Nigerians predict ‘doom’ for Ghana after the government lifted the partial lockdown!

Some Nigerians have expressed disappointment in Ghana, after the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo lifted the ban on movements this Sunday in Accra.

According to them, the nation could be stricken greatly when the people from the hot spot areas begin to live their normal life.

They said although the President stated that Ghanaians should be wearing nose masks and observe other protocols to secure them from the virus, but as part of human nature the people could flout the rules.

The Nigerians stated that all those measures were not cure but just an act which could prevent them from contracting the virus.

They noted that there was no scientific evidence backing the regular washing of hands and the use of alcohol based sanitisers as means to defeat the virus, saying otherwise doctors who treated COVID-19 patients would not have contracted the virus.

The Nigerians expressed grief about government actions, stressing that the move could worsen the situation in the country, while others said otherwise.

Abdulfatau Muhammed, one of the Nigerians bemoaned that the number of figures announced by the President during his televised address was high and stressed the need for Ghanaians to be vigilant.

“I don’t think it is a good idea, considering the data you presented before us. I pray God does not allow what Melinda Gates said about Africa to come to pass,” he added.

Mr Muhammed regretted that government did not work to bring down the number of  positive case before lifting the restrictions on movements.

He established that Africa should not rush to call off the Stay-at-Home order, without bringing down the figure to the barest.

Boluoa mentioned that the action by the government was not a great plan and called on the country to pray in order not  to experience a “second wave.”

Ecuador situation,  Babatunde observed was ‘loading’ in Ghana with the  “unnecessary lifting of lockdown” and urged Nigerian government to remain the closure of borders.

Others also commended the government for the rapid testing and called on the Nigerian government to learn from the good works of the President.

They said Nana Akufo-Addo’s actions could have been triggered from the number of population of the country and the number of contacts they have traced so far from the enhanced surveillance project.

“Sure, he has some ‘post-lockdown’ measures too,” Awujo stated.

Amy Duru  told the site that at least Ghana government has tested more than 60,000 people out of their 31.07 million population and only few out of the number came out positive, adding that “we the Nigerians have a long way to go, especially with the unrest and failure to observe the lockdown. We cannot begin to compare Ghana and Nigeria.”

However, the President Nana Akufo-Addo in his televised address to the nation said the decision to uplift the restriction on movements in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area and Kasoa, and the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area and its contiguous districts was backed by the data at hand and by science.

According to him, at the very onset, scientists at the University of Ghana successfully sequenced genomes of the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that the country had no reason to panic as the ban is lifted.

“Through the samples of 68,591 tested, we have been able to understand better the dynamism of the virus, map out its geographic footprint, and establish current and potential hotspots,” Nana Akufo-Addo added.

He noted that it was significant milestone in Ghana’s response to the pandemic, as it had strengthen surveillance for tracking mutations of the virus, and has aid in the tracing of the sources of community infections in people with no known contact with confirmed cases.

So far, the President established that the majority of persons infected in Ghana have mild to no symptoms at all, whilst a very small number have required hospital treatment, out of which nine  persons, with underlying ailments died.

“I must make it clear, at the outset, that lifting these restrictions does not mean we are letting our guard down. All other measures are still firmly in place. For the avoidance of doubt, the earlier measures announced on Wednesday, 15th March, which have been extended, are still very much in force, and have not been relaxed. I am demanding even greater adherence to these measures,” he said.

The lift of the partial lockdown in Accra and Kumasi took effect today exactly 1:00am, the government urged individuals to be disciplined in order to fight the ailment and promised to ease the restrictions when everything was back to normalcy.


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Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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