Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 435

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 435 Gustavo k!lls Gascon and Madonna, Lucas orders Hipolito to k!ll Margie over the prosecutor’s decision to make Brandon stands trial

While watching the video he shot on Madonna and Gascon during the dinner, Señor Gustavo vowed to make the two treacherous servants pay for what they have done to him behind his back. He was happy to have confirmed his suspicions he said he would crash their head most especially Madonna for betraying his trust and affection.

Cardo told Domeng’s family about their battle against their enemies. Domeng’s family saw that the war would be bloody as Cardo said they would go the next day if his companions he sent as spies did not return.

Billy, Mark and Chikoy watched protests against the Cabreras on television and were surprised to discover that those they saved at the detention facility were the ones going against the Cabreras. They admired their courage while they were consumed with fear.

Margie cried when she saw other protestors rallying in favour of the Cabreras but Flora encouraged her, believing that some day the truth would eventually comes out. In the palace, Lucas gloated that if Brandon was not his son, he would have actually believed that he was not guilty of the crime and charges levelled against him.

At the Fiscal’s office, the fiscal and his secretary found Brandon’s counter affidavit as a strong alibi since the Vice President and other key party executives testified that they were with him during the time that Dimaguiba d!ed so his secretary asked whether Margie’s case would be junked or be forwarded to court.

Lucas and his lapdogs in his cabinet celebrated for the case against Brandon being dismissed. As they toasted, they also revealed their plans to let their enemies pay harshly for attempting to ruin them. Lucas said that was not the only thing that was worth celebrating, the would be the arrival of armour truck filled with money courtesy of their illegal business operators, from their friendly drug Lords and mining operators.

Lucas was very optimistic that the  statement of Hernandez would go along way for the case to be junked. As they were celebrating, Damien came in with the prosecutor’s resolution on the case. The content Brandon read got him upset so Lucas also read and that was good enough to spoil his celebration.

Brandon was scared he would be jailed once again but the president reminded him that there would always be a presidential pardon. In that case, Damien said the court has to find Brandon guilty first. This did not sit well with Lucas and he unleashed his wrath. Margie also received a call from Attorney De la Paz who declared that the prosecutor has given his resolution on the case and it would be sent to court.

This got the De Leons happy that finally they would put an end to the threats of the Cabreras. In order to bolster their strength and force, the Vendetta appointed Cardo as their new leader in order to put the group in shape to take down their enemies. Oscar deemed that Cardo was the best person to replace Romulo. Delfin said they were all solemnly behind him so he could count on them.

He however, advised him not to allow his heart temper and emotions to lead him. Though Cardo did not believe that he would be able to fit in the shoes of the Commander. He saw it as a huge responsibility the group has put on his shoulder but promised to ensure they obtain justice. Margie in a video chat informed Charlene about the prosecutor’s decision. Charlene was happy that things went in her sister’s favour.

Madonna and Gascon were fleeing with Snooki, however, Madonna was not content with the treasure that they stole. She wanted them to steal everything and sent Snooki inside. Least did she know that Gustavo who had told her earlier that he was going to sleep did not actually go to sleep but was spying on her.

As Snooki went into the vault, Gustavo went there and questioned her. He charged her of stealing and asked about Madonna and Gascon which Snooki claimed not have seen them. Since Snooki had also denied seeing Gascon and Madonna, the old man claimed Snooki had lied to him for the second time and shõt her. The sounds of the gün was good enough for Gascon and Madonna to hit the road.

Madonna blamed herself for the deàth of Snooki but Gascon said they could not undo that. Elsewhere, Doray was worried about Caloy. Aye and Ana wished nothing would happen to Caloy and hoped Diana and Bubbles could be found. Reuben told Oscar that he knew he had passed through a lot but he should let his family’s deàth be a bolster to strengthen him in gaining his seat.

Now that he has witnessed the exact problem in the country, he was sure he would deliver keenly to address those problems. He hoped by the time he ascends to his throne, things would not be too late.

