Love Thy Woman Episode 28

Love Thy Woman Episode 28 Dana and her attorney stain Jia’s image in court over a battle for Michael’s custody

Jia took a witness stand to explain to the court that she was in Singapore when she realised she was pregnant. She was also diagnosed of a cancer on the chest and spent lots on her breast cancer.

When the family ran out of money they decided to move to Cebu in Philippines where she delivered. Her son was premature and was in an incubator. Soon after, a fire guts the hospital where her son was and was made to believe that her son was dead till she recently received anonymous text informing her that her son was alive and was part of her family.

She further said, the only addition in her family was Michael who was at the same age with John Yu, her son. A test was carried out on her and Michael but the initial result proved that she was not the mother but a later test proved her as the mother.

Attorney Samenago, Dana’s lawyer queried her on why she took the second test if the first one said otherwise. Jia said the second test was a paternity one, which David Chao took it with the child.

“Isn’t it that your sister’s name is Dana Wong Chao, the legal wife of David Chao correct?” Attorney Samenago asked.


“That makes David your…..”

“Brother in-law,” Jia answered.

“So basically you have a relationship with your own Brother in-law?” Attorney Samenago queried.

“We didn’t have a relationship,

we did not even live in one household!”

“You don’t have a relationship and yet you got pregnant?”

“No further question about the morality of Miss Jia Wong your honour!”

As attorney Samenago took her seat, Dana turned to her: “Good job!”

Dana also went into the box swore her oath and narrated her story. After she woke up from a deep comatose, she found out that she had a miscarriage and decided to adopt a child. She and her family went to the orphanage home to know the process but returned with her parents to find a child abandoned at their door step.

She said they reported the incident, passed through the right process and waited if the child’s parents could show up but to no avail so she adopted the child and after eight years, she met Jia and her husband a month ago holding a test result proving that she was the mother of her son. She concluded that Jia in cohort with Harry intentionally left the child at the back of her house since Jia admitted she had no money so she saw them as a trump card to take care of her son.

Lucy took a stand in the box and under an oath she denied Jia’s allegations of her buying her son. Lucy indicated that she had lots of money to adopt many children so why would she waste 500million to buy a child who came out of the dirty affair of Jia and her daughter’s husband for her own daughter to raise him, that she said did not make sense.

The Judge decided to make Jia present her uncle who they said had gone missing to the court to testify. Jia’s attorney pleaded for more days to give them ample time to find Harry. After the hearing, Dana thanked her lawyer for the good job done. Lucy believed anything could happen so they had to brace themselves up and do whatsoever to win the case. Attorney Samenago assured that she had never lost a case before and believed the case was a done deal.

Once Dana was left alone, she called Tiffany’s boyfriend, Stephen to meet him. Jia was bent on finding Harry since her attorney said their chances of winning the case was slim.
Lucy informed Adam that the court was thinking of a possibility of Jia abandoning her child at their gate for them to take care of the baby.

Adam objected, he wondered why the first results turned negative and smelt something fishy. After he left, Lucy received a call from a blackmailer who claimed to have evidence of her buying the baby of Jia. She quickly called Carol to inform her but Carol said she was traveling to Singapore since her mother was sick.

She told Lucy to take care of things. Lucy was desperate and did not want to end up in prison. Unknown to her, Adam was spying on her but arrived there at the tail end of the conversation and did not know the actual thing Lucy was talking about. The next day, Adam came down to meet the servant holding the bags of Michael.

David told Adam that he had an arrangement with Dana. Dana and Lucy got there and Dana explained to him that she agreed to make Michael live with David two weeks of every month but Adam did not allow.

Jia had an alert that it was John Yu’s birthday, she called Kai to tell her. At the office, Dana explained to Lucy that David threatened to tell Michael the truth that he was adopted. Dana said she did not care about David as the l*ve has now developed into hatred.

Lucy saw her daughter as inspiration and said she would soon use Dana’s strategy on Adam.

“When l*ve turns into hate.”

Jia rushed home to package a gift and Kai also cooked Turmeric soup for Michael. They went to the Wong’s mansion to discover that Michael was with David. Dana received a court order from David about the custody of Michael. Dana vowed to give him a fight and would not give the boy to them that easily.

The gateman also told her that Jia was there to search for Michael and stopped him from talking. Dana told Lucy that she wanted Jia and David to be together so that she could get evidence against them to support her case. Jia and her mother went to David’s place to set up a surprise party for Michael. Unbeknownst, there was someone taking pictures of them and sent them to Dana.

Dana stormed there to face Jia. She created a scene and destroyed the cake which Helen gave to Kai as present. Dana referred to Helen as traitor for entertaining her son’s mistress. David threw her out and told her never to set foot in his house again. David said Dana had disrespected his mother and would not tolerate that.

Dana later spoke with Stephen to hack into RJ&E bank and ensure he did not leave any traces. She told him she wanted result the next day and the guy promised to do that.

At the Estrellas’ mansion, Kai was worried about Jia due to the earlier incident but Jia said she was fine. Kai spoke with Simon and he demanded her to give him Harry’s picture so that he could contact those closer to him to find a lead on him since Kai wanted to reach him for him to testify in court.

Dana after a bath thought about how David kept supporting Jia, how he threw her out and the custody of Michael which he filed against her. She vowed to make them pay.


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