Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 397

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 397 Guzman, Rivera and Vargas arrested for protecting drug syndicates, Rosa reports the Vendetta’s location to Terante for the bounty

Due to the sounds of the explosion at the meth lab, Mark began to have reactions. Billy was down with multiple bullets but he had bullets proof on which saved him while Chikoy also fought the police. The police were so many that the three could not defeat them. They were beaten mercilessly and were handcuffed.

Marquez got there to accuse Guzman of protecting drug syndicates. Guzman objected that he set them up but the man brushed off the truth. He had an interview with the media and told them how officers within their ranks were into shoddy businesses and now that he was the new CIDG General he would ensure to clean the entire force to achieve his goals.

While Hipolito and Lucas were talking about their illegal mining deal, Commander asked Cardo whether Borja’s allies could help to bring Cabrera down. Cardo believed in his grandpa and told Romulo that they would act fast to suppress the forces of President Cabrera in order to bring him down.

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Lucas spoke on phone with General Terante to commend Marquez for acting so fast. Terante said he knew the right person to appoint into various offices to speed up what they were fighting for. He said now that Guzman, Vargas and Rivera were nabbed, he would do to them what he did to General Borja. He would torture them one after the other to get them to reveal the hideout of Cardo.

He was happy that General Borja no longer have an ally in the force. The lackeys of Lucas met in their coven to conspire. Terante address the meeting that he would avail the under links to the media and Lucas seconded as he wanted them to send the message to the Vendetta. Hipolito warned Terante to close the dens well so that the pent would not be able to fly. Terante assured not to leave any stone unturned for them to escape.

“This time I will cut their wings off.”

Flora called the lady attorney at the ombudsman’s office to ask about the update of her case. The lady said the ombudsman was now deàd which meant that the case might be junked or affected. She was driving so she told Flora that she was attending a hearing. She hang up on Flora, much to Flora’s surprise.

Teddy told his family that his editor has suddenly changed his mind to allow him to write his articles to criticise the government even when the editor was threatened. Virgie still did not support the idea she feared for the life of everyone involved since it was the government itself they were dealing with.

Marie was watching a certain programme on television with Bubbles. She was interested in those six pack men. However, Bubbles said those were not her type of man. For her she wanted a man who was tender and cuddly and Jerome was her type of man.

“Girl if you want someone soft and cuddly then get yourself a Teddy bear,” Marie hissed.

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“Girl if I was hot as you I tell you all those guys will be mine.”

The programme was halted for the news flash which stated that Guzman, Vargas and Rivera were arrested for protecting drug syndicates on the country. The Vendetta were shocked to see the news. Flora got so upset that their allies were arrested and was determined to fight back. Teddy said the incident had propelled him to do a thorough job that would unmask Cabrera.

He knew Lucas would not stop till he gets rid of all Cardo’s allies. That made Virgie shiver since she knew Teddy would be next. Teddy was not ready to slow down irrespective. JP was quite sure that Vendetta would not abandon Teddy should anything happens. Cardo informed the rest of the Vendetta members about the current news.

Oscar was certain Terante set them up and General Borja added that they did that merely because they knew those three cops were his loyal allies and would not bow to their rules or conform to it. The three CIDG officers were marched to the headquarters in a detainee shirts. General Borja said they would torture them just like they did to him all in the name of finding the hideout of the vigilante group.

Ramil regretted for not k!lling Terante since he was a wrëtched guy. George said he felt sorry for Terante during their encounter not knowing he was evil. Terante held a press conference to inform the press that the police would investigate into the case of the three CIDG detainees and they also have an information that those detained officers were close to Cardo and definitely knew the location of the Vendetta.

The journalists asked a question about the plans put in place to rescue Aubrey Hidalgo from the hands of the Vendetta. Terante said the police were still speeding their search for the Vendetta to save Aubrey. Untill then, they would keep fighting for peace and mitigate chaos in the country. The Vendetta now had a new mission to rescue the tree cops.

Diana said it was going to be hard now since Terante might have set that as a trap to get back at them for what they did to him. General Borja was sure that irrespective of how Terante’s camp would torture the three cops, none would talk. He assured they were good officers and would not sit for the innocent to be taken advantage of.

Oscar doubted they would send the three to where they sent Borja. While they were in a car being wheeled to where they would be detained, Mark who was using crutches whispered to his friends that the authorities could not do that to them. Chikoy said it was possible since they did that to Borja too. The lapdogs of Terante told them to be grateful that they would be detained in Camp Crame.

