Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 24

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 24 Marga in loggerhead with Caloy 

Marga left for her date with Caloy. She was extremely excited as she thought Caloy was finally going to confess his feelings and propose to for her.

When she arrived at the restaurant though, Caloy did not show up, she sat almost the entire day and as she was on her way out she ran into Caloy’s friends, the ones who sent her the text.

She overheard them saying they probably made a mistake by sending her the text. She then realised Caloy was not the one who texted her. She left, feeling disappointed.

Caloy arrived soon after, carrying a bouquet of flowers but Marga was already gone.
When Jaime arrived home, Teri told him that she ran into Caloy. He asked her if the two of them talked and Teri said they did not. She explained that if Jaime could run into Caloy, then she could as well. Jaime excused himself and went to shower.

In the boarding house, Potpot could not sleep. He was thinking about Vida the entire night. He then called his father to ask him how he got to know that he was in l*ve with his mother.

Melchor opened up, saying he thought about his mother and could not sleep. After the call, Potpot wondered if he was also falling in l*ve with Vida.

The following day, Caloy tried calling Marga but she did not answer. He sent a text and apologised for the misunderstanding the previous night. He also wished her a happy birthday and asked to see her since there was something he wanted to say to her. Marga did not respond.

Vida and Potpot went to her house to surprise Marga. They sent cake and the dress Vida made as Marga’s present. Marga was so happy with the dress and thanked Vida for making it. Vida introduced Potpot and Marga asked if he was her boyfriend.

Vida said they were just friends. Potpot was nervous so he flatulated and was thoroughly embarrassed. When they ate, Marga asked Potpot about his parents. Potpot said they were farmers and expressed his preparedness to buy them their own farm once he finished school.

Marga asked Vida if she would return home. Asya explained that they were only worried about her but they would not force her to return. He said that Vida could return when she was ready. As Vida and Potpot were leaving, Marga asked her to visit more often.

Vida said she missed Marga and they hugged.
Marga seemed worried about Vida’s relationship with Potpot but Asya told her that he was a nice guy. He then told her to dress up since they were going out.

Rafa had problems with his new secretary so Andrea tried calling Vida. She did not answer. Andrea told Rafa to be the one to call Vida and apologise for firing her. Caloy found Teri’s office number and called. He told Lauren, Teri’s secretary that he wanted to meet with Teri.

Lauren relayed the message to Teri and Jaime overheard them. Teri asked Jaime if she should meet with Caloy and Jaime said it was up to her. Teri said she wanted his opinion since he was her husband. She then decided not to see Caloy with an explanation that they had nothing to talk about.

Teri was having problems finding good designs for the launch. As she was leaving the office, she saw some papers scattered outside with designs and collected them. She told Lauren that she found a concept they could work with and they needed to find the designer.

Asya planned a surprise party for Marga and guests were waiting when they got home. They were having fun when the staff came to tell Marga that Caloy had arrived. Marga sent her out to tell Caloy that she was not at home. Caloy handed over the flowers he had brought for Marga and left.

Potpot was worried about his clothes after meeting Marga. He believed he did not dress properly to impress Marga and did not want to repeat same mistake, so Vida decided to design a polo shirt for him. She gave it to him to wear when he went to Rafa’s house for dinner.

Rafa brought Potpot to his house and he was amazed, just like he was when he visited Vida’s place. Rafa introduced him to Teri and Potpot held out his hand to greet her. Teri hugged him instead and said she had really wanted to meet him.


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