Hipolito arrived at the palace to inform Lucas the good news about Romulo’s deàth. He said they could make the public believe that military worked on the orders of Brandon to restore the public’s trust on him.

Brandon doubted it would work since there was no evidence. Hipolito said there was a witness. In fact, Homer has held a key captive who would help them find the rest of the Vendetta. He told Lucas that the person was Diana, she used to work in the intelligence team.

Charlene told JP about her fears concerning the case of Margie which has made it to court. She confessed that she told Margie lies that she was happy, meanwhile, she had been praying for the case to be junked. JP queried if she did not want justice for Adonis’ deàth.

She said she does, however, her sister’s life was at risk. JP told her that she would not have a quiet life if the Cabreras were not punished. Alyana joined Cardo and he told her that the new mantle was too heavy for him because it was a deàth job and he feared he would fail Alyana again because he had promised her several times that they would have a private and happy life yet he might fail her.

Alyana told him not to worry because she has understood his job ever since she joined the Vendetta. She said once the president ascend to his throne, they could live their normal life again. Lucas was glad that Homer has proven himself.

He assigned a new task for Hipolito to deal with Margie and since Diana’s abduction might bring the Vendetta’s attention to them, he promised to secure Hipolito and Damien by giving them a private army. While Gascon was driving, Madonna realised that they were being tailed so she ordered him to drive faster.

Gustavo gave orders for his paramilitary not to hurt Madonna. They cornered Gascon so he had no choice than to get down from the car with Madonna to run into the forest. Meanwhile, Caloy, Ambo and the rest were at the mining site to find the men they recruited being abused. They were grateful that they were saved by Cardo.

They decided to go to another spot in their bid to find Diana and Bubbles. The paramilitary of Gustavo chased after the traitors but Gustavo stood at a focal point to capture Gascon and shõt him. Gascon got down and he advised Madonna to run to save her life but she refused to go without him.

They got ambushed and Gustavo told Gascon that he betrayed him while he treated him like a son. He gave the k!lling  shõt and left with Madonna. He showed Madonna the treasure which they were all packed in the trunk of a yellow sport car. He knew that was what Madonna desired so he asked her to be his to get all that.

Madonna confessed that she did not lõve him and nothing would make her lõve him. He told him to k!ll her just like he did with Gascon but Gustavo refused to do that. He claimed to lōve her so much to do that and gave her the freedom to leave with the car containing the treasure. He claimed he did not need the treasure if she was leaving him.

Madonna left in the car. Unbeknownst, Gustavo had planted a bomb inside the car. She was so happy looking at the treasure and able to escape from Gustavo. However, she didn’t reach far when Gustavo detonated the bomb and the car got exploded.

“Madonna will surely turn into ash but the treasure will not!”

“The he gold will merely melt and the diamonds are hard germs, they are indestructible!”

“You wasted everything Madonna.”

Caloy and the other three spies discovered from the speech of Bruno and Tyson that Homer has sent Diana and Bubbles to Manila and they fled to inform Cardo. Hipolito went to give Homer money as a reward from Cabrera for k!lling Romulo. Brandon got to his father to confront him for giving Margie to Hipolito. This led to an argument between the father and son.

Lucas said he was protecting him that was the reason he left the job for Renato to handle. Hipolito gave Homer down payment and showed him Margie Corona’s picture and Homer said it would be easy but Hipolito indicated that it wouldn’t be that easy, they should make her deàth looks like there was no foul play involved.

Caloy, Ambo and the other two spies arrived at Mr Domeng’s place to inform Cardo about what they saw at the mining site. The abducted men who were being maltreated and k!lled while being compelled to work. They said they did not see Bubbles and Diana but overheard that Homer went to Manila and they assumed he sent the two women.

Cardo told the group that they would first save the abducted men forced to work and k!lled at the mining site then they would proceed to Manila to save Diana and Bubbles.


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