linda said she knew they were incapable of hurting them or anyone but she did not find it appropriate that Anton had to hurt Celine for that matter. Amelia assured to talk to Anton.

Celine decided to stop working at the Hernandez Hospital and colleagues were worried about her decision but nothing could sway her from rescinding on her decision to resign. Caloy couldn’t stop Emman from going to where they have held Franco as hostage. They went to the abandoned place to find Franco escaping after he managed to set himself lose from the ropes he was tied to the chair with.

He jumped off from the window and got away. When Emman and Caloy saw him him they split to run after him. Linda told Anton her grievances about him hurting her only daughter. Anton explained that he was hurt when Celine began to accuse his family of doing that against Robbie. Anton promised Linda that he would mend his relationship with Celine.

Araceli talked to Linda that he would ensure Anton did not hurt Celine and apologised. As Franco was running, he was knocked by Sam’s car and Sam told Emman not to do him anything, she would send him to the NIA office. Anton went to query Celine why she was resigning. Celine gave him an attitude. She was not ready to use her working hours to talk. Anton apologised for what he did and needed another chance but Celine was not ready.

Amelia who witnessed the scene intervened to talk to Celine to make her understand from their perspective that Anton never meant to hurt her but he was sorry for his act since he was equally carried away when she was accusing him and their family of that dreadful crime. Celine said Amelia did not know how she was feeling and walked out on her.

Anton caused a scene and Amelia went to complain to Araceli about the scene Anton caused at the hospital which attracted the attention of others. She was worried that his action could raise suspicions that everything that Celine was accusing them of was true. Araceli said Anton was only moved by the situation but Amelia saw that Araceli was defending her favourite son and was keeping a blind eye to all Anton’s flaws.

Emman and Caloy, on the other hand, were not ready to leave the NIA office since they did not want any interference like how Celine’s kidnappers got k!lled. Marcelo, however, assured that Franco was in a good hands. He reminded them that what they did against Franco was illegal. They illegally detained Franco and subjected him into an abuse.

Meanwhile, Gabo explored means to squeeze the truth out of Franco. Franco was beaten and his face was swollen. Gabo tried to reach an agreement with Franco. He made him know that his agency was the only protector of him because he could get life imprisonment. The syndicate he so desired and was protecting would even get rid of him since he knew so much.

Leo was impressed that Emman had got hold of the syndicate member , Franco. He told Nick that Emman had been able to do what his men couldn’t do. He qualified Emman as very skillful and Nick was so happy about that. Nick said Emman came home late yesternight and was worried not knowing that he was working on a case.

Nick was worried that Emman’s act would send them into trouble but Leo said he would ensure that did not happen. Weighing the situation, Franco decided to talk so Sam called Emman to inform him that Franco was ready to talk but he wanted the press to be around so that his confession would be broadcasted so that he would remain protected against the syndicate.

Sam added that she suspected Dante and Franco knew each other so Dante did not like that Franco would speak the truth. Emman said that was the reason he did not want Franco to be in the NIA custody. Sam said it was the best to get him to the NIA otherwise Emman would get into trouble. She said they were closely monitoring him. Caloy said they were so close to getting the truth.

The last thing Sam said she wanted was for Emman to k!ll Franco. She said the syndicate would have been jumping around in merriment if Emman had k!lled the suspect. Celine got there and Emman saw the bruises. He knew Anton was the brain behind that but Celine said she was quiet sure that Anton did not mean to hurt him. Emman said he still went ahead to hurt her.

Celine said she was just there for them to know their next movement now that the Hernandez knew what they were thinking. Caloy told her that he and Emman had captured Franco and he would be confessing. Emman asked Celine whether she would still give Anton chance if he was actually involved in Robbie’s deàth.

Celine said she did not have an answer. Emman saw that she would forgive Anton so he asked why she would not give him a chance. The press conference was held and Franco was sent to the venue. The Hernandez watched the telecast which the reporter said that Franco was willing to talk for a reduced sentence.

At the Department of National Security, Chavez addressed the conference and Franco was arreighed to the place. He confessed that he was the one who trafficked the children, he k!lled and burnt Robbie. He said he worked on the orders of Dr Josephine Gomez. Caloy saw his confession as  lies. Agent Chavez spoke with Amelia and she was happy that Chavez’ plan worked it turned out that during their meeting in a restaurant, Chavez proposed a scapegoat.

They decided on using Dr Gomez as the scapegoat and needed a loyal member to use him so that his words would be seen as valid. After his arrest he would find means to set him lose from prison. Since Franco was greedy, Anton went to pay him huge sums to use him for the operation. Amelia was grateful to Agent Chavez for his plans to take the Hernandez out of the hook.

Dante called Anton to know what was next for Franco. Anton said he should leave it to him. Dante had some fear that Franco wouldn’t be able to stand the torture to rat them out. Anton then asked why Franco decided to flee. Dante said Franco thought when he was caught he would be brought to the NIA, however, Emman detained him and beat him to an extent that his life almost slipped from his hands.

Anton feared Franco might have said something to Emman but Dante said if he had done that he would have been jailed by now so Franco said nothing. Anton then told Dante to concentrate on his work while he would get Franco out from prison. Sam told Celine, Emman and Caloy that she did not believe in the confession of Franco. As they were talking, Anton got there and a fight broke between him and Emman.

Emman thanked Celine for taking his side instead of Anton. Celine apologised to Emman for her past act which had resulted in their current situation. Anton was treated by Amelia and his blood pressure was getting high due to his fight. Araceli wanted them to report the case so that Emman could be brought to book. Anton said it of no use, he would get back at Emman for what he has done.

Amelia saw no need for his fight, already they were off the hook. Celine kept thinking about her conversation with Sam. Nick told Emman that he was sure that Anton was seeking means to get back at him. Caloy dared Anton should try, he knew his family were celebrating that Franco did not mention their names. Emman believed they threatened Franco or they already told him what to say.

As they were talking, Bernie came to hear that Anton’s family were behind Robbie’s deàth and he asked questions. Arnold also came to meet the discussion of his family and he queried Araceli whether Dr Gomez was the same doctor who was her friend and Araceli denied that she was her friend. She explained that Dr Gomez was only an acquaintance who was a resident doctor of one of her sites.

They told Arnold to go to his room as they were talking about important matter. Arnold felt that they were hiding something from them. Dr Gomez was upset that Araceli had used her as a scapegoat. She said that was not their agreement. She lamented that Araceli has ruined her reputation and her family but Araceli said she still stood on her words to help Dr Gomez. She promised not to allow her to be caught and would help her to escape from the country.

Araceli said she has sent her man to help her escape. Dr Gomez heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Franco there, thinking he was there to help her not knowing he was there to k!ll her. Araceli after recalling that still went ahead to lie to Arnold that Dr Gomez was not her friend and were not associated with her. She talked to Arnold about   his application to NIA but he was not ready to change his mind.

Linda talked to Celine to change her mind on her thought against the Hernandez. After that, Celine spoke with Emman and Emman said he had to find means to prove that Araceli was the one he shōt at St John’s Hospital. He warned Celine to be careful about the Hernandez family because they were capable of doing everything to get rid of those who would stand on their way just to protect their business.


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