Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 12

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 12 Potpot lands in trouble  

Vida started her work at House of Teri. There were two other applicants short listed to be Rafa’s assistant. According to the office procedures, the person would be picked for the job after a shot probation period.

Rafa hoped to get Vida out by asking her to get rid of the stain on her jacket in five minutes. Vida however managed to sow a patch on the stain and returned to the office within five minutes.

Marga went to work and found her office closed. The guards told her that the municipal closed it off due to sanitation and health concerns. Caloy went to see her and found out what was going on.

Marga admitted that she was having problems with her business and hid it from him since she did not want him to think he was a loser. Caloy said there was no need to hide the truth and offered to help.

They went to the municipal office to speak to the officials and got them to reopen the office. Caloy told the official that they would have to go to the press as Marga’s office did not have any sanitation issue. He added that the official would be in trouble if that happened.

Potpot went to the interview for the job he was offered and his friend drew a map for him to get there. Unfortunately, he lost it on the way and asked some guys for help. They turned out to be thugs and they attacked Potpot, demanding to get his phone and money.

Potpot ran away but they caught him. They were beating him up and Caloy who was driving home saw them. He helped out Potpot and sent him to the hospital after he fainted. He gave Potpot his card and asked him to call if he needed any help.

Potpot asked why Caloy was being nice to him and Caloy said it was because he saw himself in him. Potpot was upset since nothing seemed to be going his way. He however urged himself not to give up in order to achieve his dreams.

Jaime and Tessa went to the province to meet the couple who adopted her son. She was happy to finally meet them but was disappointed after realising that they boy was not her son since he was dark skinned and curly haired.

Jaime and Rafa consoled Tessa and she realised that it might be time for her to accept that her son was gone. Madam Alma visited Potpot’s parents at the farm. She told them that she intended to take her mother abroad for treatment and needed money.

She therefore asked them to move out as she intended to sell the farm. Caloy’s aunt talked to him about Tessa and asked if he was already over her. She wanted Caloy to build his own family and therefore encouraged him to pursue Marga.

The following morning, Asya woke Marga up to tell her that their office had been reopened. Marga was happy with the news and went to see Caloy at the children center to thank him. She brought over some food and Caloy also gave her a gift. Marga said she would repay Caloy for his help and hugged him before she left.

At work, Vida finally got to meet Teri Laurel. She was star struck and asked to take a picture. Tessa agreed and posed for a selfie but Vida’s phone suddenly died. Tessa said it was fine and they would take a picture another time.

Potpot went to his side job and he was told he had an extra gig. He left later to fix an electric problem at a club. It was the same club where Vida works as a bartender.

Her manager had asked her to get the light fixed. She was on a ladder trying to fix it but she touched a wire. She was startled from the shock and fell off the ladder. Potpot was walking in and managed to catch her before she hit the ground.


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