“Really! Where else were you planning to take us!” Billy hissed.

“To hell… Wanna go there?”Terante’s lapdog teased.

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Patrick was with his friends and was thinking about Rosa’s threats. His friends advised him not to think about it. Rosa and her boyfriend went to the precinct to report to the police about the location of the Vendetta. Hipolito found it hard to close the deal with Mr De La Verga since the man wanted to give the government 20per cent of his profit while he keeps the 80per cent, Lucas came with aggressive tactics and he wanted 50-50per cent.

He threatened the mining company owner that he would get him arrested should he refused the offer, turning the man speechless. Patrick went home to ask for forgiveness from Melba, Efren and Marie. He confessed that he was a drug dealer but not a jonkey. He said he helped Rosa to sell off of her drugs and it was the reason he did not want Aye and Hannah to stay there.

However, he has now changed his mind to do the right thing. He explained that he went into the drug job to help with the expenses at home but now he would not do it anymore and was willing to testify against her even if that would send him to jail. He said he knew all the secrets of Rosa and would help to protect Aye and Hannah from Rosa, otherwise they might end up as their mother.

Lucas had a feast to celebrate his success in going against Borja’s loyal allies. He said that would serve as a warning to Cardo that he would attack all those close to him if he kept with his act. They toasted to that but Hipolito asked what if the Vendetta attempt to save Guzman and his colleagues. The Vice President saw that as a valid point. General Terante said they should try because he was now prepared to face them.

Hipolito reminded him that he was almost k!lled by the Vendetta but Terante said he survived. He boasted that he had always come face to face with deàth but he sailed through and those who seek his deàth ended up six feet under. He threatened to deal with the Vendetta. Hipolito cheeked on it since Terante has never been able to k!ll a single member of the Vendetta.

The three detainees wondered how they could prove themselves that they were not guilty. Guzman charged them to be strong and should not allow them to win. Marie told Noel that Patrick has confessed that he was paddling drugs for Rosa. Noel now understood why Patrick did not want Aye and Hannah to stay in the house. He feared those kids would snitch on him.

Marie did not care if Rosa would end up in prison but wanted her brother not to take the fall now that he wanted to live a decent life. Terante was informed that there were visitors who had an information on the Vendetta’s location and were sent to his office. He doubted Rosa so the woman began to say that he saw Cardo, Romulo, Diana and even President Oscar, though many thought he was deàd but the President was working in cohort with the Vendetta.

She requested for the money but Terante said the reward would be given to her if they see that she deserved it. Yolly read out the newspaper article which said Oscar was into illegal businesses. Flora objected and Elmo said the President was deàd so he should be allowed to rest in peace. Wally believed the president has taken over the media too just like how he did with the force.

Wally feared Cabrera has taken over the justice system and Flora’s case wouldn’t see the day light. Flora still believed in the justice system. Adonis read the newspaper and doubted Oscar would do what he was accused of. Margie told him that everything Lucas was saying were all lies and she knew they did the same to the Vendetta.

Adonis said he did not believe Oscar stole any money and he was one of the people who voted him into power but the Vendetta’s case was different. Terante went to the cell to talk to Guzman and his colleagues to cooperate and reveal the location of the Vendetta.

He said when they do that, he would restore the integrity which they lost. Mark asked whether he knew what was called integrity while he was making the innocent suffer.

The three officers turn tables against Terante so the General now began to use threat. He warned them to desist from thinking that Cardo and the Vendetta would save them.

The three officers turn tables against Terante so the General now began to use threat. He warned them to desist from thinking that Cardo and the Vendetta would save them. He said he would k!ll Cardo and the Vendetta. Brandon told Hernandez that his father would start an illegal mining operation and Hipolito would head it.

The Vice President also was on a mission to win the mayor’s and all those in the local government. At a certain mining company, a midget who was the boss instructed the workers to work hard otherwise he would get them k!lled. He gave instructions and never wanted to look down upon.

Terante reported to Lucas that his information he received was legit. He even secured the place and all exit. He first made some of his men to scout the neighbourhood and they confirmed the presence of the Vendetta.

Lucas told him to ensure none survive the attack especially Oscar and Aubrey even he should not spare civilians who would get in the way.


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