Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 403

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 403 Major Adonis begins to see the real colours of Lucas and Brandon, JP and some students start a movement against Cabrera administration

Homer told Hipolito that he was finally going to meet the famous Señior Gustavo. Roldan suggested they offer a protection to Hipolito since he could fall into a trap. In knowing their enemies, Hipolito began to tell Homer who Gascon was.

He said Gascon was a person who Hidalgo shut down his businesses. His company broke lots of laws and the environments which he was operating on got destroyed. Not to mention, the people got very sick and unhealthy.

Homer thought he and his group could take down Gascon easily but Hipolito said Gascon knew how to handle weapons. He was a sharp shõoter. He spent his time in a range and collect güns as a hobby.

Gascon told Señior Gustavo that he did not want their hardwork to go down to drain but Gustavo said nothing of that sort would happen. George and a portion of Vendetta swam. When Flora went to the public attorney’s office, there were lots of crowd there demanding justice for their missing family and someone has a case even against Terante.

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Flora wondered why they would be treated like that. For her all calls to the attorney was left unattended. While still strolling, Delfin said Cardo and Alyana found a nice place in Sto Niño. Tanggol (Javier) went to meet Gabon to talk about the new illegal business which they could make money to strengthen their force.

Cardo and his allies passed by the major eatery at Sto Niño. Hidalgo and Aubrey masked up in order for them not to be identified by the people of the town. At the mayor’s  office, the security guard who Brandon assaulted went to see Adonis to complain but the mayor did not believe that Brandon could do that against the man.

The man said even the police did not believe in his claims and it seemed because he was against a powerful person, no one was ready to help him. Margie told Adonis that now he had seen that she was right. President Cabrera and his son were bad people. Adonis was dumbstruck. Lucas saw the footage of his son and told him that apparently the security guard he assaulted had reported him.

He warned Brandon against his careless act. Meanwhile, JP was grateful to the man who helped him to secure a job at the university. He told the man that he lost his previous job due to the fact that his sister was married to Ricardo Dalisay. The man said he did not care because JP was good.

Besides, he no longer believe in President Cabrera as initially he believed the Vendetta was a bad group but with article like the one he was holding has made him now realised Vendetta was blameless. JP wondered the kind of article. The man gave him the newspaper and was happy to know that it was the article which his father wrote.

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After eating at Elba’s place, Cardo asked for the cost but the woman told him not to pay. She was glad his friends like her food and when they come next time then Cardo could pay. Delfin saw that Cardo was right to say the people in Sto Niño were kind. Some men who were also friend with Cardo called him. Cardo introduced his comrades to them as his friends who they went there for vacation.

They told Cardo to come over for them to chat since he was still showing his friends around. Once Cardo stepped from there, Javier and his lackeys also passed by that area, holding güns, scaring the residents and making threaten statements, scaring the men. They suspected Javier had recruited more men just to control them in the place.

Ramil saw Sto Niño as a paradise. Cardo showed Delfin the church where he and Alyana renewed their vows. Delfin was impressed how the old church has been kept in good shape. He saw that was the surest way to preserve the culture and old buildings in the country. Bubbles kept clinging to  Jerome and calling him gummy bear.

At the school, some students complained about Cabreras’ administration. Each one narrated how the administration has put their families to disadvantage. Some complained about the missing of their relatives as well as the brutalities they suffered. They agreed with JP who had told them that his father was threatened on countless occasions and his mother was abducted, hence they had to remain strong to resist the oppressor’s rule.

Some of the victims of Lucas and Terante’s cruelty narrated their issues to Flora while Flora also told them about hers. One of the students proposed that they form a strong force to open the public’s eyes against the Cabreras administration. He said they would use social media and also some banners to protest against the administration.

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Flora was also not ready to back down in her fight against the government. Hipolito called Lucas to inform him that he was on his way to see Señior Gustavo. Lucas advised him to be vigilant as the group would do everything to get him intimidated but he should concentrate on the deal because he and Gascon had already reached an agreement.

Hipolito accepted but he realised that Lucas still did not trust him and he said it was a good thing that Lucas still doubted him.

“Because this gold mine will be my source of money and power,” Hipolito thought.

