Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 380

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 380 Terante’s armed men ambush and shōot the Hidalgos, Cardo retrieves the body of the President and escapes with him

At Camp Crame, Terante received a call from one of his snippers who informed him that the President has fled but they have cornered the president and his family. Terante ordered him to ensure he wipes out the First family.

“Yes Sir!” The Sniper copied.

“I repeat make sure none of them survive the encounter!”

“Understood Sir.”

“I won’t let this slip away, I will be the most powerful man in the PNP!”

“I will be a four stars General, earning tons of cash once I become the right hand man of the new President.”

“All my illegal businesses will become legal!”

As the sharp shooters ambushed the Presidential convoy, the police, the personal guards of the president engaged in shõotout. A sniper threw tear gas underneath the President’s car and the first family began to inhale it, making it difficult for them to breath. However, the hero team arrived in time to shōõt the goons.

Elsewhere, General Borja went to the police in charge of the investigation to offer his help but the inspector had less trust in Borja. He claimed the Vendetta was behind the president’s assassination attack. When Borja asked if he has an evidence he claimed not to have but the group was the only group that would have the motive to assassinate the president.

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Borja told him to review the necessary CCTV footage for them to know and advised him not to blame without evidence for the real culprit behind the assassination attempt to go scot free. Guzman told Borja that it would be difficult for them to get to the bottom of the issues if people kept blaming the Vendetta.

General Borja suspected a top ranking insider who was behind it since the President was heavily guarded and the place was too so the goons might be in already and strike at the appropriate time. In the middle of the chaos, the driver of the president advised the first family to follow him otherwise they might d!e inside the car.

He gave a guπ to the president and protected the first family. They ran and took shelter in a different car. The driver drove away. Romulo instructed Cardo to go after the president to secure him while he would cover him up. Guzman came to report to Borja that the PNP were on their way to back the PSG police who were there at Johnson’s bridge up.

Borja instructed Guzman to coordinate with the PSG to find out where they were now to accompany the president’s convoy till they reach home safely. General Borja told Guzman that their enemies were smart, they even took down the PSG’s leader. Vergas and Chikoy arrived to inform General Borja that the president’s convoy was ambushed again but they did not have much detail since their line with PSG cut off.

He charged them to go to Johnson’s street. As his subordinates went and couldn’t find the president and there was no news about the president at the palace, Guzman asked Borja what if Cardo succeeded with his plans. General Borja doubted, he asked Guzman whether he believed that Cardo would k!ll the policemen, civilians and the PSG boss.

He told him to keep looking for the president since he wouldn’t have disappeared into a thin air. Cardo sat on one of the motorcycles leading the convoy, to tail the president. However, a sniper ambushed the president again to shōõt and he managed to k!ll Yohan who was sitting closer to the window and Grace at a spot. Tears dribbled down the faces of Aubrey and Marissa as they cried out, wishing the nightmares would be over.

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Whilst Hipolito called Lucas to congratulate him and even addressing him by the name “Mr President” after the news of the President’s ambush was trending, Flora and her family were worried that Vendetta’s name would be stained due to the news. Homer told Hipolito that the name “Mr President” suits him better than Oscar.

Hipolito said his time would approach. The Venom threw their support behind Hipolito in gaining the seat as the president. Roldan promised that they would do anything to fetch him the seat. Hipolito said that would be possible if he gained the trust of the president. In so doing, he had to get rid of Terante, otherwise, Lucas would not fulfill his promise to them.

“You’re the only one he would leave in the dirt not us,” Homer said beneath his breath. The police inspector called Borja to show him footage of the Vendetta arriving at the gate of the university before the commencement of the incident. He concluded that Vendetta was responsible for that.

“It won’t be long Marco,” Lucas sipped.

“Once I become president I will bring justice to your deàth.”

“And for you Brandon, I will do what Oscar couldn’t do, I will finally have the power to exonerate you!”

As the news was aired, Hipolito now understood the plan B Terante was talking about. Roldan wondered if the first family got away. Homer said they should not allow Terante to win, they should be the one to eliminate the first family. Flora spoke with her brother and was sad that Cardo and his group would suffer public uproar, should anything happens to the President.

Borja said he knew about that but the Vendetta also had an explanations to do on the case. Flora asked what he meant by that. Elsewhere, Shirline advised Margie that they should cut ties with Flora and her family since they were losing millions due to them. Margie objected, she believed the challenges they were facing would be temporary.

Margie told Shirline that she was being selfish and  was ready to open Adonis’ eyes to the entire truth concerning the De Leons. Flora, on the other hand, believed if Cardo was presence, he would save the president and even if his group wanted the Hidalgos deàd, Cardo would not agree to it. What Wally was concerned about was what the neighbours would say but Flora did not care.

General Borja went to Johnson’s street and his team realised that whoever was behind the president’s assassination had lots of minions which could not be Vendetta. Guzman apologised for thinking Cardo was behind that. However, General Borja informed them about the footage he  saw Vendetta being present at the university.

Guzman believed they wanted to abduct the president as Girona said but was not associated with the entire fiasco. The Vendetta would not get money to buy all those weapons. Meanwhile,  Terante was informed by an ally that all his men d!Ed during an encounter with the Vendetta. Terante was shocked since he thought his men could finish off the notorious group.

“Wait so the President and the first family escape?

“Yes sir!”

“Well they won’t get away, I still have a lot of men waiting to ambush them.”

Alyana and the entire household of Melba watched the news as they were tagging Vendetta with the entire attack. Virgie was worried since they would suffer in the entire situation. Teddy believed Flora and her family would suffer the most but Virgie believed that they would be dragged into it and Alyana would be in grave danger.

Cardo followed the president through thick and thin in an attempt to save him. Spotting the vile men who were closer to the president from afar, in an acrobatic style, Cardo in a genius way rode passed the staircase of the bridge and landed on the main street where Hidalgo’s car took.

Unfortunately, some of the armed men ambushed the president along the way and shot Oscar, they managed to shõot Aubrey and Marissa even when they saw a man on motorcycle after their tail. Cardo took them down and went to the rescue of Oscar. He put Oscar on his motorcycle and fled with him.

The Vendetta waited at the Port for Cardo. Though they wanted to help Cardo but they were also scared that the police would be after them. Romulo had complete trust in Dalisay that he would be able to get the president no matter what. He doesn’t backout till he achieves his target so the group went to the port.

The police in charge of the investigation was revealed to be working for Terante and his group. He informed Terante through a phone conversation that his outfit has been able to retrieve a footage which would aid them to pin the blame on the Vendetta for the crime committed.

Elsewhere, the bodies of the First family were rushed to the hospital and Marissa was in critical situation, leading the health practitioners to apply some electric shocks. Terante went to see Lucas to inform him about the sad news that the Vendetta showed up to mess with their plans and wondered how the group got tipped off.

Oscar feared that his plans of becoming the president would not succeed but Terante was positive that his plans would push through. He believed if the President was not deàd, the Vendetta would finish him off. Lucas had his doubts and said their plan was to k!ll the first family but now the family were at the hospital. He told Terante to find the body of Oscar and bring it to him and he copied that.

Cardo was able to bring the body of Oscar to the port, least when the group was expecting. They helped carry the unconscious Hidalgo into the boat. As the group was asking Cardo what happened, Cardo told them he would explain later, they had to flee from the place as soon as possible.


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