Irreplaceable Finale Episode 56

Irreplaceable Finale Episode 56 Anton dies from suffocation, Emman and Celine reunite with their missing son, Caloy becomes an NIA agent and is awarded together with Sam and Emman

Anton queried his sister whether she wanted to lock him up and also to betray him. Amelia made it clear that she was not about to do that she only did not want him to get in her way to ruin her plans of getting Lester but Anton said she wouldn’t be able to stop him. He also wanted to take his revenge on Emman and Celine.

Emman went home to inform his father and Caloy that Amelia has kidnapped his son. He wondered why he was at the same facility with Robbie yet he did not see him. He planned not to tell Celine but was hoping to see the call of Amelia for negotiation on his son.

Sam said Amelia might call to exchange Robbie for Lester. The supervisor at the welfare centre saw Celine at the facility and was happy that irrespective of what Lester’s mother did to her, she still cared for Lester. Celine had a plan of her own and executed. She rang the fire alarm to cause chaos at the centre.

In the midst of the pandemonium, Celine went into Lester’s room to go for Lester and sent him away. Emman made futile attempts in contacting Celine.  Sam believed Emman’s suspicions were right, Amelia might have contacted Celine to request Lester for Robbie so they were sure she took Lester from DCW.

Nick was against Celine doing things all by herself. Celine at the middle of the road got down to talk to Amelia who instructed her not to involve the police and she did not want to see the traces of Emman. Though Celine saw Amelia as monster but she agreed to her terms. As in the car with Lester, the boy asked of how Aunt Linda was doing and wished that Celine would settle her differences with Amelia, Anton, his father and Uncle Arnold.

Celine promised to do that. After getting her brother sedated, Franco locked the unconscious Anton in a facility which was not owned by the Hernandezes for it to be difficult for Anton to seen.  His lackey felt sorry for Anton and asked Franco what if Anton wakes up. Franco said the sedative Amelia gave to Anton was strong so by the time he wakes up, Amelia had gotten Lester back.

While leaving the place, Franco received a call from Amelia demanding him to return since he has already locked Anton up in an isolated place. She wanted him back in case Celine tried to outsmart her and failed to present Lester. Emman had a father-to-father talk with Leo and pleaded with him to tell him about the location of Amelia for him to get his son.

Emman used his experience as an ex convict to talk to Leo to do what is right for Lester to be proud of him someday just like how Robbie was proud of him after he was released. He believed that Amelia would not give Robbie back should she gain Lester back. She would use Robbie as a spare donor for Lester.

In that case, Leo asked why he should reveal the whereabouts of Amelia to him. Emman begged him that he lost LJ because he couldn’t do anything but he could do something to help his son, therefore he should help. Leo refused to help since Lester, his son needed Robbie’s heart to live.

Emman cried out that his son also has every right to live too. Emman pleaded and knelt before Leo to show some mercy because his son could not live at the expense of his son. But his cries, wailings and pleas fell on deaf ears. Celine arrived and Franco informed Elia about it. She made Franco and his accomplice carried out with the plan.

Amelia told Robbie that his mother was there and the boy threw a tantrum to get him to his mom. Celine pulled over at the rendezvous place and went to talk to Amelia while her goons were also looking inside her car to find Lester. Celine told Amelia to give her back her son then she would show her where she could find her son.

In a flashback, Celine left Lester in the hands of a third party after the boy in a video chat spoke with his mother that Aunt Celine said she was bringing him to her. Celine gave the woman a chit that she would come back soon for Lester but if she doesn’t make it there, she should contact the numbers on the chit. She then told Robbie to stay with the woman his mother would come for her.

Flashforward, Amelia told Celine that it was not part of their plan. Celine demanded for Robbie and Amelia said she might k!ll her and her son. Celine told her to go ahead since that meant that she would not also find her son. Amelia saw that Celine has grown guts. Celine indicated that she has always had guts especially after all that Amelia put her through, she had grown tougher.

Celine decided to leave but her goon cornered her.  She then asked Amelia if that was all she could do, she gave Amelia the ahead to k!ll her after all her life was meaningless without Robbie. Amelia asked if she could trust her.

