Until We Meet Again Episode 39

Until We Meet Again Episode 39 Aunt Conching dies from Odessa’s bullet 

Evelyn visited Glenda at the hospital to check on her progress. Glenda woke up once more, after seeing Evelyn she tried exposing Margaret and told Evelyn that Odessa was the one who kidnapped Ana. As she witnessed Glenda struggling to deliver a speech, Evelyn rushed to get a doctor to take care of her.

The doctor advised them not to take anything Glenda said seriously since she could be delirious and hallucinate. She asked them to to wait until she was fully recovered to know what really happened to her.

Calvin took care of Angela due to her fever and while taking care of her Calvin k!ssed her on the forehead but Claire walked in on them. Claire attacked Angela without caring that she was sick.

Elmo ran into Malia outside and she told him that Angela collapsed but Calvin was there taking care of her. Elmo went to see her and found Claire attacking Angela since Calvin was k!ssing her.

Elmo got mad at Calvin for pulling such a move when he had clearly told him that he liked Angela. They began to fight but Angela and Claire stopped them.

Claire told Calvin that she was tired of always fighting for his attention and heart. She left fuming, Calvin then told Angela that he was sorry for how he treated her before and now wanted her back.

Elmo cut in and told Calvin that Angela was determined to move on from him and she had only been close with him again to help him find his mother. They looked to Angela to say who she wanted to be with but Angela kicked both suitors out and asked them to leave her alone.

Francis told Evelyn not to take what Glenda said seriously but she was too determined to find out the truth. She was stressed when she got home and found Claire drinking due to the earlier incident between her and Calvin.

Evelyn told Claire that it was no big deal to break up with Calvin and all she had to do was to move on. Claire talked back at Evelyn saying she never supported her relationship with Calvin and she had always wanted Calvin to be with Angela all along.

Evelyn got upset and slapped Claire for answering back. She also called her selfish since she only thought about herself and never thought that other people also had problems.

Helen was happy that Evelyn had finally put Claire in her place. She also told Claire to be careful of how she behaved since Evelyn was on the search for her daughter again and Claire might end up losing her place with Evelyn.

Evelyn and Helen went in search of Odessa. They went to the mental hospital that she had been confined in but the nurses there said she escaped from the hospital years ago.

Evelyn was upset that the nurses never notified she and Larry but the nurses insisted that they did notify everyone involved. Evelyn therefore asked if they could get any residential information about Odessa to help them look for her but the nurses refused.

They said they were not authorised to give out any information about their patients.
As Angela was cleaning the house, a phone fell off from Larry’s bag and she took it to Margaret, thinking it belonged to her as she did not know who it belonged to.

The phone looked familiar to Angela but could not recall the person who used to own it. Margaret was alarmed but she said it belonged to her and took it. She went outside and threw it in the pond to destroy the evidence Glenda had on it.

Margaret then moved her aunt to another house but this time, Aunt Conching was able to free herself. Angela was at work, Calvin went to see her to talk about his feelings for her. He said that he meant what he said about winning her back but Angela was not able to reply to him since she received a phone call.

The caller said she knew about Angela’s past and her family. She told Angela to meet her.
Calvin insisted on going with Angela but she did not want him to. Calvin said it was better to accompany her since she did not know the person and might be dangerous.

Malia agreed with Calvin so Angela went with him. When Odessa returned to the office, she asked where Angela was and Malia told her that she received a call from a woman claiming to know about her past and she went to meet with her. Odessa realised that it was her aunt and went to the place Angela was going to meet Conching.

Aunt Conching was walking toward Angela and Calvin but she was suddenly shot from behind and fell to the ground. Calvin and Angela called the police and ambulance to get her to the hospital.

They never got to know whether the woman who got shot was the person they were supposed to meet or not. Calvin was sure that it was more dangerous meeting the person due to the shooting incident.

Evelyn was frustrated with her search for Ana and Helen suggested that she call Larry to tell him what happened. Larry called Evelyn first but she refused to answer his calls. She did not like that Margaret had called her a mistress so she decided to stay away from Larry and said she would search for Odessa by herself.

Glenda went home satisfied after shooting her Aunt because there was no one there to expose her and she would finally be able to achieve her dream of getting married to Larry.


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