Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 21-25

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 21-25  Rafa saves Potpot from Nathan’s ambush, Jaime and Tessa fight over Caloy

Caloy looks at a magazine and sees Tessa and her works. He then has bitter memory about his past and how he manages to survive in a ship to make money in his quest to make Teri his wife. He returns home to meet a disappointed news that Teri is already married to Jaime.

Meanwhile, Vida returns Marga’s car in tears and fails to discuss her issue with anyone. The next day, Marga goes to HOT (House of Teri) to see the shock scene of her life.

She quickly attacks Marga for making Vida her slave. She did not reach the needed conclusion with Tessa as she is consumed with anger, saying she will now take 15million for Ximena.

Vida is threatened by Marga to return home or forget about her as her mother. Vida still stood on her grounds to face the world by her own and did not succumb to her mother’s pressure.

Soon, Nathan finds his neck deep in trouble. He confronts Vida for uploading his bedroom pictures online and threatens to take his revenge on Potpot if Vida fails to pull down the viral images.

Jaime and Caloy cross path at a mall. Jaime is upset that Caloy’s life has changed for the better. He later talks to Tessa about Caloy but Tessa seems to have heard nothing about him since they path ways.

Vida is informed to get her things from HOT, there, Rafa tries striking a deal with her to train his new secretary and gives Vida advance payment. Vida returns his cheque and decline the offer.

Meanwhile, Tessa offers 13million to get Ximena to model her clothes. Marga tells Ximena about the good news.

Rafa, is however bent on finding Miraculo, the guy who saved his life. He then comes across Nathan beating Potpot together with his friends and drove after them.

Rafa makes a conscious effort to save Potpot from a warehouse where Nathan made Potpot change into the costume which Vida made him wear.

Potpot managed to break lose from Nathan’s torture and he and Rafa beat Nathan up. Unknown to Nathan, Vida has informed the police about what he was doing to Potpot so the police nabbed Nathan and his friends.

Rafa and Potpot begin to get along. Rafa gave Potpot money to express his gratitude for saving his life during his accident but Potpot returns the money.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Caloy bumps into eachother in a market and Caloy who is startled ends up breaking all his eggs. Tessa offers to pay but Caloy did not allow her.

Rafa invites Potpot to his house to meet his parent. Vida gets a news about her missing sewing machine. After a chat with Guada concerning Marga, Vida designs a beautiful dress to surprise her mother during her birthday.

Marga is disappointed after Caloy did not show up at their appointments. Marga for a second thinks Caloy will finally propose to her but dies in her expectations.

Vida together with Potpot pays a visit to Marga to present the dress. Marga is happy with her daughter’s surprise but is not enthused with her daughter’s escort.

Asya plans a surprise party for Marga, however, Caloy surprises Marga in her house with a bouquet of flower but Marga fails to avail her face to him due to the disappointment.

Rafa faces problems with his new secretary, he soon decides to apologise to Vida for his harassment. Vida designs a shirt for Potpot for him to visit Rafa’s parents.

Tessa who invited Potpot over is so happy to see him and hugged him for saving her son. The dinner is almost ruined by Jaime’s speech of Potpot being a gold digger.

As he drops Potpot off, Rafa comes across Vida and begs her for his action. Upon deliberation with Potpot, she agrees to train Rafa’s new secretary. During the training, Vida supports Rafa with so many ideas for an upcoming projects.

Meanwhile, Laurene is still searching for the person who owned some sketched design that Teri is interested in. Caloy later manages to have a date with Tessa for them to talk about things but Jaime learnt about the outing and found the estranged lovers hugging.

Jaime and Teri begin to have a misunderstanding due to the incident and fight broke between the couple.


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