Celine made it clear among the the two of them she was to be trusted because she kept her end of the bargain. No NIA agent, no police and no Emman.

Amelia then called Franco who wheeled Robbie in. Robbie was tied to a wheelchair and Celine assured her son that she would be reunited with him. Amelia demanded to know the whereabouts of Lester but Celine wax not ready to give in to her demand.

She kicked her goon to snatch his gün to point it at Amelia. Amelia then calmed Franco down and told Celine that she could go ahead to k!ll her because if she does, she would leave Franco no other choice than to k!ll Robbie. Amelia taunted her that should Robbie d!e it would be on her head.

Celine got emotional and demanded her to stop that. Amelia snatched the gün and Celine cried that they should k!ll her instead and spare her son. She finally revealed where she had left Lester and when Franco and his accomplice was going, they bumped into Emman and Sam. They began to fire at Emman and Sam so the two NIA agents took cover.

Franco and his accomplice began to ran but Emman and Sam caught them. Emman battled it out with Franco while Sam battled it out with the accomplice. In a fist fight Emman and Sam overpowered the respective men. Franco reached out for his gün and Emman was quick to shõōt him. Franco wanted to retaliate so Emman was compelled to finish him off.

Amelia got Robbie and threatened to k!ll him for Celine going against their agreement. As Celine was begging her to have pity on her son, Emman showed up, demanding Amelia to surrender because irrespective of what she does, she would not get Lester. Amelia refused and was hellbent to make Robbie pay the price. Unfortunately for her, Sam appeared from her back.

She had no where to go, instead of turning herself in she was still arguing so Emman shot her from the back, making it easy to arrest and saved Robbie. They wasted no time and sent Robbie to hospital. The doctor assured that Robbie was fine but she said they would do an X-ray. Robbie was traumatised and cried out to his parents not to leave him. They promised to be by his side.

Anton woke up from the isolated room to get his life support from his nose. Anton tried to get out from the place but he could not get out. He tried to use his bed to open the door, yet to no avail. Amelia woke up from her hospital bed to demand not to be locked up due to her son. She said her son needed her.

Emman assured her that her son was fine and he would be safe but he could not say that about Anton and where he was hiding. Amelia now remembered her brother. She pleaded with them to find Franco, he was the only person who knew where her brother was kept. She revealed that she had made Franco locked him up at somewhere for him not to be found and Franco was the only one who knew.

Emman was glad to announce to her that, Franco had sent that secret to his grave because Franco was already deàd. That could not be possible, Amelia cried while pleading with them to find Anton. She reminded Celine that she was aware that Anton has a heart condition so they needed to find her brother. Emman hissed that, that, was the justice that they were seeking.

Celine thought she was lucky that after all the humans that she slaughtered like animals, all that she would do was to be in prison for life. However, she was not lucky because it would forever be hunted by her conscience how she locked her brother up for him to d!e a painful deàth. The two left Amelia on the bed which she was handcuffed to it. She shed tears while still begging for mercy.

Anton, on the other hand, cast his spirit to unlock the gate but he couldn’t. He began to choke since he couldn’t breathe and had a heart attack. He died in his his hideout while Amelia cried. Fast forward, Amelia was imprisoned and now was even a prison boss who get fanned and received massage from other prison mates.

Clarissa sent Lester to see Leo at prison and he hugged his son. He was so happy to see him. Elsewhere, Rivera, Agoncillo and Salvador were awarded for their profound work in the growth of the NIA. Nick hailed his son, saying he deserved it. Celine and Robbie was also there to salute his father.

Soon, a birthday party was organised for Robbie. As he blew the candles on his cake, Celine asked him if he had made a wish and he said his wish had already come to pass because he has always wished to be reunited with his father and mother. That wish, he noted has been granted and now he had no wish again. Emman said except his wish which was to marry Celine.

He knelt and slipped the ring down on her finger as he popped the question:

“Celine will you marry me?”

“Of course, I will marry you Emman!”

The couple shared k!ssës and Linda shook the hands of Nick while Caloy also held the hand of Sam as the engaged each other with smiles and the crowd clapped for them.



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