Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 27-31

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 27-31 Araceli is arrested for organ trafficking, Dante d!es while Leo becomes a suspect in NIA’s list

The NIA fails to slow down in their investigation on Franco. Leo and Amelia meet up at their usual joint to scheme up on means to keep deceiving Emman, Nick and Celine. However, their happy moment is almost ruined when Clarissa gatecrashes to expose her husband’s dirty affair.

Leo finds himself wanting but Amelia salvages the situation with lies, that, Leo only calls her for them to meet up to plan a surprise birthday party for Clarissa, much to her surprise.

Elsewhere, Arnold begins to dig deep into Bernie’s allegations that Dr Gomez and Araceli worked in cohort to kidnap and k!ll Robbie as well as other children. Linda hearing this from Arnold storms the house of the Salvadors to cause a scene.

While calling Emman desperate and gossip who is seeking means to destroy the marriage plans of Celine and Anton, Celine sees a mark at Araceli’s back when she is zipping the old woman’s dress. As he narrowly escaped, Leo calls to thank Amelia for shielding their secret when Clarissa was asleep.

Celine equally confronts Linda for the scene she caused at Emman’s place. Soon, Arnold discovers that Araceli is not his biological mother. He begins to align with his adoptive mother and rescinds on his decision to join the NIA. Emman, Caloy and Samantha decide to find incriminating evidence against Araceli.

Celine leads that operation and sends Caloy to the A Hernandez Hospital headquarters but Anton discovers through CCTV what Celine and Caloy are up to and warns his sister, Amelia. Since their plans get foiled, Emman and Caloy abduct a security closer to the Hernandez.

Enrico Cardoze, the security becomes Emman’s key in unlocking the secret of the Hernandez family. While Emman is holding Enrico to access the A Hernandez Hospital security system, a senior nurse Joan Soledad is also erasing the security footage and all evidences that will lead to the Hernandez.

Realising, the Hernandezes have pulled a fast one on them, Emman puts in much efforts and his hard work begins to pay off when Araceli calls Enrico to inform him about the money she has paid into his account as her end of the bargain. Fortunately, Emman records the conversation and gets Enrico to expose what he knows about the syndicate.

Getting the truth from Joan and Enrico, the security tries to pull a fast one on Emman and Caloy which leads to his deàth and that of Joan. The NIA gaining the necessary evidence rushes to the Hernandez mansion to get Araceli arrested for human trafficking and multiple act of murder.

As the news of her arrest spreads, Leo becomes a key suspect as well and he is put into scrutiny. Araceli and her attorney try to deny the Hernandez connection to the syndicate even when Emman presents the audio recording of Araceli. The attorney says it is not legally obtained so it is dismissible in court.

Least did they know that Linda has obtained the laptop of Araceli and has handed it over to Marcelo. The NIA through the laptop exposes Araceli’s syndicate business which compels her to finally confess to her crimes but takes her children off the hook. After her confession, she faints.

Meanwhile, Dante does his best to free Franco before he exposes his involvement in the syndicate work. However, their schemes did not go unnoticed from Gabo. The colonel plays along with Dante’s plea to get Franco transferred to the city jail.

Holding on to the hope that her son is still alive, Celine asks Anton to provide proof that the heart beating within Lester’s body did not come from Robbie. Despite her mother’s willingness to make a sacrifice for their family’s future, Amelia insists on doing everything in her power to help Araceli not to end up in jail.

Trusting her instincts, Sam informs Emman about a suspicious activity at the NIA. Enraged with Arnold and Anton’s seemingly lack of concern for Araceli, Amelia demands her brothers to set their priorities straight. Soon after, she vows to give Lester a normal life amid the chaos in their family as memories of her past creep in.

Elsewhere, Emman and Sam find themselves in harm’s way in their attempt to foil Dante and Franco’s well-orchestrated plan, only to be saved by an unlikely ally. Dante gets k!lled while helping Franco to escape his life imprisonment. Fortunately for Franco he escapes Gabo, Sam and Emman’s clutches.

The deàth of the corrupt NIA official leaves a vacancy. Gabo promotes Sam to occupy the position of the Chief Leader for the Department of the organised crime. Amelia after losing her NIA ally vows with Leo to get their tracks well covered before they get caught.

Leo tries to redeem his image at the sight of Gabo but that did not deter the NIA boss to suspect Leo for protecting the Hernandez and also being the master behind the escape of Franco.


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