Los Bastardos Episode 7 Dulce arrives

Los Bastardos Episode 7

Los Bastardos Episode 7 Dulce arrives

Roman dinned with Lucas and Sita at the time
Isagani dropped Isay home. Suddenly Isay’s father came out and Isagani offered to drop him at where he was heading to.

Connor on the other hand brought the money he won in the gambling game with Matteo home. Fausto and Connor celebrated their victory.

At the Silverios, Matteo got a call informing him about some emergency at the Silverio Distillery. He rashed there.

Isagani and Isay’s father were told by the workers that the grapes used to make the Alcohol had been contaminated and they needed to throw them away before it affected the good ones.

Isagani suggested that they separate the good grapes from the bad instead of throwing them all away.

Sita saw Roman out when he was leaving Lucas’ house. He told her about his fear of Alba’s influencing Joaquin. Sita assured him to have faith, he then touched Sita and left. Sita reflected on the issue and got emotional.

At Silverio Distillery, Isagani was helping the workers out when Matteo got there, shouting

“Can somebody tell me, how do i make my Brandy’s out of this rotten grapes?”
Isagani looked at where the voice was coming from. He became confused.

Matteo continued demanding for an answer, he then told them they were not going home nor eat or pee until they do their work properly.

Isagani approached him:

“Matteo Sir, with all due respect what you are doing is not right, these workers also have rights even though they work for you and you have no right to disrespect them sir.”

Matteo got infuriated:

“….And you, look Isagani Esperanza, do you think i have time to listen to someone like you, if you do then you are wrong, i don’t have time to listen to stu**d servants like you (Isagani smiles) these workers work for me and they do what I say.”

“If you have no workers you would have no business, these workers also have rights. ” Isagani interjected.

Matteo said “I am the law and if you can’t follow my orders you are welcome to leave,” and if Isagani wanted to help the workers it won’t stop him, they should all suffer together and deal with their stu*id*ty. Isagani told the workers not to worry about it.

Joaquin arrived home and Alba advised him to destroy Isagani’s Coco Brandy and crash him completely.

At Silverio Distillery, Isagani kept helping the workers out.

Irma and Bert ( Isagani’s foster parents) came to inform Isay about what was going on at the Silverio Distillery.

At the Silverio’s mansion, Medelein confronted Menandro at the dinner table about how they treated their workers.

Matteo jumped into Menandro’s defense by saying he was the one making the rules, Medelein then warned him to be careful how he treated others since she didn’t raise her that way.

Menandro insulted her and their daughter, Dulce. Medelein couldn’t take it anymore so she went inside. Menandro praised Matteo for his good works.

Later, Matteo got worried as he reflected on the words, Maddie. Menandro told him to brush it off, he then praised Matteo for his good works again with a reward which was to become the president of Silverio Distillery, since he ( Menandro) was old and was stepping down.

Matteo was happy with his new position, he hugged Menandro whiles Menandro smiled.

A flashback revealed Menandro pledged to use Matteo to avenge his real father ( Roman). He stood unhappy.

At the Silverio Distillery, Isagani was still helping the workers out, Isay brought food for everyone but the security guard would not allow her inside since Matteo has ordered no one to eat until they were done.

Isagani and Isay’s father convinced him to allow the food inside and he allowed it, they even bribed him with some of the food.

Meanwhile Menandro advised Matteo to be more harsh to the workers since that was the quality of a good Leader. Matteo assured him that he would do anything to drag the Cardinals to the ground just to make Menandro proud of him.

At Cardinal Distillery, Alba and Isagani’s words ran through Joaquin’s mind. He was much infuriated. Diane came there and he told her that he would not allow someone like Isagani bring him down.

Diane told him to forget about it and move on, Joaquin angrily asked whether she knew everything? Diane replied that she could read minds too, she added that he shouldn’t do anything in anger and left.

However, Isagani told the workers that they were done and they could now go to their various homes and rest. They praised and thanked Isagani for helping them out.

Matteo came there to tell them not to celebrate yet, since he was the new president and would deduct the cost they incurred from their salaries.

“Sir Matteo” Isagani called, Matteo turned and Isagani told him to consider the workers because they depended on their salaries.

“Is that so, it sucks for me” Matteo then laughed “Ha….. Ha…. Ha…” and left.

The workers explained to Isagani that they would face hardship as a result of Matteo deducting from their salaries. Isagani told them he wished he could employ them to work for him but he did not have the resources.

Alba noticed that Roman had overheard their conversation whe she advised Joaquin to destroy Isagani completely.

At home, Isagani watched Dulce’s picture then said he could not understand her family (the Silverios). Bert and Irma ( Isagani’s foster parents) came there, Isagani informed them that he was going to strike a deal with the Cardinals.

Roman informed Joaquin to get ready because they are going to pay Isagani a visit, the news shocked Joaquin but got relieved when ho got Alba’s sing that they can use that chance to destroy Isagani’s products.

Carolyn and Lucas,  both took sides between Joaquin and Isagani, Carolyn believed Boss Joaquin was far better than Isagani whiles Lucas saw Isagani as a good guy but still supported Joaquin since he was his role model and he owned the Cardinals his life.

Dulce first visited the Silverio workers and they are happy to see her, they showed her around, on the other side Isagani is in his Airplane (blue truck, soon you guys will understand why i call the truck airplane )

Dulce and the workers passed by but he couldn’t see them since he was picking something on the floor, he got up and saw Dulce, he wanted to get down but stopped. He admired her.

Dulce finally arrived home and first person to see her wass the maid. She was so happy to see Dulce and about everyone.

Menandro responsed from upstairs that we were perfectly fine my sweet Dulce, how long has it been when we last met, maybe 10 years.

Dulce replied that he should honestly tell her, he was excited to disown her from the family because it was only six years not 10.

Dulce added that he was back because of her family. Menandro told her that he might not be able to adjust because here is not an African jungle.

Dulce replied that she knew the house was full of crocodiles victimising on the helpless prey. Dulce warned Menandro that she was going to stop him.

The Esperanzas were happy that the only kindhearted Silverio ( Dulce) was back, Isagani could not hold his excitement.

Back at Menandro and Dulce.
“You are funny Dulce and over confidence too” Dulce replied that she got it from him and she backs her confidence with recite, Menandro then called her the black sheep of the family.

Dulce replied that if being able to live freely and made your own decisions was what he referred to as the black sheep then so be it.

Menandro warned her to live the house, Dulce  joined him upstairs and told him to relax since she has just started and so they should try to get along, she gives him a peg and added “i miss you dad” she leaves. Menandro gets furious.

Upon acting so tough, Dulce went to her room to cry, Matteo entered without knocking:

“So is true, the family princess is back home” Dulce turns with a broad smile and asks “and how is the one and only prince,”
Matteo then Bragged about his new position as the president.

Dulce asked which kind of president, the one who made his own decisions or the one who followed his father like a puppet.

Matteo warned her to shut up, as he was turning to leave the room. Dulce stopped him and told him that he needed her to become a good president. Matteo told Dulce that she was a burden.

Meanwhile, A new girl ( Gigi, owner of a gambling den And Matteo’s $*x mate) came to her club, Matteo was already there. Both talked about how long they had been away from each other, Matteo then told her about his new position and they decided to celebrate it somewhere private.

Gigi brought  Matteo into the CCTV room and continued their r*man*e there until she told him that she has a surprise for him. She showed him the CCTV footage of how Connor cheated Matteo in the gambling game. Matteo swore that he would hunt down Connor.

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