Until We Meet Again Episode 27

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 27

Until We Meet Again Episode 27 Francis throws Angela out over Claire’s pregnancy 

Calvin and Angela prepared to go home but Claire arrived to see Calvin. She hugged him and said she wanted them to get back together but Calvin got out of her embrace and told her that they could never get back together.

He explained that he was now in l*ve with someone else. Claire asked if he was in l*ved with Angela but Calvin hesitated. He then said yes and pulled Angela closer and hugged her.
Claire got mad and threw a tantrum saying Calvin should not fall for someone who was not normal and barked like a dog.

She told him that she was better than Angela. She then attacked her. Angela fell to the ground and Calvin pushed Claire to keep her away from Angela. He apologised to her but explained that all the things she was doing gave him more reason to leave her. He tried to protect Angela against Claire and told her to go.

Claire stood up puffing out air from her frustration and then suddenly fainted. Calvin and Angela rushed her to the hospital. At the hospital, he called Evelyn to inform her that Claire was admitted. When the doctor examined her, she gave Calvin the unfortunate news that Claire was pregnant.

Calvin was too stunned and went out for some air. When Evelyn arrived, Angela innocently told her that the doctor had said Calvin and Claire were going to have a baby. Evelyn got frustrated and when Calvin got back, she was so mad at him. She told him to leave. Calvin took Angela with him and they left.

When Claire woke up, Evelyn told her that she was pregnant and Claire was happy since it meant that she would get back together with Calvin. Evelyn was however worried about Claire’s father and what he would think since he had entrusted Claire to her.

Calvin did not know how to explain things to Angela. She did not understand the gravity of the situation. He however said he l*ved her and was not ready to get back with Claire.

After Calvin told Elmo what happened, Elmo met up with Angela and explained to her that Calvin would not be able to choose her now since Claire was pregnant. He advised Angela to leave him before she got hurt.

Angela started to cry and when Calvin arrived, she said she was leaving. Calvin stopped her and assured her that he would never leave her. He said he would not get back with Claire since he l*ved her.

Later, Calvin told Claire and Evelyn that he would take responsibility of the child but he would not get back together with Claire. Claire was not happy with Calvin’s decision and protested while Evelyn got mad at Calvin.

She told him to leave the house adding that she never thought he could be so irresponsible. Calvin took Angela home with him, he was afraid that Claire would go there to attack her. He also asked Francis to go home early, saying he had something to tell him and Glenda.

Calvin was nervous about telling his parents that Claire was pregnant but before he could say anything, they heard Claire shouting at the gate.

Glenda went to open it and Claire reprimanded Calvin for refusing to take responsibility of their child due to the fact that he was seeing Angela. Evelyn arrived and took Claire with her and told Calvin to forget about the child as she did not want to see him around Claire.

Francis asked Calvin if it was true that Claire was pregnant. Calvin told him that it was the news he wanted to give them. Francis then asked if Calvin refused to marry Claire because of Angela and Calvin said he l*ved Angela and would not get back with Claire.

Francis went up to Angela’s room and told her to leave his house. Angela innocently said she could not go since she wanted to be with Calvin and Francis almost hit her. Calvin stopped him and tried to protect Angela but he got the beating instead.

Francis beat Calvin up and told him that he would marry Claire. Glenda asked Angela to leave and not to aggravate the situation.
Angela left the house and was sitting on the side of the street when Elmo drove up and saw her.

He went over to her and she told him that they had thrown her out of the house.
Larry had a dream about Ana calling out for help and he was telling Margaret about it when they heard a knock at the door.

Elmo took Angela to Larry’s house and apologised since he did not know where else to take her. Larry said he would take care of her and asked Margaret to prepare the guest room for her.

Calvin was badly hurt after Francis beat him and could not go out to look for Angela. As Glenda attended to his wounds, he kept asking about Angela since she did not have anywhere else to go. Elmo called Glenda after failing to reach Calvin and told her to tell him that Angela was with Larry.

Glenda asked Calvin not to worry about Angela anymore since she was with Larry.
Angela was sad after Larry told her that she could not go to Francis’ house for the time being.

He asked her to let things cool off for a while and stay with him but Angela started to cry. Larry hugged her and Margaret watched them as she peeped through the door.

She found it ironic that Larry was now reunited with his daughter but did not know it. She swore to ensure the father and daughter never find out the truth.


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