Now and Forever Episode 15 Hernan gets shot after he decided to confess that he killed Stella

Now and Forever Episode 15

Now and Forever Episode 15 Hernan gets shot after he decided to confess that he killed Stella 

Rosa arrived in the Cortes mansion and spoke with Oliver about Eva. Oliver was surprised to know that Eva was the niece of Rosa.

She told him that she was going to return the 50,000 he paid Eva to pretend to be his girlfriend. Oliver said it was not necessary but Rosa insisted. Stella overheard them and asked why Rosa was going to give Oliver money.

Rosa said it was best that Oliver tell his mother about it so he had to come clean and tell Stella that he paid Eva to be his girlfriend.
Stella was upset with Oliver, saying his actions were the reasons why his grandmother did not trust him and preferred Inno.

Oliver asked Stella what she wanted him to do and she told him to go to work every day and help her with the project she was working on so that he could prove to Carmen that he was good at work too. Oliver agreed to work and help Stella with her project.

After Inno left Eva’s neighbourhood, Eva told Dom that he should not have attacked Inno. Dom said he was a cop and was there to protect Eva. He also blurted out that he loved her but then corrected himself and said that he loved her as a friend.

Oliver went to see Eva and apologised to her for dragging her into his family’s mess. He wanted to take her out to apologise and make it up to her but Eva said it was not necessary.

They said their final goodbyes since they would not be seeing each other again and Oliver left.

Rebecca went to see Hernan and told him that she already agreed to work with Stella even though he advised her against it. She said she wanted to be close with them and Hernan asked her why. Rebecca said it was because they were Rodrigo’s family. Hernan told her that he had to go inside the house and ended their conversation.

Hernan called Stella to confront her for signing a deal with Rebecca. Stella told Hernan to go home if he did not want to be around Rebecca.

She complained to him for neglecting the children and told him about Oliver paying Eva to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Hernan called Oliver after talking to Stella to apologise to ask him about Eva’s issue. Oliver told him that he didn’t consult them when he decided to leave the house. Hernan apologised to him for not being a good father but Oliver hang up on him.

Oliver was worried about the bet he made to sleep with Eva so he called her again. He said he was depressed and needed someone to talk to but Eva was not swayed by his plea. Oliver said he understood why she would not see him and ended the call.

He went to a club to drink and ended up in a fight. The bar tender knew him so he used Oliver’s phone to call Eva; Oliver had been trying to call her. He told Eva that Oliver Cortes was drunk at their club and had gotten into a fight. Eva was worried about Oliver from his previous call so she asked Isda to go with her to see him.

When they arrived at the club, Isda was not feeling well so he went to the washroom. Oliver was excited to see Eva and he took a photo of her and posted it online. Eva wanted to take him home but Oliver said he was not drunk and asked to stay longer.

His friends arrived and Oliver finally introduced them to Eva. He would not listen to her about going home so Eva went to wait for Isda instead.

Inno saw the picture Oli posted with Eva. He had talked to Oli earlier and he said that he would show Eva a good time. Inno decided to go to the club and arrived to see Oliver’s friends trying to give him drugs but he refused to take them.

Inno interrupted them and said he had to talk to Oliver. He dragged him out of the club and they went to argue outside. Inno asked to stay away from Eva but Oli told Inno to keep out of his business.

He pushed Inno but suddenly he got sick and vomited. Inno asked the guards not to worry because they were brothers. He took care of Oli as he puked then left him to rest in his car.

Inno went back inside to look for Eva and saw one of Oliver’s friends trying to harass her. He punched the guy and took Eva out of there.

When they went outside, he asked her why she agreed to meet with Oliver and Eva said that Oli was depressed and was not well. Inno however asked her to stay away from Oliver. Eva got upset and left with Isda. Inno drove Oliver home.

Stella found out that someone was still investigating Rodrigo’s death and concluded that it was Rebecca. She therefore sent her men to scare her so that she would stop.

Hernan was already feeling guilty about lying to Rebecca so he decided to tell her the truth; that he was the one who killed Rodrigo. He went to her house but Rebecca’s aunt told him that she went out for a walk.

Rebecca had gone outside after having a disturbing dream about Rodrigo. She was getting some air when some men suddenly appeared and attacked her.

Hernan went to help her and ended up getting shot. The men ran away after shooting Hernan and Rebecca rushed him to the hospital. She called Stella to inform him that Hernan had been shot.


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