Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 437

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 437 Margie is pronounced dead after a fatal accident, Cardo finally k!lls Don Emilio to avenge his father’s deàth

After her long wait, a taxi finally came but someone bypassed her to hail the car. Margie never knew finding a ride at that place was difficult. A jeepney also arrived shortly after. All those standing in wait of a car joined it and told Margie to join. Amboy still observed silently from afar.

At the eatery, all the workers bought food from Flora and begged her for avoiding her. They admitted they have done the wrong thing by believing that Flora was working in cohort with the Vendetta. They apologised for that as they confessed that they have realised from what was going on in the country that Vendetta was not their enemy.

They also made it clear that Flora served the best of food at the eatery and they released her food. With no customer for them, Gido asked Gina if it was the right time for them to switch sides but Gina said it wasn’t. They were still on the part of the Cabreras and cheered him up. Charlene enlisted JP’s help to get to the De Leons house to see her sister.

Denise advised her to listen to Margie. As JP seeks for means to help her out, Teddy got there to stop them.

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“I want you to know this fight is not only for Adonis this is for your future as well,” Margie said while looking at the group photo of her sister and niece.

Diana went to see Bubbles and she was crying as she could not take it anymore. Diana made her plans clear that she was leading Renato and Homer on at the moment for them to escape when they get the chance. Bubbles was relieved that she never switched sides. Diana said she could not do that to Vendetta.

As the jeepney was still going, Amboy overtook and hit the jeepney for Margie to hit her head. Her last word was calling out Charlene and Denise’s name. Wally was happy that their business was booming and Yolly felt at ease that the people saw Vendetta as ally instead of enemy.

At the mining site, the Vendetta divided themselves into fractions to take the guards at the mining site on in a fist fight. Flora was worried about Margie since she could not reach her. She then called Charlene to check if Margie came to the safe house but Charlene said she was not there. The face Teddy made was good enough to conclude that his worst fears had come to pass.

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Denise, later saw the news on her phone about a delivery truck which the driver was drunk and crashed a passengers jeepney when he lost control of the stead for six passengers to d!e at a spot from the nine who suffered fatally, Margie was reported to be part of those who d!ed.

Denise, Charlene and Virgie cried uncontrollably while watching the news report, Flora and her family mourned. Elmo found it suspicious.

Elsewhere, Billy, Chikoy and Mark found Margie’s deàth suspicious and knew the Cabreras were really cruel. Gustavo gave a reward each to Bruno, Akinhiro and Tyson for their loyalty. He bemoaned how he naively trusted the wrong people. As he was being escorted to meet his flight, he stumbled on some of his guards terrorising some of the workers because they were resisting.

Gustavo shõt them and announced that anyone who refused to work should be punished. The workers now grew wings that irrespective, they would k!ll them so they should ran. Each One for himself, they began to flee. During the commotion,  Cardo has also freed some of the workers from the other side of the site. Gustavo shõt those escaping but things became messy.

Hearing the news, Lucas called Brandon and told him that he did the right thing to engage Hipolito on the mission. Brandon wished he has done it by himself but his father told him to be happy that his case would not push through since there was no witnesses whatsoever.

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Hipolito, on the other hand, celebrated that the successful delivery of Homer’s job has helped him to gain trust at the sight of Lucas. Homer also celebrated along with him since that meant that he would gain bonuses. Flora had a video chat with Charlene and Denise to offer her condolences. She also stopped them from coming.

Flora told Charlene not to also bother about the funeral, she would take care of it. She wanted them to remain hiding in order for Margie’s work not to be in vain. Cardo and his team fire at the guards of Don Emilio. Tyson realised they were being attacked by intruders, so Gustavo told them they should ran to catch their flight.

Unluckily, Cardo stumbled on him and screamed out his name “Don Emilio.” Gustavo’s lackeys began shõoting which. Cardo reciprocated and took cover.

“Dalisay I assure you, you will never leave this place alive,” Don Emilio screamed.

“I was the one who k!lled your father so I will take your life too.”

“You’re a mõnster Don Emilio,” Cardo hissed.

“But this is as far as you go!”

“Don’t clap you will pay dearly for what you did to my daughter and grandson.”

“Don Emilio I will make sure that only one of us will survive this.”

“I will finish you off you bastãrd!”

“If I get you, the person who is destined to finish me off hasn’t been born yet!” Don Emilio interjected.

Akinhiro was about to shōõt some of the hostages, George distracted him and k!lled all his protectors. The hostages then took advantage of George’s distraction to attack Akinhiro.

Oscar’s fraction met with Ramil’s fraction and they took available bulldozer which Greco rode it and went after the guards who were escaping to gün them down. Greco then headed to where George was. George told the people to leave Akinhiro to follow them, yet they kept beating Akinhiro.

Greco got there to stop them and asked them to follow them. Don Emilio told part of her lackeys to take the back to surround Cardo but their plans did not succeed as Cardo saw them and k!lled them. He sent the rest to surround Cardo and Cardo equally fired them.

By the count of three, he gave Don Emilio multiple shōt which the old wicked man got off his feet with blood oozing from his mouth. Fortunately, some of his lackeys who were escaping stumbled on him and he pleaded with them to save him. He told them to send him to get the helicopter.

Rigor and Bruno faced off and he shōt the right and left shoulders of Bruno for his gün to fall off his hands. Patrick also gün down some random lackeys of Don Emilio. The lackeys ran off with Don Emilio but Cardo followed him. Don Emilio gave orders to some of his minions not to leave Cardo alive, they should k!ll him so the rest left him in the hands of two lackeys who sent him to join the helicopter.

Rigor was escaping when Bruno who had made him believe he was gün down took the back to catch him off guard. He beat Rigor and they wrestled for Rigor’s gün. The bullet accidentally pulled off and hit on Bruno for him to d!e. Jerome and Delfin’s fraction came across Tyson and other lackeys. Jerome shõt and k!lled everyone except Tyson. He asked him about Bubbles but Tyson was not ready to talk.

He then grabbed his gün, this made Tyson spill out that Homer has sent her to Manila. Jerome was beating when Delfin stopped him saying Tyson was defenseless. Jerome took pity to knock him out with a gün so that his life would be spared, but Tyson screwed his chance to live to try to shōõt Jerome when he was leaving with Delfin but Jerome was quick to shōot him before he did.

Tyson then d!ed at a spot. Virgie got upset with Teddy with his decision to fight off the Cabreras. As the couple were arguing, JP came to inform them that Charlene and Denise were missing. Unbeknownst to them, the two ladies have gone to Flora’s house to help her in the fight to obtain justice for Margie.

Cardo gün down all the men Don Emilio sent after him. In an open field, he ran as he fired them one after the ok there from all angles. Least did he know that it was a distraction to enable Don Emilio to escape. He saw the Airbus A380 and he knew it was Don Emilio. The helicopter was in the air, Cardo gaged the helicopter from afar and shõt the helicopter with hundreds of bullets for it to explode in the air.

“At long last, you reached the end of your line Don Emilio!”

“And that fire, is where you truly belong.”

“I am glad justice has been served to my father and all the innocent people who you hurt and k!lled.”

The rest of the Vendetta ensured all the abducted workers were free from captivities.


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