Irreplaceable Episode 6

Irreplaceable Episode 6 Anton k!lls Sonya to foil the plans of Emman in getting Robbie, Arnold involved in a fatal accident

Emman showed Celine the video Sonya sent to him and advised her to go home for him to find the boy. Caloy told her it was dangerous so she should heed to Emman’s advice but Sam shut Caloy. She told him that he should stay with Celine while she and Emman would embark  on that mission.

Celine asked why her and she explained that she made a promise to Emman so helping him get the child from the syndicate would be a fulfillment of that promise. Celine asked what she meant by syndicate. To cut long story short, Emman told her it was not the time to tell her about the syndicate.

She introduced Sam to her as his former colleague at the NIA and she was the one who helped to get him acquitted. She got Dexter behind bars but his syndicate found a way to get him out for him to kidnap Emman, the reason Sam was helping him find Robbie.

Since Emman was in a hurry to find Robbie, Celine took her bag and took the lead. Anton went to see Franco to find that they were transferring the boy. Sonya, on the other hand, told one of Franco’s goons that Robbie was throwing tantrums so she and Andoy would send the boy to the place.

The goon which Franco sent came to inform him that Sonya said she would bring the boy. Franco compelled him to go for the boy and he went but couldn’t find Sonya. Anton who was outside the place called Franco and he told Anton that the boy was brought outside but Anton couldn’t find him.

Later, he saw Andoy and Sonya sending the boy away in a black van so he followed suite.
Sonya went to meet Emman but Anton his to shoōt her. Soon after, Franco and his goons arrived and engaged in shõotout with them. Andoy realised that Anton k!lled his wife. In the midst of the chaos, Robbie was stuck inside the van and couldn’t come out due to the shõoting.

Emman and Celine couldn’t save him while Robbie was shouting for help.Franco ordered his goons to secure the boy. They went to drive the black van and left with him. As they tried to run after them, their car couldn’t spark. Unknown to them Anton has done that in order for them not to get the boy after he thought carefully about what Amelia told him.

He believed Emman and Celine would have a chance to be together if Robbie was with them. He followed the goons to instruct them not to allow the parents of Robbie to ever get him. Elsewhere, Arnold got upset with his mother for not involving him in the family. He felt that they were keeping things from him.

Amelia came to Celine to ask her about an update on her son. Emman appeared there and Celine introduced him to her. Emman told her that the syndicate was able to escape with Robbie. Amelia suggested they leave the search for the police since they were risking their lives.

In Manila, Linda thank Araceli for her help in her health schooling and being there for her even when she lost Celine’s father. Araceli told her that she considered her as a family and even saw Robbie as her grandson.The police arrived at Rosales and sent them to the precinct to aid an investigation.

Bernie received a call from Analyn, his ex-girlfriend who told him that she saw Emman on television and asked him if they have found Robbie. Bernie said no but did not understand why the girl was calling him since she broke up with him.

Analyn reminded him that he broke up with her and they started to have an argument. Analyn told him that she would not call him again. The guys around the area had an argument with Bernie and they claimed he knew where his friend Caloy was after he k!lled Galang.

He branded the Salvadors as criminals and they asked him the kind of crime they committed in Manila for them to hide in Alcala. This led to a fight and Benny hit the guy with an object and he fell unconscious. In Rosales, Anton assured Amelia that he was now on her side and told her not to worry.

He learnt from her that Celine was at the precinct with Emman. Ramos tried to squeeze the truth out of Bernie pertaining to the location of Caloy but he did not know.
Anton got to the precinct to find the two being questioning. He handled it since Amelia called Leo, an high ranking official to get the issue under wraps.

Leo saw the act of Emman as wrong since there were other people who were deàd. Arnold after a good night with a girl woke up to see messages from Linda. Leo had a meeting with the force and after the meeting, he had a personal chat with Gabo. Gabo saw Emman’s picture on a newspaper and went for the publication to read.

Leo asked him that he heard Emman was one of his men and Gabo said he was one of his best men in the force. He revealed to Leo that he did his own research to find out that there were number of children who have gone missing that year. Anton patched things up with Emman in order to gain the trust of Emman and Celine.

He apologised to him and Emman returned his money. Anton told his sister to thank Chavez. He also told Amelia to do whatever she wanted to do with Robbie early. He told his sister that she was right to say Robbie would be a link for his fiancee and Emman to get together and now that she knew the boy would not be found, he knew Celine would give up on the search eventually.

Elsewhere, Emman wanted to know the high ranking official Amelia spoke to. Caloy saw that as unnecessary, the most important thing was he was set free. He felt bad that he returned the money to Anton but Sam took it the wrong way. Caloy explained that he meant that the money could have helped them to find leads and Emman said he had a lead but would need the help of Samantha.

In Alcala, Nick bailed out Bernie. Bernie was sad to discover that his father had to sell his jeepney to use some of the money to bail him out and also used some to take care of the treatment of the boy he beat. The boy suffered internal bleeding. As Arnold had an accident, Sonya’s body was deposited to the morgue but no one has claimed it yet.

Unbeknownst to the practitioners, Andoy, the one who was supposed to claim the body was lurking around crying while watching the lifeless body of his wife aloof. Least did he know that someone closer to Emman, Samantha was closely monitoring him and his every movement.

Elsewhere, Anton charged Celine to inform him about everything that Emman would be up to. Celine was glad that he has finally patched things up with Emman. He promised to do everything for them to find Robbie and hugged her.


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