“Just so you know I haven’t given up on my dream.”

The day will come that I will overthrow you and Terante and I will become the president of the Philippines Lucas Cabrera.”

Hipolito secretly tagged Homer and Venom along to Santo Niño to meet Señior Gustavo. Romulo, Anton and a portion of the group planted. Romulo missed his daughter, Lena and grandson Emman. He wished their mission would be done for him to return to the mountains. Jerome and the rest who could not help in the planting decided to go and buy farm animals to rear.

They bought goats and chicken and the man sold it for them in a low price since he knew Cardo and Alyana. Patrick thanked Greco, Tadpole, Earthworm and George for accepting him as part of the Vendetta. Tadpole said they were the ones who have to apologise because they were the reason he lost his entire family.

Now they would reciprocate their kindness. Cardo said they had lots of fun while planting. They decided to go fishing and hunting the next day to bring it to Grandpa Mersing and Nita. They found it amazing that nature could provide them everything that they would need to sustain them. Gascon told Hipolito that they had already closed the deal but he did not understand why he was insisting to see his boss.

Hipolito said that was the only way to make the deal legit. Delfin said that was the way for the people to reserve their natural resources because when they do that they could make a living out of it. He did not understand why out of greed some individuals and companies deplete it.

Señior Gustavo arrived the living room and was happy to meet Secretary Hipolito. Hipolito introduced him to his men and Gustavo found it amazing that he tagged along his vicious lapdogs and queried whether they had fangs because he did not see any. Homer when he saw Señior wass amazed as he could remember one person who got him beaten by his minions several years ago.

Gustavo laughed and as the Venom was getting closer and he said it was a mere joke. They were safe there and no one could hurt them. Aubrey cooked another meal with the help of Hannah and Aye. Bubbles still kept on with her feelings for Jerome and told him that he was just a good swimmer but Jerome said it was not true.

“Bubbles you don’t have to worry when you are drowning Sir Jerome will surely save you. I’m I right?” Rigor asked.

“Honestly Bubbles, Jerome you make a cute pair besides you guys are still single,” Alyana smiled.

Bubbles joked around that she was tall and Jerome was short. Jerome said one’s height cannot be a problem what mattered was how the person could be caring and lōving. Rigor urged Jerome to court Bubbles already. Jerome did not want to give in to pressure so he made it clear that he was that type before he proposed to a woman he get sure that his feelings was for real.

Hipolito insisted on going to the meeting room with his lapdogs.

“I am sorry no birds allowed,” Don Emilio objected.

“I will not allow barking dogs around just the two of us.”

Hipolito accepted and told his lapdogs to wait, he would get things done. In his camp, Javier told Gabon about Gustavo who would mine in Sto Niño and he needed men who would ensure the miners would work and that would help them to get rich. Gabon was happy. Hipolito asked more about Señior Gustavo and the man said he based in Colombia and did his business there.

He thought it was a business meeting but Hipolito was rather interrogating him. Hipolito said the president only wanted to know where he got his manpower from. Gascon said manpower was not their concern. Hipolito said since it was 50-50 shares he would check on them regularly, look through their books and promised to continue supporting them even if they destroyed the mountains and polluted all the rivers in Sto Niño.

Hipolito saw that as a deal. In Marsing’s shelter Doray and Elizabeth told Nita about the plants Cardo and his friends were growing and the animals they were rearing and grazing. Nita did not understand why Cardo had to do that and Doray said she believed he did not want him and his friends become a burden. Doray told Nita that Cardo was the one fighting corrupt officials in the city.

Nita saw it unfair that the one fighting for the good and the welfare of the ordinary citizens but they were considered as outlaws. Cardo and his gang were also enjoying their dinner while Gabon told Javier that he had to leave to mountains to recruit more men. Javier who said the night was still young so Gabon should wait to drink more accepted Gabon.

He liked Gabon because he was a man of action. Gabon left with his lapdogs. Hipolito and Señior Gustavo finished their deal so Gustavo and Gascon saw Hipolito off. Gascon told Hipolito that they were trustworthy people so he could refrain from bringing his lapdogs to the place the next time he comes. Homer looked at them with disdain eyes.


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