La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 15-19

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 15-19 Adrian discovers Lena’s true identity, Royal Wellness loses stock to Magda and Miguel in a new vicious scheme

Signing a contract with Royal Wellness, Rachel feels her dreams have been actualised. However, Miguel is deeply wounded by his wife’s refusal to give birth for them to kick-start a family.

The Narcisos are torn into pieces when Adrian surprises them with a woman he intends to marry. Moved to the core, the Narcisos disagrees with Adrian for marrying the family’s enemy who is now posing off with a transformed face and a new name, Lena.

Rachel fights Magda for her new elegance but Magda is unfazed with her plans against the Narcisos. She reveals to Rachel how Miguel gets her pregnant even with her former disfigured face.

This new revelation leads to an altercation between Miguel and Rachel but Miguel makes it clear that the child they were expecting is a still born. Affected by the real identity of Lena, Adrian begins to hurt Magda but calms down due to the supposed baby he is expecting with her.

Magda ends her deal with Miguel and embarks on a new mission to invent a new formula for a soap which will continue to boot Royal Wellness away from the market. However, Vanessa enlists Brian’s help to put the relationship of Adrian and Magda into asunder.

As he unravels all of Lena’s lies, Adrian ties his clothes with his parents to destroy M&R Corporation. He releases press statement to defame the two owners, Ramona and Magda for the investors in the soap company to pull back their investment. This scandal goes a long way to affect M&R sales.

Unknown to the Narcisos, the M&R Corporation CEOs have a scheme under their sleeves against them. Pulling the strings to clear off their “name calling” as criminals, the tables turn against the Narcisos for Royal Wellness’ to stock to drop, leading the giant owners to sell off parts of their shares in order to get the legacy running.

Unknown to the family, Miguel and Magda own shares in the company. Elsewhere, Doctor Ramona and Martina discover a little secret of Magda and her mother, Helen Mendoza. They reveal to Magda about Helen’s previous work at a chemical company which she suffers from the clutches of Vanessa.

Magda learns that Vanessa used to lock Helen up in the chemical room. Since Helen was pregnant at the time, Magda assumes it was the reason she was born with a deformed face. She confronts Vanessa for her mean acts against her mother but Vanessa denies the allegations.

Martina and Ramona begin to suspect that Magda is the daughter of Conrad due to the latter’s closeness with Helen. Not able to fathom the current state of Royal Wellness Lukas deploys Brian to get rid of Magda for good.

Brian then embarks on his mission. He attacks Ramona and Lena at their office and tries to disfigure Magda’s face but Jordan and Kiko arrive in time to save her. Ramona ends up getting shot as she tried to defend Magda.

Lena is grazed by a bullet leading Adrian to become furious with his family when he discovers what they did against his fiancée. Lena uses Adrian’s feelings for her to her advantage and begins to manipulate him to go against his family.

Adrian is soon demoted and evicted from the Narcisos mansion for going against his family. With the VP position inferring on Miguel, Magda wastes no time to set her eyes on her former flame to carry on with her revenge against Rachel and the Narcisos.


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