MPs recommend passage of LGBTQ+ 25-clause bill to proscribe same sex relationship in Ghana

MPs recommend passage of LGBTQ+ 25-clause bill to proscribe same sex relationship in Ghana

Members of Parlia­ment have unanimously approved and adopted the report of the Committee on Con­stitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs recommending the passage of the Promotion of Proper Hu­man Sēxual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021.

According to the lawmakers, the passage of the Bill would protect the pristine Ghanaian cultural norms and values systems.

At the second reading yesterday of the Bill which was laid in Parlia­ment on August 2, 2021, Chairman of the Committee and Member for Asante Akim Central, Kwame Any­imadu-Antwi, said though majority of Ghanaians were in favour of the passage of the Bill, there were significant human right concerns which are worthy of consideration.

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The 25-clause private members’ Bill seeks to provide for proper human sēxual rights and Ghanaian family values, proscribe same sēx relationships, propaganda of advo­cacy for or promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI+) related activi­ties, provide for protection of and support for children, persons who are victims or accused of same sēx and related activities and other persons and related matters.

Mr Anyimadu-Antwi said upon the presentation of the Bill, over 200 memoranda were received for and against the Bill by religious groups and rights groups with nine public hearings.

Based on those public hear­ing inputs, changes, including the change of title of the Bill to Promotion Human Sêxual Rights and Family Values Bill, 2021 were made, he told the House.

Concluding his presentation of the committee report, Mr Anyimadu-Antwi said the Cath­olic Bishops Conference in their engagement with the committee said “God loves the doer but hates the act” and said in as much as the Ghanaian society frowns on same séx relationships, efforts must be made to reform persons who are involved in the act.

Supporting the motion, Vice Chair of the Committee and MP for Akatsi South Bernard Ahiafor, said if the practice of same sex re­lationship was allowed, procreation would cease.

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Stressing, that even plants and animals procreate between the male and female and postulated that same sèx relationship cannot qualify to be a human right.

“We need to respect our cultural values,” he submitted and said in the course of their internation­al engagements, he learnt that polygamy, which is unacceptable in Europe, is permitted here. He pre­dicted that countries adopting same sëx relationship would be extinct in 50 years stating that “same sēx activities are injurious and do not represent our culture”.

Member for Asawase, Mo­hammed-Mubarak Muntaka, on his part, described the practice as “madness” which must not be entertained in any form or shape.

To him, the attempts to force Africa into accepting same sēx rela­tionship must be rejected out.


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