Love Thy Woman Episode 34

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 34 Adam Wong brutally murdered over change in his Last Will and Testament

At Dragon Empire Builders, Jia slapped Dana for blocking her chances to get a decent job to earn a living. Dana returned the slap, claiming Jia has no right to be happy in life especially for taking away her son.

Jia stormed Adam’s office to inform him what Dana did against her. She told Adam to act fast otherwise Dana would not stop till she ruined her life completely. She threatened to sue Dana for what she was doing against her.

Adam assured to help her start her own business. Jia saw no need for that as she believed Dana would destroy it and left upset with Adam. Dana was talking to Tiffany on phone, assuring her that she had nothing to do with Stephen. She only made him hack into the account of RJ&E. Unknown to her, Adam was standing right behind her and was shocked to hear her confessing.

He screamed that he would never make him CEO of his company, never in his life would he ever do that as he did not raise her to become evil. Dana begged Adam but he pushed her away. During the night of Dragon Empire Anniversary, Adam at his office made his last will and testament only to make Jia CEO of Dragon Empire Builders. He also shot a video of himself, telling his attorney, Marcus that his will was done by himself and everything in it reflected what he wanted.

He sent it through email and said he would see him the next day to present the documents. Meanwhile, Dana received the news that Stephen had been nabbed for hacking into the systems of many companies in the country and abroad. She showed it to Lucy and realised Dragon Empire Builders was behind the tip off to the police.

Dana then knew that Adam was behind it. However, Lucy blamed Dana for not being cautious and wished that would not turn Adam away from making her the CEO of the company. Later at the office, Tiffany and Stephen called Dana several times but she failed to receive it as she was signing some documents.

She called David to meet him. Since she claimed they would talk about Michael, David went to meet her. He told Dana that he would change Michael’s school and Dana wondered why. She was willing to pay the tuition if that was the reason but David said far from that. The children in the school were bullying Michael for coming from a broken home. Dana blamed David for it for divorcing her.

Kai stormed the office of Adam after she received the voice recording of Adam revealing the truth about Lucy buying Jia’s son. She threatened to sue Lucy but Adam saw no need since they already had Michael.

He did not want Lucy to be behind bars and told her there were other ways to make Lucy pay for what she did other than jail and he has decided to give the Estrellas what they truly deserved. Kai asked if that was money and suspected that Lucy was behind the missing of Harry. She said if Lucy returned her brother, she could change her mind.

She went to the ladies to call Donna to inform her that she confronted Adam for keeping the deeds of Lucy as secret and would first talk to Jia since she was the mother of Michael to press charges against her. Elsewhere as Dana was upsetting David by taking pictures with him, David received a text from Jia that she has decided to voice out the truth to Michael. David wished her good luck and said he would be there to give her moral support.

As Adam was still signing his will, he opened the DNA test document and was upset about it. He took a sheet from the will and opened his drawer, suddenly his door was opened, he set his eyes on the person, asking the person what he or she was doing there. A sound of a g*n$hot shook the building, prompting Kai of Adam. She ran to check Adam only to see Lucy running with a g*n in her hand.

Kai ran after Lucy and Lucy asked the person who he or she was while pointing the g*n at the person. Kai appeared to her and Lucy asked why she sent someone to k!ll Adam. Kai claimed she has not done anything. Someone in foot rushed to a certain room and locked it.

Kai ran to see Adam in his office. As Adam was still mentioning his will, Kai called Jia to inform her that Adam was $hot. Dana got there and started accusing Kai for k!ll!ng Adam. Lucy arrived to fight Kai for murdering her husband. Kai got agitated and fled but bumped into the security while she was struggling to get the lift open.

Adam was rushed out of the building, Jia also got there but was pushed aside by Dana and Lucy. Jia cried asking about what had happened to her father. A security man was interviewed and he said only Kai, Lucy and Dana got to the office since all of the workers were at the anniversary party.

Manny found it hard as he announced to the workers that the CEO and the President of Dragon Empire had passed away. A news also broke about Adam’s death and was revealed that Lucy and Kai have tested positive for g*n residue while Dana tested negative. Lucy was interrogated at the police station by Simon.

Lucy narrated her story of going to her husband’s office for them to attend the anniversary party together but came to meet Adam being $hot. She saw a shadow so she took the g*n to ran after the person only to see Kai. She pointed the g*n at Kai, believing she was behind her husband’s death. They fought over the g*n and it fired, the reason she tested positive for g*n residue. She accused Kai of being the culprit and asked the authorities to make her pay.

Kai also narrated her story and claimed she was innocent, explaining that she only ran when they accused her of Adam’s death.


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