Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 436

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 436 Amboy tails Margie to k!ll her, Cardo infiltrates Gustavo’s mining site

Homer thought about means to get rid of Margie for the public not to suspect the Cabreras so he decided to make the whole thing to appear as an accident. Flora emboldened Margie for the task ahead, pointing out that there were many of them including the Vendetta, her brother Delfin and the protestors fighting against Cabrera.

She was optimistic that their fight against the current administration would bring down the oppressor’s rule. JP joined his father to request him to help Margie in her fight against the Cabreras. He explained that they all knew Margie witnessed Brandon k!lling Adonis, however, Margie did not have enough evidence.

On the other hand, there was another Counselor who claimed to have been the reason for the deàth of Mayor Dimaguiba so if Teddy could help to get the Counselor off the hook, Margie’s case against Brandon would be proven by court. Virgie confronted the two when she overheard the conversation.

While Teddy told JP that he would think about it, Virgie protested, noting that her husband’s help would land them in trouble. However, Teddy made it clear that their son was right. After all, Virgie has earlier said that Mm Margie’s victory with the case would be a sure win for them as well to come out from their hideout.

Teddy then received a call from an unknown person. He was surprised to know it was Guzman. They planned to meet to talk about an important thing. Señor Gustavo after bombing his right hand woman now thought of his life without any lõve. He said Madonna was his weakness but now he would now allow his emotions to get the best of him.

He made it a top priority to concentrate on the mining site to acquire wealth and to exterminate the Vendetta. With no obstruction from the traitors, most especially Madonna, Gustavo went to the mining site. On his way, one of his lapdogs asked if they could face off the Vendetta. Gustavo told him to have faith because they have enough men and weapons to exterminate the group, most especially Ricardo Dalisay.

Cardo prepared his group to attack. Oscar made the group fully aware that once they go to the mining site, they would not return one piece and a whole but they were sacrificing to free the workers from the thugs. Delfin reminded them that they were also doing that for Bubbles and Diana.

As the group embarked on the mission, with Alyana advising her husband to take care, she also began to sulk. Doray and Elizabeth noticed that and when they asked her she said she did not know when she and her husband would have a normal life as couple because trouble seemed to find them.

Margie explained to Wally that the judges were reviewing the resolution which the prosecutor sent them but Wally saw no use for that. Margie said it was necessary for the judges to ascertain if it was the right recommendation so afterwards they would issue a warrant of arrest for Brandon then they would proceed with the arraignment. Elmo found that as a long complicated process.

Wally voiced out the possibility that the Cabreras might find a way out of it again. Elmo added that they could equally threatened Margie for her to retract her statement. Margie interjected that she would not do that. When Margie and Flora were heading out to Attorney De la Paz’ office, they realised that their security were not at post.

As the family was standing outside their gate, Pantig and Gapuz pulled over to congratulate Margie for the first round victory against the Cabreras but warned her to be careful for her fight against the president. Flora was sure the officers were up to no good. Margie knew that they were sent to threaten her from pursuing the case.

However, she said they were mistaken, she would equally file a kidnapping case against them once she is done with Brandon’s case. Damien was extremely worried about the irrational decisions of Lucas. He questioned Hernandez why he agreed to it to assign Hipolito to commit the heinous crime against Margie. He knew the public would point fingers at the administration should anything happens to Margie.

He reminded the VP that once the Cabreras go down they would be pulled along. Hernandez told him not to worry he get his back. Lucas called Hipolito to ask him about the progress of his plans on means to silence Margie. Hipolito told him not to worry because everything was well taken cared of.

In the house, Elmo and Wally got paranoid seeing that the police guarding them had been replaced by a hit man. Reading articles on Brandon, Pantig wondered why they were not hired to assassinate Margie. They had a new job from someone.

The miners got exhausted and two came to plead with Señor Gustavo to give them something to eat or give them time to rest for a while. Gustavo claimed to feel sorry for them for being exhausted and hungry. He shōt the two and spotted another man exhausted. He shõt to k!ll him.

“When the horses are exhausted,they must be pushed down to put an end to their suffering.”

Though, Hipolito wanted the Cabreras to suffer but he had to remain on their good side. He went to give some clothes to Diana and pleaded with her to give him chance. Knowing it was one of his mind games, Diana reasoned to play along.

Gustavo was served and Tyson pleaded with Gustavo to avoid punishing the workers because they were running out of manpower. Gustavo said they should go and recruit new men. Tyson indicated that they could not do that since the Vendetta was out there.

Gustavo boasted that the Vendetta should try so that they could end up in the flames of hell like Gascon and Madonna. Tyson wondered what happened to the two. Gustavo proudly announced that he k!lled the two for being traitors. He then had a shõoting exercise.

Unbeknownst, Cardo and his men have infiltrated the site and have split out into groups since the mining site was too big.

As Diana was dressing her wounds, Hipolito went to her aid and told her to allow him to take care of him. While going to the dining table to eat, Diana stumbled on Bubbles on the stairs and the latter asked Diana what has happened to her. Seeing the presence of Hipolito, Diana said they have to face the fact that their mission was a hopeless one and advised Bubbles to accept the life Homer was giving to her, she would also accept Hipolito again.

The facial expressions of Hipolito said it all. Diana, on the dining table thanked Hipolito. Romulo wanted her to turn her back on the Vendetta and gave her time to think about it. He also said he was going to give him a fresh start. Virgie advised her husband not to meet with Billy, otherwise, JP would also find a way to meet with his friends.

Homer advised Bubbles to follow the smart steps of Diana to give in. Hipolito warned Diana not to double cross him because he would eventually find out since both were smart.Diana made it clear that she was tired of the frequent fights. Brandon proposed to Lucas to allow him to wipe out Vendetta if he did not want him to handle Margie but his father refused. This made Brandon believe that his father has lost trust in him.

However, VP Hernandez said that was not the case his father wanted to protect him in order not to lose him like Marco. Brandon still believed that his father lost faith in him and would prove himself once again. Attorney De la Paz told her that since she was the sole witness to the deàth of Dimaguiba, the Cabreras would assassinate her character. They would dig her past but Margie said they would not find any dirt on her.

As Homer spoke to Amboy to do a dirty job, Margie spoke with her sisters at a terminal and told them that she went to meet De la Paz’ and the attorney prepared her for the hearing. Charlene and Denise wanted to meet her to give her hug but she told them not presently. Irrespective of what happens, she said they should know that she lõved them. This frightened Charlene as she saw that as a goodbye.

Gustavo made it clear to Tyson and Bruno that, now they would witness a new Gustavo who was tough, cold and merciless because his heart has be destroyed. The Vendetta took their various positions at the mining site. Margie finally called Flora and the latter told her that she has called her several times but to no avail.

Margie asked Flora not to worry because she was safe at where she was, there were lots of people there but least did she know that Amboy was keeping tabs on her.Flora told her that they were at the eatery so she should come there. Margie promised to get there soon.


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