Irreplaceable ‘Walang Hanggang Paalam’ story summary

Irreplaceable ‘Walang Hanggang Paalam’ story summary

Walang Hanggang Paalam with its International title Irreplaceable follows a story of an ex National Intelligence Agent, Emman Salvador whose life and family get torn apart after a syndicate and a former enemy’s revenge sets him apart from his son, Robbie Salvador.

During his son’s sixth birthday, Emman reunites with his ex-lover Celine Delgado at a resort where he is working as a waiter. The loan Emman takes and working overtime tells the efforts he has put in place in order to organise a surprise birthday party to welcome his son who he lost touch with him years ago.

However, the birthday celebration with his son turns sour when the boy gets abducted from the hotel room where he was residing with his mother. The search for Robbie Salvador brings a flashback tales of how Emman lost his job at the NIA where he used to work.

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Due to a corruption scandal, Emman resigns from his post to be a driver for a renowned bank. Finding peace with his new job as a driver, Emman’s luck runs out again when Ethan attempts to steal millions of money Emman was conveying to a particular place.

Emman’s quest to secure the money from being taken by Ethan costs him his freedom. The grappling and further chases on-foot end up with Ethan escaping, while Emman gets apprehended by the police for attempting to steal the money from the bank.

Emman is wrongly accused and convicted. This affected his relationship with Celine and the young family he is building. His son was admitted at the hospital and an urgent money is needed to get him operated as well as buying his medicines.

Celine gives up on Emman, believing he has the intentions to steal to get his son treated. Out of desperation and the quest to get the needed treatment for Robbie, Celine wastes no time in accepting the proposal of Anton Hernandez whose family the Delgados are indebted to.

Three years later, Emman is released with the help of Samantha Agoncillo, a former colleague from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) who also has a crush on him. Since her relationship with Anton has flourished overtime, Celine plans a wedding with Anton before the tragic incidence of her son’s abduction brings her relationship with Anton to a standstill.

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Anton’s distaste for Emman is made apparent by his hesitance to let the kid celebrate his birthday with his biological father. Since Celine did not want to deny Robbie’s wish, she gives in to his demand to meet Emman which the tragedy happened.

Witnessing series of mishappenings in his life, Emman comes to the realisation that a group of armed men, whose leader is revealed to be Ethan kidnapped Robbie to exact his revenge on him. Emman delves deeper into the kidnapping case: the media blackouts with the hesitant of the police in pursuing the case makes him conclude that the incident is beyond kidnapping for ransom.

Meanwhile, a huge syndicate whose leader happens to be the Hernandezes, the family of the beloved fiancé of Celine are behind Robbie’s kidnapping. Learning the motive behind Robbie’s kidnapping from his senior sister, Amelia, Anton wastes no time to device evil schemes to cover the tracks of his dear sister.

Not only that, Amelia has a deep seated hatred for the Delgados due to how her mother, Araceli took Linda in as her daughter and funded her education. When the heart condition of Lester, her son triggered she wasted no time in using Linda’s grandson as the sacrificial lamb to make Lester lives once more.

She then employs Ethan to kidnap Robbie in order to donate his heart to save her son who urgently needs a transplant to live. More revelations unfold as Araceli recounts the sacrifice she made some years ago to prolong Anton’s life.

She exchanges her professional values to gain a heart donor from a syndicate leader to save Anton from the blink of deàth. Since then she heads the prestigious syndicate as their transplant doctor and a kidnapper. To make her work easier, Araceli sets an orphanage foundation which the kids are mostly kidnapped to nurture their hearts to ripe for harvesting.

Amelia then convinces Anton that so far as Robbie is still alive, Emman will get a reason to be reunited with Celine which will be an obstruction to his marriage to Celine. Anton then gives in and helps his family to keep Robbie away from his rightful parents.

With a new tip off, Emman tails the syndicate operators when a cook and her husband working for the syndicate offered to give Robbie to Emman for a ransom. Emman and Celine come close to Robbie. Unbeknownst, Anton hid to k!ll the traitors. Franco arrives in stitch of time to escape with Robbie, making it difficult for Emman to trace them.

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As fate will have it, Emman gets a new lead and storms St John’s hospital where Lester’s heart transplant is on going. The operation is brought to an abrupt halt as Emman and his team interrupt, leading the syndicate operators to race for their lives. Unluckily, Araceli gets shōt at the back.

Unknowingly, Emman’s heroic act saved his son Robbie from being used for the transplant. However, he falls into a river during the commotion, Robbie then get missing. Later, the Hernandez family initiates another ace under their sleeves to make Emman and Celine believe their son has d!ed.

Their quest to cover up their syndicate business led to the deàth of doctor Josephine Gomez, who Araceli double crossed to use her as a fall for her operations but the constant hard work of Emman, Samantha Agoncillo and Caloy Rivera together with Celine brought the hidden secret of the family to light.

Araceli gets arrested for operating a syndicate business. While denying, Linda Delgado, Celine’s mother and a nurse of Lester tend in an important evidence which Araceli has no option than to take the fall and to get her children off the hook.

Aside from the NIA agents and the police men who are protecting the syndicate, it turns out that there’s an higher-up who also has a direct hand in it and has a romantic relationship with Amelia which Lester is a product of that illicit affair. This influential person is also doing his best to divert the NIA’s investigation in order to curtail his shenanigans.

Being a key witness to reveal her accomplices in a media conference with the NIA, Araceli d!es mysteriously foiling the hardwork of Sam, Emman, Gabo and Caloy.

In a bid to get to the bottom of the issue, the brother of Emman, Bernie who is also fighting with Arnold the younger brother of Anton to prove his point to Analyn the girl he lõved, Bernie singlehandedly infiltrates the village of Anton only to discover Amelia and Anton’s involvement in the syndicate business of their mother.

He also overheard their conversation that Arnold is at the blink of deàth after the boy discovered that he was adopted with a sole purpose of being sacrificed to keep Anton alive when the latter’s heart begins to fail. Bernie did not live to tell the story as Anton finished him off and made his accomplice, Franco plant the corps of Bernie in the house of the Salvadors to make it appear that it was a suicide.

The NIA’s findings points Bernie’s deàth to Anton but since there’s no adequate evidence, Anton still roams freely with his crime. Per Areceli’s confession before her deàth and the biopsy results it comes to light that Lester’s heart is from a different donor that gives a new hope to Celine and Emman that their long lost son is still alive.

The search for Robbie continues as the investigation on Bernie’s deàth still pending while Anton’s heart gets weakens each day with Celine hesitating to get married to him at the expense of her son, what will Emman, Sam and Caloy do to find Robbie and to gain justice for Bernie’s deàth?


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